Layering Vintage Items and Travel Tidbits

I took a bit of a break . . .

My hubby had a tournament in Las Vegas . . .


Like “little boys” anxiously waiting for this game to end . . .

~ ~ so they can “play” . . . (hubby is standing on the far right) a gorgeous night in Vegas.

Thanks to my friend Claudia for taking this great pic!

We decided to take a few extra days before the tournament . . .

~ ~ to travel to Sedona, Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

It was our very first time visiting these places and they surely did not disappoint.


Pictures cannot capture the beauty of the areas we visited.

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Adding to and Starting a New Collection

I need to call the hot-line for “antiques anonymous” . . .

~ ~ seriously, I need to seek a cure from this affliction.

Or do I want to be cured????

I downsize a collection . . . and then what do I do??? . . . start another!!

~ ~ or should I say “many others” !!!



I saw this bottle in an antique shop in Huntington, West Virginia….

~ ~ an old Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Bottle.



This bottle was actually the first bottle I purchased of this color . . .

~ ~ from one of those great shops in Carlisle, PA…..A Sawyer’s Crystal Blueing bottle.

I thought I would place it in my laundry room with the other vintage laundry items, but love it here.


And with the added items in this area . . . I needed more vintage stools to showcase these pieces….


And a new ironstone soup tureen to add to the collection . . . one of the Carlisle, PA finds.


The stool is so cute as it has a name carved in the top “Lisa”…

~ ~ I am sure it was made by a dad for his little girl…..or that is what I am believing!



Adding the velvet pumpkins for the Fall…along side my new sugar bowl ($12.50) … :)


Found these new pieces in Carlisle, PA too . . . it was a very productive and great trip.



Loving my new additions and “collections”….

I love this new vignette, but I also loved the previous vignette of ironstone.

~ ~ now off to refinish something to make these two stools “a collection” !!!

Have a great weekend . . . mine will be spent up to my elbows in paint . . .

~ ~ and most likely in my hair too . . . I always manage to get some all over me!

Lavender Love

A few weeks ago, I presented my great ironstone finds.

I found four salad plates and bowls and later discovered that they matched a tureen I found . . .

~ ~ at another antique shop!

I placed these plates and bowls in an antique tool caddy . . .

~ ~ then placed that caddy on the dining room table.

Antique Tool Caddy Centerpiece

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New Ironstone Finds Vignette

Many of you have seen my great ironstone finds while shopping in Pennsylvania with Mary Alice.

I placed two of the tureens on a table in the great room . . .

~ ~ and incorporated the cute vintage chippy stool that I found at Mary Alice’s booth at Rust & Feathers.

Ironstone Tureens

Ironstone Tureens

These photos were taken in the morning when the sun streams through the windows . . .

~ ~ spreading beautiful colors from the Swarovski crystals that hang in the windows.

These tureens make me smile . . . is it because they are so pretty . . .

~ ~ or is it because I got a great deal !!! . . . I think both!

Ironstone Tureens

Ironstone Tureens

The vintage stool is perfect for showcasing and creating different levels . . .

Ironstone Vignettes

Ironstone Vignette

Then you wonder about the “little one” who used this stool.

Ironstone Vignettes

I found a chamber pot with the lid exactly like the one that I use as a planter.

Vintage Mortar and Pestle

While strolling the aisles of the antique mall (Melville Trading, Mebane,NC) where I have a booth. . .

~ ~ I found this cute ironstone little mortar and pestle. Marked Germany on the bottom.

Ironstone Tureens

Ironstone Vignette

Do you tend to start or increase a collection when coming across some glorious finds and bargains?

I do . . Enter the need for therapy!

Have a glorious day!!!

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Antiquing Trip Part 2

While in D.C., I was thrilled to have met with my friend and fellow blogger . . .

~ ~ and she so graciously took me to some of her favorite places to shop for antiques.

If you missed Part One of my adventure, you can view it here.

On the second day, we went to places around the town in which she lives.

The first stop was the antique shop where she has a booth.

Rust and Feathers Antiques

Rust and Feathers . . . just down the street from Lucketts Store.

