The Guest Room Is HomeGoods Happy

The guest room has been going through a transformation for a while.

Shopping and planning . . . planning and shopping.

I get an idea, then I change my mind.

However, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, in decorating the hutch.

It was just a matter of finding the right items. . . and I did.

Cue the HomeGoods Happy Song!

Guest Room Hutch-Housepitality Designs

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How to Upcycle A Dried Miniature Cypress

Upcycled Cypress  Topiary-Housepitality Designs

When decorating for Christmas, I love to use many natural elements including small norfolk trees, rosemary topiaries, and small cypress trees. While I can later plant some items like rosemary, some of my plants just didn’t make it, partially due to it just not being a typical houseplant. I had one that just did not […]

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A Great Way To End The Week

Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Happy Saturday everyone! It certainly has been a hectic and eventful week for me. The usual busy routines of daily life . . . The snow events . . . loss of power . . . and getting ready to host a dinner party with the loss of one day of prep due to no […]

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A New Perspective and Vignette

Media Room/Gallery-Housepitality Designs

I planned to write this post the other night; however, I was distracted . . . and a bit worried. For you see, my hubby was driving home in potentially bad weather to get home hoping to, one, get home before the big snow event and secondly, be home to help me for another event, […]

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We’re Not In Mr. McGregor’s Garden Anymore!

Great Room Coffee Table Vignette-Housepitality Designs

Oh that Peter Rabbit. . . he was chased out of Mr. McGregor’s Garden on a stick along with his other mischievous friends, while Peter’s three sisters obeyed their mother and enjoyed chamomile tea. Little did he know that he and his friends would be the “cream of the crop” in another story. The story […]

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Guest Room Makeover Sneakie Peekie

Guest Room-Housepitality Designs

I cannot tell you how long is has been taking me to re-decorate this guest room. I have been working on this a little at a time, in-between other projects and activities. A few more tweaks, a little more painting, a few more things to purchase and it will be done . . . however, […]

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If You Create It, It Will Come

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

One of my favorite movies is Field of Dreams. “If you build it, they will come.” So I am taking that philosophy with Spring. If you create a spring environment, it will come! Do you hear that Mother Nature?!! I have been sequestered in the house this week . . . I should sell tickets […]

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How To Makeover a Winter Bedroom to Spring

Spring Master Bedroom-Housepitality Designs

The news lately is all about how awful the winter storms are . . . Places like Boston with record breaking snowfalls and here this week we are dealing with a winter storm with mainly ice . . . hate ice, would rather have snow! While hunkered down in the house with a driveway like […]

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How I Styled a 12 Foot High Ledge

Great Room

A reader noticed an outlet above the front door that is on a ledge wall . . . and wondered what I used it for. I had the builder place an outlet on that ledge for placing lighted Christmas decor on that ledge. However, other than previous Christmas decor the ledge has been empty. I […]

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Upcycled Christmas Wreath for Valentine’s Day

Upcycled Christmas Wreath

Happy Valentine’s Day! I still have one of my real evergreen Christmas wreaths hanging on a vintage shabby door on the porch. Rather than tossing it away, I took my scissors and channeled Edward Scissorhands!

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