Inspiration from a Magazine Cover

I love my shelter magazines.

As a teenager, I would forego buying a tube of lipstick and buy a House Beautiful or a

Better Homes and Gardens magazine instead.  It brought me hours of joy dreaming of interiors

I hoped to have someday.

I must admit, I am a magazine hoarder and keep special issues or boxes of a favorite magazine.

Ironstone Pitcher of Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs

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I Couldn’t Leave Them Behind, So I Broke My Own Rule

Ralph Lauren Home Lamps - Housepitality Designs

I couldn’t leave them behind, so I broke my own rule. My rule of trying to re-design my interiors, using what I already had in the house. I was doing pretty good, until I saw these. Temptation set in, and it won.

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The Power of Flowers

Red Transferware Pitcher/Flowers - Housepitality Designs

The power of flowers. Flower Power as they described it in the 60’s. They impact our lives in so many ways. Flowers are one of the great things in life that are truly powerful. Powerful in that they can put a smile on your face, change a mood, or make a meal more tasty when […]

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The Little Projects You Never Get Around To

Iron Scroll Lamp - Housepitality Designs

For me, it is the little projects I never seem to get around to, as I am thinking about the bigger projects that seem to make a bigger impact. But these days, it is the little ones that I can tackle. The little ones that frankly, I can handle with no lifting or major movement […]

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Less is More

Sunroom - Housepitality Designs

Less is more . . . did I say that? Well, while still fidgety recuperating . . . (and I must say that I am feeling somewhat better), I roam the house. Being unable to do all that much, I just set my sights on what I can do to start on my quest of […]

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A Little Fluffing ~ A Great Seat Cushion

Vintage Settee/Vintage Grain Sack - Housepitality Designs

A little fluffing done here and there about the house, that’s about all I can do these days, trying to recuperate from “The Shingles”. There should be a horror film, titled, “The Shingles” as it is truly “horror-a-ble”. I am not one to sit . . . I get fidgety. I was sitting on the […]

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Happy Mother’s Day ~ Beautiful Irises from the Garden

Irises in Ironstone Pitcher - Housepitality Designs

Happy Mother’s Day! I just wanted to wish you wonderful moms out there a most wonderful Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, I am unable to be with my mom today, but hope to see her soon! I admire her never ending positive attitude on life, never wanting for much . . . just the company of her […]

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There Are Shingles in the House!

Tea Time - Housepitality Designs

There are  Shingles in the house but not the kind you may think. Not the kind that are made of an asphalt type material, or those that are made to look like beautiful slate or cedar. Although the cedar shingles/shakes would smell lovely in the house. No, not those Shingles.

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Bramble Showroom ~ High Point 2016 Spring Market

Bramble Showroom - Housepitality Designs

When I know that my schedule will only allow for  one day to go to the High Point Spring Market, Kristen and I head to the Bramble Showroom as soon as we arrive. The Bramble furniture collection  offers a great variety of styles from classic to trendy, or should I say, the updated classics. It […]

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A Spring Porch and a Fountain

Spring Front Porch 2016 - Housepitality Designs

It was time to refresh the front porch for Spring. I knew I wanted a new look. The vintage wagon with the background of the vintage door has been a staple on the porch for a while now. Time for a change.

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