How to turn a Garden Stool into a large vase


I have a pair of cream colored reticulated garden stools. They used to be at the top of my bookcases. Now one is here: Sits next to the chair in the Great Room. I have another one and had an “epiphany” . . ~ ~ to turn it into a large vase! I placed some […]

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Simply Spring Mantel 2014


Because I have a very “busy” item above my mantel . . . ~ ~ I try to keep the mantel decor simple. I shopped the house . . . ~ ~ and came up with this “mantelscape”. I started out with a vase of twigs and blueberry branches and a touch of white . […]

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“Gardening” and the Pie Safe


Previously, I showed you all the new hutch in the kitchenette . . There was an antique pie safe in that spot . . . ~ ~ so it had to be relocated. You know, my “changes in latitude . .. changes in attitude” . . My hubby said there was no space left!!!..Ah, I […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Vignette


Happy St. Patrick’s Day ! ! ! It’s a very special day in our house . . As it is our cutie’s birthday! Her great grandfather is Irish . . ~ ~ so there was some divine intervention going on when she was born on that day! Her “Irish Eyes” are always smiling! My dad […]

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Just Because . . So A New Vignette Is Created


Life is full of unexpected pleasures . . or displeasures . . Yesterday, I received an unexpected pleasure . . She said, “Just Because” . . ~ ~ “To make your day a little brighter” !! ~ ~ The gorgeous arrangement was from my sister, Carol. Now, if you ask me, “were you surprised” ?? […]

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French Enamel Pitcher ~ Simply Spring


Yes, I am still placing my wonderful French treasures into the house . . ~ ~ the major pieces have been settled in their places like this beauty here . I found this piece sitting on a table outside a roadside brocantes . . ~ ~ on one of our memorable shopping days in France. […]

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Simply Spring in the Guest Room


I have been busy “springifying” each room in my house . . ~ ~ and now the guest room is dressed for Spring. The first thing I did to “Springify” the room was to add these tole trays. . ~ ~ of great floral colors. . . ~ ~ ~ ~ they replaced my trio […]

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Birdcages for Spring


I have a “few” bird cages in the house . . ~ ~ as I love all things “birds”. They are giving me such a great feeling for Spring. In the great room . . . ~ ~ ~ there is even an “ice covered” vine and bird’s nest inside. In the master bedroom . […]

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Antique English Hutch


I have been on an unintended blog break these past few days… ~ ~ Had problems with my existing web host site and moved to another . . ~ ~ ~ ~ and all is right with the world!… So…there’s a new hutch in town… ~ ~ a neighbor is moving . . downsizing . […]

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Spring Dishes in the Hutch {Noritake Summer Estate}


I am still on my quest to “Springify” by house. For years, I had my “Old Country Roses” china in the hutch or “Welsh cupboard” I had acquired this beautiful set of Noritake Summer Estate from my friend . . ~ ~ and recently just acquired some accent pieces to this set. Vintage sherbet glasses […]

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