It is a wonderful place . .

Rust and Feathers Antiques

This is her booth…

Rust and Feathers Antiques

So many cute things in her booth!

Rust and Feathers Antiques

Here is a collage of items in the shop of some items “for summer” . . .

~ ~ that I took from their website, Rust and Feathers ~ Vintage Redefined.

After making my purchase from her booth, we drove into town to visit a couple of local shops.

It is there that I found more ironstone. Yay!

I did a vignette of the ironstone that I found on my 2 day shopping trip.

Ironstone Tureen

This tureen sits on top of a vintage stool that I purchased from her booth.

Ironstone plates and tureen

In a local antiques shop I found 4 matching ironstone plates and bowls. . .

~ ~ it wasn’t until I unpacked everything at home. . .

~ ~ ~ that I discovered that the plates and bowls matches the tureen that sits on top of the little bench.

Ironstone plates and tureen

Oh Happy Day!

Ironstone Bowl

This particular vendor used vintage postcards for tags.

Ironstone Tureen

Two out of the three tureens were very close to excellent condition.

Ironstone Tureen

The third with a few blips here and there…but that just adds to the character right???!!

Ironstone Chamber Pot

This chamber pot is quite common; however, I was thrilled to find one with a lid! . . .

~ ~ and this was $8.00 with 20% off !!!

Ironstone Vignette

So here is my “loot” . . . I am still giddy over my finds!

Now, the following are snippets of rooms of my friend and fellow blogger’s home . .

~ ~ can you recognized these rooms and vignettes?

Chateau Chic Dining Room

I only had my “point and shoot” camera with me . . so at a little disadvantage with taking photos.

Chateau Chic Dining Room

Love how she showcased her ironstone on top of the vintage stools!

She told me that her grandmother loved ironstone, and is the one who started her on collecting it.

Many of her grandmother’s pieces are displayed in her home.

Chateau Chic Vignette

Beautiful vignettes of vintage pieces, ironstone and architectural elements are throughout the house.

Vintage Kitchen Vignette-Chateau Chic

She has a wonderful talent of showcasing her beautiful collections. . .

~ ~ like this one in her kitchen.

Vintage Breakfast Room-Chateau Chic

What a wonderful vintage breakfast room . . just swooned over the cabinet in the corner . . .

~ ~ and the vignette on her table ~ ~ and how about that great chandelier?!!

So, have you guessed who I spent 2 days with running the roads from Virginia to Pennsylvania???

Probably so . . .

Bloggers night out!

It is Mary Alice of Chateau Chic! She is on the left.

We were so busy shopping and dining and me swooning over her house . . .

~ ~ that I forgot to take a pic of us!

This is a pic of when Kim and I met Mary Alice for the first time during the Lucketts Spring Market weekend.

I had a wonderful time and I thank Mary Alice for her gracious hospitality. . .

~ ~ and taking me across three states to shop!!!

Have a most wonderful day being with the ones you love and doing what makes you happy!

P.S. A big congratulations to Whitney and John of Drab to Fab Design . . .

~ ~ for winning the 2nd Challenge of Flipping The Block. Their bathroom remodel was genius!

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Antiquing in Pennsylvania

I have been a bit M.I.A. as far as posting . . .

Within the past 2 weeks I have been on 3 separate trips . . with only a day or two in-between them.

It has certainly been a whirlwind for us.

Just got back from our trip to D.C. . . . Hubby had a business trip there.

While I was in D.C., I met up with a fellow blogger and friend. . . .

~ ~ and had 2 great days of adventure.

You will know later who that “friend” is as I will be doing another post on our adventures!

Antique Market

I arrive at her house an hour later than I anticipated . . .

~ ~ even with my Garmin in the car . . . I rode in circles trying to get out of the heart of D.C.

Her hubby called me and talked me through getting through the D.C. streets and on the the main highway!

Yep, I was going in circles within a 2 mile radius in D.C. for an hour!

Antique Marketplace

When I arrived at her home . . .

