Nutcracker Tree and the Christmas Media Room

In our Media Room, I usually have a tree that is specifically designed

for my granddaughter each year.

It has always been themed with something that she particularly loved during the year . . .

~ ~ like the year she was into Tinkerbell and dressed as her on Halloween.

However, this year, we placed a small tree . . . a very small tree in her room. . .

~ ~ the space that she has in our house in which she has requested more pink be added.

I did not plan a tree in the media room this year; however, I could not help myself!!

Nutcracker Tree-Housepitality Designs

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The Christmas Kitchen

Ironstone platter

I think the kitchen is pretty much where we spend most of our time during the Holidays or any day for that matter. So to bring a little cheer into this room is always a good thing! Bringing a bit of Christmas cheer that can take me through well into January was my goal.

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The Christmas Dining Room and a Home Tour

Dining Room

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend . . . I am sure you were all putting your finishing touches to your Holiday preparations. Me??? . . . I still have a long list and checking it twice! In the meantime, the dining room was dressed with greenery and simple decor . . . Even the […]

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The Holiday Master Bedroom

Holiday Master Bedroom

In keeping with the more simplistic holiday decor, I decided to dress the master bedroom with the Pottery Barn Winter Birds collection as I did last year. I did use different pillows and accents as the room has definitely changed from last year. I just love this bedding that can take you right through with […]

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Tuesday Holiday Tidbits

Christmas Kitchen Decor

Have you seen the great mantel inspiration yesterday? If not, you can see it here along with 10 other fabulous mantels. I have been busy like the most of you decorating and preparing for the Holidays. I am pretty much done with just a few tweaks here and there.

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A Wintery Christmas Mantel

Great Room-Christmas 2014

In the years past, I used a green garland and trimmed it with ribbon, ornaments, and all the pretties of Christmas. This year, I went with a white flocked garland to create a Wintery Christmas Mantel.

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Christmas Decor Tidbits and Mantel Sneak Peeks

Chair dressed for Christmas

I am not sure about you, but it seems like for me, too little time and much to do. Is that the common statement of the Holidays? But then again, I do tend to go a tad overboard . . . really trying to keep it simple. Yesterday my friend Sherri delivered my new pillow […]

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Retro Ornaments In Vintage Ironstone

Retro Ornaments

In keeping with my simple Christmas decor . . . well, as simple as this girl gets . . . ~ ~ I decorated the area that I have my ironstone pieces with new retro ornaments. I love the look of the old ornaments . . . as many of us do.

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French Buffet Woodland Christmas Vignette

French Buffet Christmas Vignette

The first thing I did when returning from Florida for Thanksgiving . . . ~ ~ was to decorate my French buffet for Christmas. I hope you all had a most wonderful Thanksgiving. My family and I traveled to Florida . . . to my sister’s home . . . where my mom also lives. […]

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Simply Christmas Vignette

Ironstone Christmas Vignette

I have been challenged to keep it simple. I say that this year, I want to keep it simple . . . ~ ~ I have been asked by my friends if simple was in my vocabulary.

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