My Garage Created by a Master Organizer

Hello Dear Readers.

I did not want to say anything, so I would not “jinx” things, but I will, so here goes:

We have a contract on our house . . . of course nothing is set in stone until the due diligence

is complete.  I must say that it is truly soooo bittersweet.  My hubby always says,

once we get the house to where we want it (well that is sorta not true)

we sell and build another one!

He is going to miss his garage . . . my highest viewed post! . . . go figure.

So today, we shall re-visit the area that he will truly miss but has plans on the new one!

My Garage by a Master Organizer.

Master organizer, yes, that’s him . . . my hubby.

Someone who is precise in every way.

He even folds his clothes before putting them in the hamper.

He states that folding them keeps the hamper neat and you can put more clothes in it that way. 

Me organize? . . . no need to as I have a resident organizer.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

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Ralph Lauren Inspired Floral Arrangement

Happy Friday Dear Readers! It’s a great Friday as it is the third Friday of the month which means it is Floral Friday! I am so happy to be joining Lidy, Mary and Pam, my beautiful Floral Friday friends to bring you some amazing red, white and blue floral inspiration. Today, my theme is not […]

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A Stroll Among the Flowers in the Yard

What happened to Spring? It seems as though it rolled in for a couple of weeks and then told Summer to come on in! It has been unusually hot these past several days, however, with the rains coming, we will get some relief with cooler temperatures. In doing my daily watering on the porches, I […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

I want to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day. We are still blessed to still have my mom with us. We treasure each moment with her to make more memories that we can place in our hearts forever. Enjoy your day today with your loved ones and sweet memories of the mothers that […]

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New Kitchen Decor and a Giveaway

Well it happened again. I stopped in my favorite shop . . . should I tell you which one it was?!! . . .  you probably already know! Yes, Always Home in Durham, N.C. On my way home from Trader Joe’s, I thought, “I think I will just stop in for a moment.” I am […]

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My New Found Treasures

My hubby usually doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to the house. He knows exactly what is new and what has been moved. He is very observant when it comes to the house and actually, in all aspects of life. He recently spied something new and said, “oh that’s nice . . . and […]

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Peonies In A Teapot – Floral Friday

Happy Friday one and all! Today is the first Friday of the month and that means you are in for a treat because it is Floral Friday, when I and three of my sweet, talented and most creative friends/bloggers present  beautiful floral inspiration for you to enjoy. Today, I present to you Peonies in a […]

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Spring Porch 2018

I love fluffing my porches for each season. The fluffing came a little late as I wanted to wait for the pollen to completely end. It seemed as if it was going on forever! Yellow yuck everywhere! I intentionally decided that I omit the door wreaths this year for that more simply stated look for […]

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An Early Summer Sunroom Refresh

It all started with a pillow, then another, then more pillows . . . isn’t that always the case in most circumstances? You see a pillow that speaks to you. Then you know just where to put it, thus the beginning of a room refresh and the shuffling of items around the house. You take […]

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What Have I Been Up To?

I had full intentions of showing you my refreshed Sunroom for a little jump start to Summer. It can truly double for Spring too. Yes, Summer, as I think we may just go from Winter to Summer with the crazy weather we have been experiencing.  However, the rain and gloomy days have kept me from […]

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