A Vignette Inspired By A Beautiful Book, My High-Low Project

I love beautiful home decor books.

I came across this book, “Beautiful” by Mark D. Sikes

while reading a review on it by the lovely ladies of Design Chic.

I ordered this book right away and was totally immersed in the magnificent

rooms and decor featured in his  book.

While reading this book, I  came across a vignette on a skirted table

that I knew I could somewhat replicate on a budget, by actually shopping the house.

So I began to collect those items and I created

a vignette inspired by a Beautiful book,  my High Low project.

Great Room-Vignette-Housepitality Designs

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Vignettes Tell A Story and A Winner

Do your vignettes tell a story?

Mine always seem like they do. 

Whenever I gather things to place on a table or a surface/area I am styling,

I think of each piece and the story behind it.

Whether it be a memory of a friend, a place that I traveled to, or a shopping experience

with friends or family. There is always a story. Stories of  fun times and

sometimes bittersweet, because  that particular memory is that of a person who is  longer with us.

Dining Room Table Vignette-Housepitality Designs

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French Door Love. What Were We Thinking?

As my hubby and I pour over house plans with one in particular,

we discovered that we definitely are not only downsizing in square footage,

but downsizing in the amount of windows and french doors.

We have French door love. What were we thinking?

Yes, what were we thinking when we installed 7 sets of french doors in this house.

We were thinking that they bring in so much light and are just beautiful.

Great Room-Housepitality Designs

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Another Favorite Shop and a Winner

As I go about the house, cleaning closets, donating or tossing things

that I no longer need or want, I think about how I want to decorate the home,

the home that we are planning to build, the downsized home.

I want a lighter feel for the house as it will be smaller. 1,500 square feet smaller.

It seems like I have been gravitating to a simpler style of furnishings.

While visiting my friend JoAnn in St. Simon’s Island, she took me to a great shop.

Another favorite shop, that I will add to my growing list.

SeaSide Home-Housepitality Designs

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Upstyled Home Outdoors and a Giveaway

Hello everyone! You are in for a treat today as I am happy to share with you,

Matthew Mead’s new publication (by Country Sampler), ” Upstyled Home Outdoors”

As soon as I received this issue in the mail from Matthew,

I could not wait to sit down and browse through the many articles

of beautiful gardens, patios, porches and as the cover states,

200 ideas for making outdoor spaces livable and lovable.

Upstyled Home Outdoors-Housepitality Designs

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A Mother’s Day Letter, A Tribute to My Mom with Balsam Hill

Years ago, as Mother’s Day was approaching,

I was thinking about my Grandmother . . . my mother’s mother.

I never met her. She passed away when my mom was just 16 years old.

I have always dreamed about how it would be like, to have spent time with her,

to have her tell me stories of my mom, when she was a young girl.

So I sat down one day and wrote her a letter.

A Mother’s Day letter, a tribute to my mom.

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Paris in Bloom, A Giveaway

I shall never forget my wonderful trip to the beautiful country of France.

I traveled there for the very first time,

with friends and bloggers for an exciting adventure, of sightseeing, 

shopping the Brocantes and many fabulous shops, that were mainly in the Normandy area.

I so hope to return soon, to that country of such beauty and grace.

In the meantime,  I enjoy the picturesque countryside and cities

from books such as the one I am giving away to one of my readers!

I was introduced to this book by Lidy of French Garden House.

I ordered the book and loved it, and now I want to share one with you.

“Paris in Bloom” by Georgianna Lane.

Paris in Bloom Book-Housepitality Designs

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A Most Charming Shop of Vintage and All Things Beautiful

This past weekend I traveled to Richmond, Virginia where my hubby had a tournament.

Yes, tis the season and let the games begin!

I had the over the moon pleasure of meeting up with a fellow blogger friend,

Lisa of Celebrate Creativity.

Many of you may already know Lisa. Lisa with such  amazing talent in so many things

which includes jaw dropping photography.

Lisa picked me and my friend Merry up from the hotel where we were staying

and took us to a most charming shop of vintage and all things beautiful.

Gather Shop-Porch-Housepitality Designs

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My Spring Front Porch in Pinks, Purples and Cobalt Blues

The painters have completed their painting and refurbishing projects.

I was anxiously waiting for them to complete the job, as one of the projects they had to do

was to re-coat the wood garage doors and front doors.

When the front doors were done, I began freshening up the front porch for Spring.

I knew I wanted my Spring Front Porch in pinks, purples and cobalt blues.

Spring Front Porch 2017 - Housepitality Designs

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Simply Decorated the Mantel for Spring with Roses

I wasn’t quite sure of which direction I wanted to go in

to decorate the mantel for Spring.

I seem to like the bread boards against the backdrop of the wood and iron shutters;

therefore,  they will stay. I just wanted a touch of color and texture.

So I simply decorated the mantel for Spring with roses . . . . dried roses.

Spring Mantel-Dried Roses-Breadboard-Housepitality Designs

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