More Simply Stated Kitchen Decor

More kitchen items have been packed away and stored.

Even though there were some things on the kitchen counters

that were items of convenience, like an ironstone pitcher filled with wooden spoons,

and cooking utensils.  It was just one more item that I could place out of sight

and keep the counters with less stuff.  So today we have more simply stated kitchen decor.

Kitchen-Great Room-Housepitality Designs

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Antique French Enamelware Canisters

Antique French Enamelware canisters were staring me in the face on the screen

on the computer screen that is.

In a Etsy Shop I frequent. Love at first sight.

When I saw them in person, I had to call them mine!

 They were going to make a piece that I already had, a collection.

What is that saying? It takes three to make a collection.

French Enamelware Canisters - Housepitality Designs

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Succulent Garden in Vintage Containers and Tidbits

The past two weeks have been very, very busy for me . . .

~ ~ and this past weekend was no different. . .

~ ~ ~ ~ a local tournament of my hubby’s and 2 sets of company to prepare for.

Hydrangea Bouquet

I gathered what little blooms I had on my hydrangea bush and placed them in the guest room bath.

Hydrangea Bouquet

I even had a couple of blooms to place in the kitchen . . . oh how I miss these flowers this year!

We have had four trips in a matter of two weeks . . . that’s how we roll around here.

On one of those trips, I ventured “away from the ballfields” . . .

~ ~ and went antiquing with my friend Merry in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

We found this great place of a cluster of antique shops.

In one of the shops “Picket Fence Antiques” . . . I found these great succulent gardens.

Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

I loved these and LOVED the price!…the blue swirled enamelware succulent garden was $15.00 . . .

~ ~ and the white enamelware garden was $12.00.

I could not buy the containers and succulents for that price !!!

I found lots of bargains that day!

Vintage painted table

Like this table that was in a booth in which all of the furniture and items were 50% off !

Vintage painted table

Loved the top of this table . . . and with 50% off, this table was a little less than $50.00

I did get more great bargains that I will share later.

In the meantime, between travels and such . . .

~ ~ my granddaughter and I have been working on “her space” . . .

Here is a little of what we worked on last week.

Fairy Garland

Fairy Garland

We added “fairies” . . . she was so great in placing them just in the right spot!

The weekend was very rainy and dreary . . . so photos were a bit hard to take.

Precious Moments Japanese Doll

Placed accessories about and she finished painting the lamp.

As I stated above, the weekend was filled with company and a tournament . . .

Carolina Cobras

They won!!…They are the Eastern National SSUSA Tournament winners in their division. . .

~ ~ so off they go in the Fall to Vegas to compete for the National Championship…Congrats Carolina Cobras!

My hubby is the one holding the trophy!

Have a most wonderful day and hope you had a great weekend too!!