One Way to Refresh a Room for Comfort

Ironstone Vignette

Refreshing a room does not have to be visible. It could be something that you do to make a room feel more comfortable. Whether it be a lovely calming scent from a candle . . . or soft music playing while you do your day to day chores.

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A Crisp White Winter Vignette

Ironstone and Blue Transferware

I am slowly transitioning my decor from Christmas to the crisp white of winter. When I remove Christmas decor from a surface, I cannot let that surface stay bare for long. In fact, I have to gather items right away to create another vignette.

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Iron and Ironstone

3 tiered stand of vintage ironstone

The Monday after New Year’s and the holidays . . . How does that make you feel? . . . Re-energized to start the New Year with great resolutions? Or, a bit of a let down from all of the holiday activities? For me, it is time to take down the decorations and refresh and […]

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I’m All About That Brass . . . I’m All About that Brass

Gold Mirrored Table Vignette

I’m all about that brass . . . not the bass . . . not the bass. I have always loved brass . . . however, it fell out of favor for a while. But, now it is back.

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Is it Christmas Decor? . . . Or is it Winter Decor?

Vintage Hanging Scale

Many of you have already started taking down the Christmas decorations and thinking about the next phase of decor. As for me, I am enjoying my Christmas decorations until January 6th. A tradition . . . In the meantime, I am planning the next phase . . . Winter Decor.

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Top Projects of 2014

Dining Room

Can’t believe that 2014 has come and soon to be gone so quickly. I am making a list of my 2015 project and reflecting on 2014. Changes to several rooms and several areas happened this year. I can’t really say which one is my favorite . . . ~ ~ but most of them have […]

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas -The Christmas 2014 Front Porch

Christmas 2014-Front Porch

Twas the Night Before Christmas . . . When all through the house . . . . not a creature was stirring . . . not even a mouse! The stockings were hung by the chimney with care . . . In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

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Christmas Home Tour 2014


Welcome to my Home for the Holidays. I decided that the Christmas decor for 2014 was going to be that of less glitz, more woodland theme . . . to simplify. Double doors adorned with real wreaths of evergreen this year. . . . No florals, no ribbon, just greenery and I love it.

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Guest Room and Garlands

Guest Room

For the most part, many of us have guests over the holidays. It is always wonderful to have either family or friends gather together to celebrate treasured traditions. Therefore, it is a good thing to have your guest room ready for either the expected or sometimes last minute guests.

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Nutcracker Tree and the Christmas Media Room

Nutcracker Tree

In our Media Room, I usually have a tree that is specifically designed for my granddaughter each year. It has always been themed with something that she particularly loved during the year . . . ~ ~ like the year she was into Tinkerbell and dressed as her on Halloween. However, this year, we placed […]

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