~ ~ she asked, “do you mind taking a 2 hour trip” . . . I am always up for a good road trip!

So off we go . . . from Virginia to Pennsylvania!

Antique Marketplace

We arrive at this beautiful storefront.

My hubby called me from the office . . . just to “check in”

He asked where we were . . . I told him Pennsylvania!

“Well, he said, I guess it’s better than Canada, as you won’t be back in time to pick me up” !!

P.S. . . . we were running late, so he took the Metro to meet us for dinner!

Susquehanna River

When we arrived at the Antique Market it was lunchtime . . .

~ ~ we decided to go to lunch first, so that we would have nourishment to have lots of energy to shop!

This was the view from our table . .

Susquehanna River

The restaurant had beautiful views of the Susquehanna River.

Antique Marketplace

The Marketplace was huge . . . sometimes while strolling through the aisles, I felt “lost”

There were hundreds of booths . . . and many of them were having sales!!!

Antique Marketplace

You can spend the entire day there! . . . Seriously.

The prices were great and when there was a discount . . . well, it was even better.

Most sales that some booths had were an additional 15 to 30% off!

Antique Marketplace

So here is my “loot” prior to them wrapping up the pieces . . .

~ ~ 3 ironstone tureens . . . all made in England.

~ ~ ~ ~ one chamber pot with lid . . . (this one was $8.00 with 20% off) :)

The total including tax on all 4 items was $67.00 . . . OH HAPPY DAY!!!

My “friend” got lots of deals too!!!…and one of them was a vintage scale for $5.00, yes, $5.00 !!

So stay tuned for Part 2 of my trip to D.C.

But in the meantime . . . I want to share our granddaughter’s Moshi Monster (our Flat Stanley) . .

~ ~ his name is Oddie.

Oddie in DC

My granddaughter gave Oddie to my hubby as good luck charm and he travels everywhere with us.

Oddie and I tried to convince the White House security to let us take a picture on the “lawn” . . .

~ ~ we both smiled and asked nicely . . . they said “no way”!!!

Oddie in D.C.

So he settled for a pic through the fence!…a bit out of focus from his pleading and whining.

Oddie in D.C.

After a long day of seeing some sights . . . Oddie relaxed with us at a D.C. Steakhouse . . .

~ ~ saying, “it was a good day” ! !

And Oddie and I wish you a good day too!!!

He said it was “Christmas in July” Ironstone and A Grain Sack Pillow

When I was away at the Haven Conference . . .

~ ~ when speaking to my hubby one evening, he told me that it was “Christmas in July” around here.

Apparently, three packages arrived for me that day . . . Oh, I love packages on the porch!

One of them was a package from my sister-in-law of pictures that I will share later.

Christmas in July

I ordered something from Mary Alice’s Etsy Shop . . .

~ ~ and the cute brown tissue wrapped package is from Kelly (My Soulful Home).

I won a grain sack pillow cover from Kelly!!! . . . She was celebrating a “blogaversary”

Chateau Chic Etsy Shop

Love the way Mary Alice embellishes her card with vintage items . . .

~ ~ my key collection is growing!…and this is my very first vintage clock face.

So'ing Pouch

So'ing Pouch

So'ing Kit

Kelly attached this ever “So” cute sewing pouch . . .


I was drawn to the shape and pattern of this piece . . .

Mary Alice has such great things in her shop.

~ ~ such as the great Dundee Marmalade Jar and Breadboard I purchased a little while ago.


I love the basket weave and floral pattern on this Alfred Meakin bowl.

I have a few ideas on how I will use this piece.

Grain Sack Pillow

Here is the gorgeous grain sack pillow that Kelly made . . .

~ ~ I love how she embellished it with the ruffle and denim trim . . . she is so talented!

Grain Sack Pillow

Grain Sack Pillow

When Kelly emailed me to let me know that I won . . . I was ecstatic as her creations are magnificent!

Antique Split Oak Bench/Grain Sack Pillow

And now it has a very happy home on my antique split oak bench in the bay window of my dining room.

It was meant to be there!!!….Thanks Kelly!!

