A Centerpiece with Memories – Floral Friday

Blue and White accessories and the color scheme of blue and white

in home interiors has always been a classic.

I remember back in the 70’s, I decorated with lots of blue, white and yellow.

I guess you can say that I was in my country phase of gingham and ruffles.

When I was a very young homemaker and stay at home mom, I was constantly sewing.

Whether it be my clothes, or things for the house. I even took a class with

my friend Ruth and we learned how to make t-shirts with the crew necks!

Today,  I am going down memory lane a bit.

A Centerpiece with Memories – Floral Friday

Floral Friday-Housepitality Designs-7

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A Most Pleasant Surprise

Have you ever received something in the mail that was A Most Pleasant Surprise? I must say that I have,  so many times. I am very blessed with great family and friends. The other day I received a package that I was told to expect. When I opened the package I gasped . . . […]

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Where It All Began {French Antique Shops}

Some of you may have heard about my shipping dilemma from California to North Carolina. How I got my French Market Basket home from across the country. Well today, I want to show you Where it all Began {French Antique Shops}.

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Vintage French Canning Jars – Floral Friday

Welcome to Floral Friday, when every first and third Friday of the month my friends and I present some wonderful floral inspiration to you for your enjoyment. Today, it is all about flowers in wonderful canning jars. Do you remember my French Market Rolling Basket Story? The story of how I trekked it from California […]

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Dining Room Refresh and Changes

We decided that we should think about reducing the items on the wall in the dining room to make it look less cluttered. So as much as I hated to, the shutters on each side of the the bay window area came down along with the vintage brackets/corbels and the Paris paintings that were hung next […]

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Spring Pink in the Great Room

I bought a bouquet of flowers the other day along with a small Azalea plant to place in the Great Room. Well that led to me thinking that it is time for a change. So off to the linen closet I went, to see what pillow covers I can use for the room. Since pink […]

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My French Market Basket {Nightmare}

If you had read my last post on the Beautiful Room at the Inn you would know that my hubby and I traveled to the Napa Valley, California area recently. In my travels  I found my French Market Basket {Nightmare} Nightmare you say? . . . Oh I love my basket, but there is a […]

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Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? I traveled to the Napa Valley Region with my hubby, where we attended the Circle of Excellence trip that my hubby was awarded by his company. We stayed at the incredible Calistoga Ranch, in Calistoga, California. Since we were already in that beautiful area, we decided to stay a couple of […]

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Floral Friday Easter Basket Centerpiece

Happy Friday everyone! It is a happy day because it is Floral Friday, when I join three of my wonderfully talented blogger friends to give you some great floral inspiration. Today, for your enjoyment and ideas for using flowers for Easter, is my Floral Friday Easter Basket Centerpiece  

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The Bunny Parade Centerpiece

Here they are again along with some new found friends. More of the Bunnies with the Golden Egg. Their friends are Pottery Barn bunny dessert plate stands that I have had in my stash. Bunnies love dessert. I was unable to get “carrot cake” for them, but they settled for other treats from the new […]

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