A Laundry Room “Addition” and A Visit From A Special Blogger…

I guess I have to count my blessings….

…..that my hubby does not like to “sit”.

He is in constant motion…

…..you rarely see him sitting in front of the TV…

……….well unless it is an important Yankee game or the upcoming Gator game…

So one evening this week…he asked…is there a small project I have for him?

……Ah, yes..plenty!!..

………….. but I had one in mind…something that has been in the closet for months!

Yes honey…the laundry room….

…..you want me to do laundry?….oh no silly…this…


I do not know about you…but I always seem to have lots of laundry….

…..even though it is just the two of us!!

I came across this decal at Lacy Bella Designs…I saw it on a blog…cannot remember whose blog…

…..but I thought it was perfect!!


So when I feel that drudgery of laundry…


The constant wonder of how in the heck does two people create so much laundry…


And loose socks….where do they go?…to the sock abyss?…


But then I think…I should not complain..as I could be doing laundry….

…..with a contraption like this:


And using products such as these:





I thank goodness for the inventions of modern man…





In addition to the decal…I also had the laundry room repainted..

…..from SW Blonde…to SW Silvermist…

And now to that very sweet blogger friend who recently paid me a visit!

She and her husband were visiting his aunt and uncle who live in my neighborhood….

We had been reading each others blogs for a while…..

…..her hubby said that my house looked as if it belongs in North Carolina….

She emailed me about John’s comment… I said that I did live in NC.!!..

…..one thing led to another and we discovered that their aunt and uncle lived down the street…


She brought me this beautiful basket of citrus..from her trees..

…..as she lives in Florida…not too far from where I used to live!



She has been on a “blog break”…she and her hubby are working on a big project…

So without further ado….here is Whitney!!…of Drab to Fab Design…alongside her hubby John.


She is beautiful inside and out…we had a short but very nice visit…


I am hoping that Whitney will be able to attend Haven…..

…..so that many others could meet her too!!…

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  1. What a sweet post, Shirley! How fun to meet another blogger! I am sure that you ladies had a wonderful visit! I’ll have to check out her blog, as well! Happy New Year!

  2. I was looking at silvermist when I was choosing a paint color for our laundry room, but it was too blue with no window in there so I went with a yellow to keep it bright. So nice of her to bring you some fresh Florida fruit.

  3. Hi Shirley, Well we finally got home. Ran into lots of snow in Illinois.
    I love this post. Your laundry room is so neat and unique, just like the rest of your lovely home.
    Great new color and I love the decal. Hubby was so sweet to execute this for you, XO Ginger

  4. Love the color shirley of the laundry room…your decal looks great and fits perfect! I have a sister-in-law that has decal’s all over her home…KEEP THE POST COMING WITH YOUR NEW IDEAS…HAPPY NEW YEARS…

  5. Love the new color in the laundry room! All of your vintage treasures are so fun. Yes, I’m glad that we live with the more modern conveniences of today’s world. But just imagine how wonderful and modern those contraptions seems to the people living in those days. So fun to meet other bloggers in person and what a small, small world we live in!

  6. How fun to meet Whitney. You are so sweet that everyone wants to meet and know you!! Laundry- the worst chore of my life!!! Even before kids couldn’t stand it and now even more!!

  7. Ramon and I generate so much laundry it’s ridiculous. Actually, it’s pretty much just him. I have the same “uniform” that I wear daily. I don’t leave the house a whole lot these days, so I KNOW it’s him! :-) I like how you have been able to make the room you have to spend so much time in a (relatively) nice place to be. I have more of a laundry “closet” than laundry room, so the niceties are scarce. If I had my druthers (long time since you heard THAT word, I’ll bet!), I’d convert our 4th bedroom which is upstairs with the other bedrooms into a nice laundry room. I currently have to pull out the ironing board and stuff to set up in my dressing room when I want to iron. (I set up in there because it’s pretty AND I can watch TV.) My ideal laundry room would be on the same floor as the bedrooms, have space for a regular ironing board and a “big board” for doing linens, include a soaking sink, have a desk with computer, etc. and a 52″ flat screen! Oh…and surround sound and a stylish Lazy Boy chair!!! I don’t ask for much, do I? 😉

    It’s GREAT that Miss Whitney came to visit along with her hubby!!! SMALL world. SO small!!! You just never know! I am hoping to make it to Haven next year to meet you, her, and a bunch of other bloggers with whom I already feel a kinship. Looking forward to it!!!!!!! Happy New Year!

  8. Linda Miller says:

    I’m having seller’s remorse when I see that wringer washer in your laundry room!!…Grandpa”s Cleanser, the Gold Dust and the All bucket, too for that matter! Just sayin’!