Here’s to a great day of “happy” !!!

Doing the “Domino Dance” . . A Shelf and Ironstone

There was a mahogany shelf in the master bedroom above the wash stand . . .

~ ~ prior to the “Domino Dance” . . the “Relo Shuffle”

Adding a sitting area to the room, meant the shelf was banished to another area.

So I am walking . . . and we are walking . . .trying to find a place for the shelf.

And I found a space!

Great Room Shelf

Can you guess ??? Do you need a hint?

Great Room

The shelf replaced this vignette . . .

Great Room Shelf

Great Room

Other than the mirror and birdcage being replaced and relocated . . .

~ ~ I replaced the Johnson Brothers plates to these Spode Rosebud Chintz plates.

Great Room Shelf

I added a third plate to the left side of the area . .

~ ~ however, I think there may be some upcoming changes.

Great Room Shelf

A small collection of ironstone is displayed . .

Great Room Shelf

Added a piece of pottery and live plant along with a cute bunny . . .

~ ~ both items were gifts (the pottery piece was made by a neighbor ).

Great Room Vignette

My French Apothecary Jar found its way to the table vignette . .

~ ~ along with the Pottery Barn Leah Hurricane filled with moss and a candle.

Great Room Shelf/Vignette

Along with this bee skep that sits upon a Pottery Barn pedestal.

Flowers and Bee Skep

And what goes better with a bee skep than flowers . .

Great Room Table Vignette

Great Room Shelf/Vignette

I am really loving this shelf in this area . . .

~ ~ as it coordinates well with what is on the other side of the room.

Great Room

The bookcase with white accessories . . . that pop against the dark cherry finish.

Great Room Shelf Vignette

Another result of the “domino dance” . . . the “re-lo shuffle” . .

I would like to end this post to show you what I discover each time after my sweetie visits…

~ ~ this little guy keeps popping up in the most unusual places.

Antique French book

I think he has become the new “Waldo” . . . where will he appear next?…Where’s Waldo???

~ ~ However, my sweetie just thinks she is enhancing a vignette.

Hope you all have a most wonderful day . . . maybe you are doing the “domino dance” too !!!

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A Spring Facelift for the Kitchen

I know we all are looking forward to Spring…

….to the milder temps and pops of color from the beautiful colors from trees and flowers.

So, if I can’t have that outside…

…..I thought I would bring it inside.



Yellow flowers make me so happy…yellow tulips and daffodils…

…..plentiful at the stores this time of year.



So what’s best for a Spring menu?…Spring Rolls!!


But absolutely the “take out” kind!!


The other side of the kitchen got a bit of a makeover too…


The bread box that I have had forever was on top of the cabinets…

… would never notice it, unless you stood back 6 feet or so..

So it came down and replaced a silver tea set I had there.


A pitcher full of silver spoons and a pitcher on clearance from Williams-Sonoma outlet keep it company.



I added this great vintage tray that I bought at our neighborhood yard sale…for $5.00…thanks Martha!


These faux pears were originally in a decorative glass container…….

…..these pears were purchased years ago from Pottery Barn….they found a new home on this tray.


So let’s move to the other side of the room again…

I have this A&P vintage shopping cart at the end of the counter.


The bottom portion is filled with magazines and vintage kitchen tools and cookie cutters…


The upper portion originally contained the “vintage kitchen items basket”…

… that I moved it to the bottom left me room to place these:


I brought up some of my vintage tablecloths from the pie safe downstairs in the media room kitchen…

I have been collecting these over the years…


I thought I would place the happy daisy tablecloth on the top (made by Vera)… welcome in Spring..



I have an entire set of these adorable “days of the week” tea towels…

…..this one seemed more appropriate for my Spring time decor…

Across from the shopping cart is a new “towel bar” that I purchased from Ikea…

… is actually a bar that you can hang little pots and hanging shelves from.


The “towel bar” fit perfectly there…any larger and it would not have fit!


Bought these beauties from my friend who collects and sells antique linens…love them! (Martha again!)..

