The Enchanted Collection of MacKenzie-Childs

While strolling through the High Point Market showrooms I shrieked when I saw this showroom !!!

It was the MacKenzie-Childs showroom . . . oh happy day!

I strolled through and asked the very lovely ladies who were the representatives . . .

~ ~ if it was fine that I took pictures (as some vendors do not allow photographs).

They so graciously obliged and I snapped away!!!


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High Point Fall Market 2014 – The Bramble Company

I look so forward to the High Point Market each Spring and Fall . . .

~ ~ and the 2014 Fall Market did not disappoint.

Kim, Kristen and I attended the Market together.

It is always exciting to see the beautiful trends. . .

~ ~ of the furniture manufacturers and home decor companies.


The first showroom we visited was The Bramble Company . . .

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Adding Architectural Elements to the Dining Room

I had a space on each side of the bay window area in my dining room that needed “attention”.

~ ~ wanting something different to hang in that space.

The narrow space logically would lend to hanging decorative plates.

However, there are many plates in my hutch and hanging more would just be too much.

Me, being me, wanted something different . . . something “architectural”.


Then these came into my life . . . delivered to my front door from the State of Virginia.

The perfect solution . . . and as you will see . . . the perfect height!


The colors in the many layers of paint were perfect.

Thanks to hubby for taking time out of his busy schedule to sand them for me!. . . .

~ ~ and hang them too!



You will notice the reflections of light on the wall from my Swarovski crystals in the window.

Note to self: Take the crystals down when photographing! :)



I am so very happy with the new look in the room.

I am such a fan of adding architectural elements to enhance a space . . .

~ ~ whether it be new construction or vintage pieces such as these shutters.


As I gaze at the shutters . . . I think . . . hmmm . . . should I place something on the shutters?

I think my hubby was reading my mind as I stared at them . . .

~ ~ he gave me that look with a smile . . . I think that smile said . . Leave them alone!!!

Would you?….

Have a great day . . . I am off to the High Point Market with Kim.

An Antique Find for the Laundry Room

Well, it is not actually a “vintage laundry” find . . .

~ ~ however, it is something that I wanted to place in the laundry room . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ to showcase my “vintage laundry” items.


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A Vintage Stool

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Liberty Antiques Festival in Liberty, NC.

The same festival of which Kim and Mary Alice (along with their hubbies) attended too . . .

~ ~ and happy that they were my house guests.

While making the final rounds of the antique festival . . .

~ ~ Mary Alice asked what I was searching for.

I remarked that I would love a small chippy stool.

She then remembered one that was a few rows back . . .

~ ~ I did see that one, but it did not have a tag on it.

Mary Alice asked what my bottom price was for the stool . . . then she quickly marched off.


She came back with the stool !! . . .

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How to Create a Pretty Phone Charging Station

I have always liked to use things for other than its “intended purpose”.

At one of the estate sales recently, I was able to get this pretty soup tureen for $5.00.

I do not believe it is old . . . and cannot make out the “made in impression” on the bottom.

Looks like “France” but cannot be certain.

When I did some re-arranging of items in the kitchen . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ I had an epiphany!…..Love epiphanies!


An epiphany on “how to create a phone charging station”.

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A Vintage Tea Cart – Good things come to those who wait.

Once upon a time. . .

~ ~ ~ ~ when we were young and trying to fill our first home with furnishings . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ the budget was low . . . very low.

We saved and saved to buy an Ethan Allen breakfast table.

Finally, got the $225 together for a table and 4 chairs.

Back then it felt like $2,025.00.

I had my eye on one more piece to complete the area . . .

~ ~ but it was out of the question . . . out of the budget. I never forgot that piece.

Until a couple weekends ago . . . when I went to an estate sale.

And what did I see????…..


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Layering Vintage Items and Travel Tidbits

I took a bit of a break . . .

My hubby had a tournament in Las Vegas . . .


Like “little boys” anxiously waiting for this game to end . . .

~ ~ so they can “play” . . . (hubby is standing on the far right) a gorgeous night in Vegas.

Thanks to my friend Claudia for taking this great pic!

We decided to take a few extra days before the tournament . . .

~ ~ to travel to Sedona, Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

It was our very first time visiting these places and they surely did not disappoint.


Pictures cannot capture the beauty of the areas we visited.

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Another Porch Dressed for Fall

Another porch?….yes, I actually have three…two on the back . . upper and lower . . .

~ ~ and one in the front.

Today, I present the upper porch with simple dressings for Fall.

Fall Porch-Housepitality Designs

Pillows with Fall colors are placed on the loveseat . . perfect for snuggling . . .

~ ~ with a cup of coffee in the morning, or a glass of wine in the evening . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ and then of course with your favorite “honey” :)

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Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

OK…I have teased you enough with my “sneaky peekies” of my bedroom.

You have seen a “sneak peek” of the fabric and pillows . . .

~ ~ some of which were made by my friend Linda.

So without further adieu . . .

Here is what I have been doing in the master bedroom.


I found the duvet cover while at the Pottery Barn in Atlanta . . .

~ ~ it was on super clearance and it had to come home with me.

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