  9. Love this post! and thank heaven we don’t have to use rocks or streams or wringer washers!!


  10. You and Whitney are equally as beautiful inside and out! Oh, and am loving that lost sock jar! I may need to recreate one in our very own laundry dungeon …

    :) Linda

  11. Wow, Joe would NEVER ask me if I had a project for him, LOL! He KNOWS I always will. He has enough on his plate right now though, I REALLY want him to get the darn bar built downstairs so we will be ready by spring to do OUTSIDE!!!!! I love the new color and all your accessories. I have a laundry CLOSET now. I used to complain about my old laundry room and now wish I had it back:) We 2 generate a ridiculous amount of laundry too. That was great that you got to meet Whitney, she is CUTE!!!! XO, Pinky

  12. Washing machine has been running all day and it’s taken hours for everything to dry. Something seems to be wrong with the dryer, perhaps because it’s so danged cold the vent pipe has frozen. Since so much time is spent in a laundry room, there’s no reason for it not to be a pleasant spot so you’ve done well.
    Speaking of Gators, I’m betting your hubby is not to happy right now!

  13. That wording on the walls in your laundry room is so perfect! And a visit from Whitney, what a small world indeed. Hard to believe it was the same street! Maybe with our move I’ll find myself road tripping to meet bloggers, too. As always, beautiful pictures! You ladies make for a gorgeous photo!!

  14. Love that color in your laundry room, Shirley! One of the things we plan to do this year is paint the main area of the condo. It will probably stay a neutral color, but I’ve been debating whether or not I want to paint our master bedroom, too. I had a greyed green in our old house, which I really liked. It is always nice to visit with other bloggers; to get to meet in person. I’m planning on attending Haven this year myself and hope to meet so many of the bloggers I’ve become friendly with online.

  15. It is just John and I and I can’t believe how much laundry we make, I don’t know where it comes from. I love the Laundry room with all your treasures and that saying is wonderful.


  16. I love the new decal, Shirley. Your laundry room is wonderful! I love that you met Whitney. I’ve met a few blogger friends and enjoyed so much.

    Wish I was close enough for Haven.

  17. Aww Shirley it was so nice finally getting to meet you and your husband! Your home is just beautiful! And you know I love the color of your laundry room and that cute jar as well! You’re the best! :)

  18. I love your new wall words, Shirley … and, yay, for hubby for looking for a small project to do! It looks great in your beautiful laundry room … love the new wall color and all of your whimsical accessories! And, how fun to have had a visit from a fellow blogger! I’d love to be able to knock on your door someday, too! Look forward to seeing you at Haven!

  19. Well, I’m glad that I am not the only one who does so much laundry… for two! If I had your very pretty laundry room I could spend a whole lot of time happily doing laundry!!!
    How fun to get a visit from a fellow blogger!

  20. First of all, I love your mantle and the way you have decorated it. How fun to have discovered that a neighbor is related to Whitney and John. It’s a small world. Hope the New Year gets us better acquainted with lots of bloggers.

    Wishing you a great 2013,

  21. I like the quote! What a great place to do laundry!!!

  22. Shirley,

    How wonderful that Whitney came for a visit! She and her husband are so cute! And your laundry room is amazing!

    Happy New Year to you my wonderful friend!

  23. Love your laundry decal and new paint color Shirley! I’m always amazed at how much laundry there is for two at our house :) I recognize those stylized Amish girls~ I have a P.Buckley Moss print from probably 20 years ago~ it has a prayer on it, “Dear Lord, Please make the bad people good and the good people easy to live with.” Amen! Happy New Year Shirley!

  24. I’m so sorry, my friend, that I am just seeing this. I am so far behind that I feel like I have stepped into another dimension of time. I just love your new color. It’s beautiful. And that is the perfect laundry room saying. I, too, wonder how we can possibly have so much laundry. Then again, there are three little ones who visit very often. I sure do miss blogging right now but, but you know I have a more important responsibility right now. I hope you are feeling better. xxoo

  25. How sweet that you had a visitor – and yes, laundry means loved ones are around! Take care, Laura

  26. Ann Drake says:

    Your laundry room puts mine to shame! i do agree about the amount of laundry 2 people can produce. Amazing sometimes isn’t it?

  27. Your laundry room is so pretty with that oval window in there. The decal quote you used is perfect in there. That is a great way to see the positive side of that chore! You have a nice collection of vintage laundry paraphenalia too. Lucky you to have a nice large room in which to display it.

  28. love the laundry room! Thank you for the introduction to whitney too. Happy New Year wishes and thank you for sharing at the hop. I hope you will stop by again soon. I posted the new giveaway! xo

  29. Shirley, your laundry room is so cute! Would love to do laundry in there. The paint color is really beautiful. Loved hearing about your meeting with Whitney. Small world.

  30. He did a great job – those can be tricky to get straight! I would NEVER trust my hubby to do one :)

  31. I will have to remember that when I am complaining about all the laundry and folding. Love your laundry room.

  32. Your laundry room looks so pretty and fresh. How fun to meet a blogger friend.
    Mary Alice

  33. I love your laundry room and I especially love the quote. I have to get one of those for my laundry room as it seems I am always in there.

  34. such a fun and pleasant place to be doing laundry! Love the vintage appeal.

  35. I love your new laundry room! Very cheery and bright. The phrase is adorable too. I have one in my laundry room too. Seemed like the perfect place for a little whimsy.

  36. Your laundry room looks great! I’m a new follower 😉

  37. Barbara (WA) says:

    Quick comment – my hubby works for Fairbank Construction whose owner descended from the Gold Dust Washing Powder family (and other products)! I smiled when I saw the art in the laundry room.

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