I Am Featured at Design Dreams by Anne

The lovely and talented Anne of Design Dreams by Anne is featuring me today…

Anne is a talented artist, DIY’er, and decorator extraordinaire and has single handedly . .

~ ~ restored her beautiful home.

You can see her doing such projects such as this most recent one:

Rustic Christmas Sign 019

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A Rustic Sunroom Christmas Vignette

Should I call my vignette rustic or maybe woodland . . .

~ ~ a bit of both. A vignette filled with memories and treasures from friends.

Of a Christmas tree in a galvanized bucket with a vintage scale with a galvanized tray.

These things gathered together in one area just makes me smile.


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Winter Woodland Vignette in a Basket

In the past, I usually tended to go a bit overboard on my Christmas table vignettes.

Which meant, there was little table space for entertaining . . .

~ ~ places for drinks and an appetizer or two.

This year I solved that problem by containing the vignette in a basket . . .

~ ~ so that it could be removed easily and room made for entertaining guests.

Felted Wool Santa-Housepitality Designs

I do not get much of a chance to do much crafting . . . but I really do love to.

Several years ago our Craft Group in the neighborhood, “The Crafty Chicks” . . .

~ ~ made these great felted wool Santas.

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The Best Pumpkin Cheesecake Ever and a Winner

I was looking for a Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe the other day . . .

~ ~ wanted to make one for my Sewing Group that I was hosting.

I searched the Food Network site . . . and came up with one that had 5 stars!


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You Make Me Happy Wood Pallet Sign

When I was a little girl, I had a problem with nose bleeds.

I would wake up in the middle of the night and my pillow would be stained

due to a nose bleed.

My dad would comfort me by singing . . . “You Are My Sunshine”

I shed a tear of joy when I hear that song and love to sing it to my grandchild.

My friend Linda’s hubby made me this beautiful sign.


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Thanksgiving Vignette of Ironstone

I have an area where I display the majority of my Ironstone.

The area needed some “Fallifying”.

Gathering some Thanksgiving inspired items and fall decor and set about creating this vignette.


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Christmas Decor and Projects

Last week I took out a few Christmas decor storage bins to create a Winter Woodland Tablescape . .

~ ~ and now the pandora’s box is open and Christmas bins are everywhere.

So let the Christmas projects and decor begin!…

Today, I am pouring through last years Christmas projects and Christmas vignettes . . .

~ ~ seeing how I can changes things up . . . and pare things down . .

For my more simply stated Christmas . . . yes, I said it!


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Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Tablescape and A Giveaway

The Pfaltzgraff Winterberry dinnerware collection has been a classic Holiday pattern.

This pattern has been in existence for over 20 years and still a holiday favorite.

I love this pattern as it can be used for both Christmas and the months of Winter.

~ ~ a great pattern that is so very versatile.


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Life Is Good

Life is Good . . .

~ ~ it may not be perfect, as nothing is perfect.

Life is filled with ups and downs . . . bumps in the road . . .laughter and tears.

~ ~ however it is how we deal with those bumps is the key.

Life is good when you wake up in the morning . . . put your feet on the ground . . .

~ ~ and see the beautiful sun. A very wise woman says that every day . . . my mom.


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Tuesday Tidbits

I am a patriotic soul . . .

~ ~ a flag waving kind of gal.

Today, my hubby and I will do our traditional voting day thing . . .

~ ~ go to the polls and then have a nice lunch thereafter.

No early voting . . . love the excitement of being at the polling places on voting day!!

So no matter what your political preference is . . . just vote!…


For that is the most wonderful freedom of all . . . and I am truly thankful for that blessing!

And speaking of being thankful . . .

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