Adding An Antique Architectural Piece in the Kitchen {Antique Gingerbread Trim}

Antique gingerbread trim - Housepitality Designs

Adding an antique architectural piece in the kitchen (antique gingerbread trim) was on the agenda this week. I have had this architectural piece for some time now. I purchased it from my friend Kristen. It has been in various places, like the dining room and on the ledge of the stairwell. I was not really […]

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Using Fruit to Enhance Your Decor

Dining Room Hutch - Housepitality Designs

Using fruit to enhance your decor is a good thing. I have utilized both faux and real fruit to add color, texture and interest in my decor for many years. Faux fruit has certainly come a long way from the waxed fruit of yesteryear. Do you remember the wax fruit?….Better yet, how about the beaded […]

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Gold, Coral, Bamboo and Reflections

Master Bedroom Bench - Housepitality Designs

Gold, Coral, Bamboo, and Reflections have been the mainstay in the master bedroom lately. I found a pair of “bambooesque” lamps from HomeGood about a year ago and a gold mirrored table about the same time and then started the addition of more gold in the room. Then I added the peach/coral sofa and thus […]

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How to Use Vintage Scales in Your Decor

Vintage Scales - Housepitality Designs

I love vintage scales of all types. I so remember the day I bought my first vintage scale. It was back in the 80’s at a craft show in Miami Lakes, Florida. I know . . . weird that I remember that!

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How to Create a Guest Bath Concierge

Guest Bath Housepitality Designs

How to create a guest bath concierge? why you use the Lady Baltimore, an NQV (Not Quite Vintage) overnight vanity suitcase/train case. It was something that I always wanted as a child. You know, for those sleepovers. However, I never had one and usually placed my clothes in a tote bag that was most likely […]

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And Two Became One

Ironstone/Transferware Tureen-Housepitality Designs

And two became one . . . like the saying, “a match made in heaven” or two souls became one. Well I will show you today, how two things became one  by the generosity and thoughtfulness of a friend. I had a lonely ironstone tureen. One that was missing its lid. Until last week, when […]

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Plant Stands Are Not Just For Plants

Plant Stand/Vintage Shutter-Housepitality Designs

Plant stands are not just for plants well at least in my house as you know how I love to re-purpose things. I thought I would put together this short post to show you how I use my plant stands.

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A Beautiful Monogrammed Wooden Round

Wooden Monogrammed Round-Housepitality Designs

A beautiful monogrammed wooden round  arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I was so thrilled to receive this custom wooden round from Ava Berry Lane. A customized wooden monogrammed round was a giveaway by Kelly of Eclectically Vintage and I won! This beauty is what I chose:

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A Creative Carolina Tablescape

Carolina Tablescape-Housepitality Designs

A Creative Carolina Tablescape was the thing to create when my theme for my dinner group party was “A Taste of Carolina” We are a part of a Dinner Group consisting of wonderful friends who I must say are fantastic cooks and gracious hosts. I created this tablescape a couple of years ago and thought […]

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A Table Makeover and A Mossy Candle

Painted table/Master Bedroom Sitting Area-Housepitality Designs

It took me a while and after careful consideration weighing the fact that this table was not a family heirloom or an expensive piece of furniture, actually a very inexpensive piece from Bombay Company many years ago . . . I decided to take the plunge and paint it. This accent table is in the […]

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