She also is an artist…I have featured her before…she painted this apple…


And the last thing that I added to the kitchen today was this beauty that I just received…


From Dear Lillie…love her work and her blog…


I love that song…”A Wonderful World”…

And it is wonderful when a friend comes by and leaves a “care package”…when you are down with a cold…


Of homemade chicken soup and wonderful homemade cookies!…Thanks Chris..!!..she is an angel on earth!

So you see, it is a “wonderful world” !!!


A world filled with wonderful people like you!!….

Have a wonderful day!!!

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Treasures found in Florida and a Sisters trip to {IKEA}

Last week I tagged along with my hubby on a business trip….

… of his clients was close to my sister’s home, also where my mom lives.

My sister took a couple of days off from her busy shop. Thanks to my other sister filling in for her.

We scoured the local antique shops and thrift stores….and this is some of what I found.


Hello my pretty…she was waiting for me on the shelf of my sister’s church thrift store…


Score!!…Wedgwood ironstone small covered dish for $3.00…

…..I couldn’t pick that little pretty up fast enough!!


It has a blip or two…but barely noticeable…and who cares for $3.00!!!


I love the pretty lid…


And the wonderful crazing…

As I move things about in my kitchen this week…

…..waiting for something to be delivered before I do a post….


For now..this pretty will find a home here…

At the same thrift store … I found this beauty…


Do you know what it is?…Well, other than the obvious…

I saw this and had my sister turn the chair around to verify it….

…..and my suspicions were right!!


It’s a Hitchcock signed chair…for $17.00. Score…twice!!…


I am not sure where this will land…but I have an idea…

On Saturday…the “four sisters” went shopping….to Ikea in Orlando…

… has been YEARS since all four of us went shopping together.

Ikea was never the same!!

My sister eyed this beauty and placed one in her cart.


This pretty tray…for $9.99..


It is a very light cream color….I picked it up…then thought about where I would use it…

…..I stood there….thinking….(I always do that!)….then I put it back….

……….thinking that it wouldn’t work in the area that I wanted to use it…


Then I saw it displayed in another area..and saw how pretty it was…so while my sister babysat my cart…

…..I raced back to get it!…and I am glad that I did.

We all had a great time at Ikea getting great things at great prices…


Like many pretty faux plants like this one (still practicing with my macro lens!)…

…..we headed to Cheesecake Factory at the Millenia Mall and like Ikea…the place will never be the same!

And I cannot believe that I did not have a picture taken of us!!…Having too much fun….uuggh!

I will end this post with another bargain…found at a major chain thrift store, The Salvation Army….

My sister and I looked at this item…thought it was a fantastic price at $195.00…but did not buy it.

When we went to the cashier, I discovered a sign that said, “Red tag items 50% off”…

Now, wait a minute, that piece had a red tag…we raced back…and my sister bought it for my mom!


A Baldwin Fun Machine Organ…for $100.00….scored again!

My mom played the organ as a child in Japan…she was so excited to be able to play again…


She stands proudly along side the organ…

She will be celebrating a birthday soon…88…which is a milestone birthday in the Japanese culture…

…..meaning double infinity!…she can still run circles around us…it is her happy attitude on life!


My brother in law had to pick up the organ the next day with his truck…

…..and in the meantime, my sister and I had to do some furniture and painting rearranging…

……….that post to come later.


And mom will be enjoying many hours playing…and relearning her tunes…

…..a good thing for “the brain and dexterity”…

Then my sister remembered that she had an antique metronome…go figure…and we placed it on the organ.



In the meantime…mom is always having fun…she opened her Valentine’s Day gift from my brother and sister in law..

…..they sent her Shari’s Berries…oh yumm…glad I was there when they arrived!


She immediately took off the ribbon/bow and put it on her head…she is such a goof!!..but goofy is good!



So my sister and I had a great thrifting day…and my mom was happy too!!


More to come on my Florida adventures…and my new adventure that I am soon to embark upon…

…..with the support and encouragement of family and friends, I am going to do something I have always wanted to do!

Stay tuned :)

Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting!!!

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