Amazing Fall Inspiration, My Mom, and a Giveaway

Wow! What a title . . .

Amazing Fall Inspiration, My Mom, and a Giveaway.

That certainly is a wide range of subjects today.

But let’s start with the Number One subject, My Mom.

She is visiting me for the next two weeks.

So I may be a bit absent next week while I spend time with her

trying to accomplish a list we are making.

“Things that I have not done and places I want to see”

Champagne Bucket Arrangement-Housepitality Designs

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My Fall Home Tour

Fall is definitely creeping in a bit in my part of the country. We have cooler temps . . . well, cooler to me means it is not in the 90’s . . . and I can see some slight changes in the color of the leaves on some trees. That being said, it is […]

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First Impressions {Velvet Pumpkins}

They say that first impressions are important. The curb appeal of your home is definitely a first impression of your property. A beautiful door can also be the first impression of your personality. A yellow door of happiness, a purple door of creativeness . . . When you enter through the doors of a home, […]

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The Backyard and Porches

An area of the house that I rarely show is the rear view of the house and the backyard and porches. Recently we put our home on the market. The realtor’s photographer came over last week and took about 100 photos.

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Fall Porch Gone “Plum Crazy”

I have really been attracted to the beautiful Berry colors this Fall. The shades of purple and plum have been seen throughout the house for Fall this year. It was fitting that I go “plum crazy” on the porch too.

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Fall Ideas Tour and Flowers for Staging

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. We spent the weekend working on the house . . . inside and out. Today the house is being photographed for real estate purposes. I will share them with you as soon as they are available. Today I present a Fall Ideas Tour and flowers for […]

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Romantic Style at its Best

Well, it is crunch time for me. I have been working on the house inside and out. Preparing to place our home on the market. We are not certain how successful we will be, placing this house on the market this late in the year. We will give it a good try and the good […]

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Fall Porch Inspiration and a New Favorite

While I sit on my front porch thinking about how blessed I am to be able to enjoy the mild weather, I am thinking ahead on how I would like to decorate my porch for Fall this year. I definitely need to keep it simple, yet festive and inviting this year. So today, I thought […]

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A Furniture Shuffle for Staging and Simple Fall Touches

I have been  eliminating some small pieces of furniture in each room of the house to gain a less cluttered, cleaner look, staging the house to place it on the market. Some pieces of furniture were sent to storage and some danced to the Furniture Shuffle. A furniture shuffle for staging and simple fall touches […]

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I Went Plum Crazy for Early Fall in the Sunroom

When I was traveling with my hubby in California, I had the opportunity to visit a couple of Pottery Barn stores while he was attending a conference. It was then when I came across their great sale and as a result of this, I went plum crazy for early Fall in the Sunroom. Literally crazy […]

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