Front Porch for Spring 2015

I gave you a bit of a sneak peek of the porch with my front porch wreaths here.

Today, I will show you the rest of the porch dressed for Spring.

I began the decorating of the front porch by purchasing two pillows for the settee.

The pillows are from HomeGoods and I chose them for their happy colors.

HomeGoods Happy that is!

Spring Porch 2015-Housepitality Designs

The blue vintage transferware bowl holds an array of plants

which I tried to coordinate with the color scheme of the pillows.

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Wish Upon A Star and Your Dreams Will Come True

Have you ever wished upon a star?

Is gazing up to the beautiful night sky and wishing upon a star the same as

gazing up to the heavens and saying a prayer. I think so.

As long as I can remember, I always loved decorating.

I would sit quietly on a sofa of my parent’s friends home, being a well behaved girl

along with my siblings and gaze at the room,

thinking how the room would look so much better with things in different places.

I never had the opportunity in my early years for formal education/training in Interior Design . . .

just wasn’t in the cards . . . my destiny at that time. . .

but I held the love for decorating close to my heart.

As the years went by, it was time to pursue that dream.

My wish upon a star . . . . . and one of those wishes came true!

French Country Style Magazine 2015-Housepitality Designs

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White Hydrangea Spring Front Door Wreaths

I was anxiously waiting for most of the pollen to go away before I dressed my front porch.

The pollen has been truly a nuisance . . .

between the mess and the allergies it prompts.

I reached for my go to grapevine wreaths that are oval in shape

as my doors are narrower than normal.

They were filled with Fall flowers that I removed

and recycled the more Spring like flowers to create another design.

Spring Wreath-Housepitality Designs

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Another Spring Makeover in the Master Bedroom

There was a voice in the background . . . “you just can’t leave it alone!”

That said with a smile of course!

I am joining 9 of some of my very favorite fellow bloggers today for a Shades of Spring Open House party!

Today, I am presenting a bit of another Spring makeover in the master bedroom.

Yes, I did a change in the master bedroom from Winter to Spring

just a couple of months ago . . . but that was a couple of months ago.

I wanted a little more light and bright with more peaches in color than blues.

So  with my Pottery Barn rewards in my purse,  I proceeded to the store.

Master Bedroom-Housepitality Designs

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Mixing Classic and Trendy Styles

I am a bit fickle when it comes to design.

What can I say, I love it all and try not to blend too many different looks and styles

to confuse my interiors.

I am truly a classic kind of gal. Give me a great strand of pearls

as opposed to sparkly beads and bangles . . . but then again I will take the sparkly diamonds any day!

To keep my interiors fresh, I like to mix the trends with the classic.

Great Room-Housepitality Designs

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A Walk Down Memory Lane of the Lucketts 2013 Design House

Today, I thought I would take you down memory lane of the 2013 Lucketts Design House.

The Lucketts Spring Market is around the corner so I thought for those of you who

have not seen it, or for those of you who had, you can take a peek again.

So grab a cup of coffee or the beverage of your choice as this post is filled with great inspiration!!

It was gorgeous…such a great group of talented people

had decorated the Design House impeccably.

So many designs from Farmhouse Vintage, Shabby Chic, 

Industrial Chic, and more.

So armed with my “point and shoot” camera (did not bring the heavy DSLR with me)

I proceeded to “the house”.

When I approached the front porch, you see this:

Lucketts Design House 2013-Housepitality Designs

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How To Use Vintage Items For All Of Your Planting Needs

Why buy new things to contain your plants and flowers

when you can make the plants or flowers even prettier by using vintage items.

So today, I will show you how I use vintage items for all of my plants and flowers.

Orchid in vintage pitcher-Housepitality Designs

You know those orchids that you can get quite inexpensively at the grocery stores?

The containers are not all that interesting, so remove the orchid from the container

and place it in a wonderful vintage pitcher

or any other vintage container that will beautifully accommodate the plant.

Boxwood Topiary-Housepitality Designs

When I buy preserved boxwoods or other faux topiaries

I usually remove them from their department store containers.

This particular one, I placed in a vintage McCoy flower pot.

Vintage Ironstone/Kitchen Vignette-Housepitality Designs

As the ones shown here that I purchased from HomeGoods

and placed them in vintage ironstone sugar bowls.

Vintage tureen plant container-Housepitality Designs

This tropical plant sits in a vintage ironstone tureen

that was purchased at a great price because it did not not have a lid.

Faux topiary in live plant-Housepitality Designs

I am now experimenting with adding faux to real plants.

I took a faux boxwood topiary ball . . . attached it to a stick . . .

and placed it in the center of the live plant that is in a vintage ironstone commode.

Vintage transferware urn/settee-Housepitality Designs

This vintage transferware urn previously contained faux evergreens.

Removed the faux with a pretty green tropical plant (that I call an umbrella plant).

Antique blue and white transferware commode-Housepitality Designs

For as long as I can remember, I have had a plant

in my treasured blue and white transferware commode

a gift many, many years ago from a friend. It was a family piece.

Olive Bucket/Dining Room-Housepitality Designs

Many of us place a plant in these olive buckets.

I just love the difference in the textures. Great juxtaposition of natural and rusty metal.

I am making a conscious effort to “go green” with my plant containers.

Maybe that will give me more of a green thumb!

To use the gently used treasures of the past.

On another note . . . I was in Florida last week. Another season of bleachers and red clay.

While I was there, I met up with a sweet lady!. . . . A blogger that I have not met in person,

however, feel that I know her.


That’s me on the left, Sherry from No Minimalist Here, and my friend Merry.

Sherry is a joy!…We had lots of fun and she took us to her favorite antique places.

So happy that I finally got to meet her and can’t wait to see her again at Haven.

It is always so wonderful to be able to meet fellow bloggers and get to know them.

Have a most fabulous day!

How I Added A Little Bling To My Chandelier

My chandeliers are 10 years old

the age of the house.

I say it may be time to change some things out

to refresh and renew.

However, when you are thinking of some day downsizing . . .

do you spend the money?

So what is the solution?

Master Bedroom-Housepitality Designs

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Keeping It In The Family

You know how it is.

There is always something special “that’s in the family” . . .

that someone has decided to let go with a slight bit of hesitation.

Vintage Bowls/Marmalade Jar-Housepitality Designs

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How To Embellish Antique Shutters

Once upon a time there were two ladies who love to shop for antiques . . .

just love the thrill of the hunt.

Many times when these ladies find something that they both like,

they often say to each other, “no you take it, no you take it”

but in this case, the other Fair Lady spotted these beauties first,

in a basket tucked in a corner on the floor and they were the perfect items for her home.

Antique Shutters-Housepitalty Designs

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