Decking the Halls

I have been busy decking the halls, but no boughs of holly . . . yet.

I thought that this year I would scale back on the number of trees

that I would decorate for Christmas. However, so far, I have done three

and possibly one more if time allows.

I thought that I would show you some snippets of what I have been doing.

First a peek at the dining room tree.

Christmas Tree-Housepitality Designs-3

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How I Decorate My Christmas Tree With Ribbon And Another Tip

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. . . and that means lots of planning and decorating to make it wonderful for our family and friends. I have started working on a few trees and I thought that maybe you would like to know, how I decorate my Christmas Tree with ribbon and another […]

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How To Easily and Inexpensively Flock A Christmas Tree

For many years, I have had a Christmas tree in my dining room. It is usually a small slim tree that can be easily placed in a corner. This year I wanted to do something different, without breaking the bank. A bit of a different look. I then had an epiphany! I remembered something that […]

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It’s All In The Details

When we were building our home, I told my builder that I was all about the details. What I meant about the details was that I wanted a great amount of trim work, architectural details . . . without breaking the bank . . . was that possible? What makes a house shine with its […]

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Elegance and Style

Hello everyone. I am back! I was in Washington D.C.  last week and took a little break to meet up with my friend Mary Alice of Chateau Chic. We had great fun visiting and shopping together. One thing that we did one day was to travel to Bethesda, Maryland to see our friend Loi at […]

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Blue and White Fall Tablescape

I thought we would go down memory lane today. To revisit my Blue and White Fall Tablescape with orange accents. I began creating the elongated centerpiece by using a faux magnolia garland. It is always great to have some greenery to anchor a centerpiece to use as a base to create that long narrow look […]

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Master Bedroom Refresh

I decided to do a bit of a Master Bedroom Refresh to slowly transition into Winter. The bedding will have a few more tweaks as we enter into the month of December, but for now, I thought I would transition to it in stages.

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French Antique Basket of Great Textures

I cannot leave enough alone. I was rearranging my pretties on my coffee table and I decided to grab my antique bread basket that I found in France and fill it with pretties. A floral arrangement of sorts of many pretties with a wide variety of colors, faux and natural elements, all to make a […]

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More Rooms I Not Often Show You

I have been working on a a little project and trying to work it in-between my scheduled activities and a day trip here and there. So that post will have to be next week. But in the meantime, can there be more rooms I not often show you? The answer is yes! Now where shall […]

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Beyond the Doors

They say it is always good to have a second pair of eyes. Eyes that see differently ….. from a different perspective. This is exactly what happened the day of the photo shoot by ShowSpaces Photography. I noticed the photographer kept opening doors. Hmmm, I thought, for more light? The photographer stated that you need […]

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