I Went Plum Crazy for Early Fall in the Sunroom

When I was traveling with my hubby in California,

I had the opportunity to visit a couple of Pottery Barn stores

while he was attending a conference. It was then when I came across their great sale

and as a result of this, I went plum crazy for early Fall in the Sunroom.

Literally crazy for the pillow covers in the shades of plum.

Sunroom-Fall 2017-Housepitality Designs

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Deck the Halls in the Sunroom

When the Holiday season nears, I look forward to planning on how I want to

Deck the Halls in the Sunroom.

It is a room that I feel I can have fun with whatever theme I chose

for the Christmas season.

I decided to dress the dining room in my favorite Christmas traditions.

With that decision, I decided to do the same in the sunroom.

Filling it with happy memories of the past and present.

Actually it all started with a tree, as in the dining room. A beautiful tree.

Tree Classics Snap Tree-Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

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The Master Bedroom for Summer

On the way home from a tournament in Tennessee,

my hubby obliged me with a bit of a detour to  stop in Lake Lure, NC

for lunch . . . and a stop at the Pottery Barn Outlet in South Carolina.

What more can you ask for than a beautiful lunch by the water’s edge of Lake Lure

and a stop at a Pottery Barn outlet to finish off the weekend.

Master Bedroom Summer 2016- Housepitality Designs

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em . . . Join ‘Em

If you can’t beat ’em . . . join ’em.

If you can’t fight it, go with it.

That has been my motto of late with the sofa.

A sofa that has been in my home from the first day we moved in 11 years ago.

Would I love to have a new sofa to change the color?

The answer is yes. However, it really is so very comfortable and in great shape.

But there is another However.

Great Room - Housepitality Designs

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Spring Upper Porch ~ 2016

I have been patiently waiting for the all clear of the pollen season to be over,

so that I could start on refreshing the porches for Spring.

Today, I present the upper back porch. One of the three porches that we use the most.

My friend Martha who relocated to the Lone Star State had this beautiful flower pot

that I inherited which is the inspiration piece for my Spring decor for the porch.

Spring Upper Porch 2016 - Housepitality Designs

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Spring Mantel

Creating the Spring Mantel was next on the agenda

for Springifying the house.

I  am anxious to decorate the porches for Spring;

however, the pollen has truly prevented me from doing that.

Hopefully in another week or so, I can beautify the porches for Spring.

In the meantime, with no pollen getting in the way,

I decorated the mantel for a Spring look using items that I already had in my home.

Spring Mantel/Ralph Lauren Plates - Housepitality Designs

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I Couldn’t Wait . . . A Master Bedroom Refresh

I couldn’t wait.

I had some HomeGoods gift cards that I received for my birthday

burning a hole in my wallet.

I was taking down Christmas decorations and needed a break.

So off to HomeGoods I go.

I really had one thing in mind to get; however, they had nothing of that item in stock.

I then proceeded to the lamp department and there they were

just brought out and placed on the shelves and in the cart they went!

Crystal and Brass Lamp - Housepitality Designs

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A Summer Tablescape of Lemons and Daisies

Rather than setting the table with red, white and blue decor this summer,

I chose to go citrus, that sunny yellow of lemons.

When I decorated my sunroom with lemons and limes,

I thought I would carry that theme to the dining room table.

I started out with a vintage cake plate and inverted it.

Cake Plate Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs

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How To Makeover a Winter Bedroom to Spring

The news lately is all about how awful the winter storms are . . .

Places like Boston with record breaking snowfalls and here this week we are dealing with a winter storm

with mainly ice . . . hate ice, would rather have snow!

While hunkered down in the house with a driveway like an ice skating rink,

I decided to make over my bedroom from Winter to Spring,

as I am officially tired of Winter and do not want to embrace it anymore!!

Master Bedroom-Housepitality Designs

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Rainy Days and Mondays…Prepping to update my Home Tour

Rainy days and Mondays…I grew up listening to The Carpenters…

…..what a voice Karen Carpenter had!

It’s been a very rainy couple of weeks…

…..not great for taking pictures.


I have been preparing to update my Home Tour…it is pretty outdated on the blog…

…..but between travels and gloomy days here lately…

………..I have not been very successful in doing this.


I have been tweaking bookcases and table tops lately…

My bookcase in the great room is backed by cherry beadboard.


I have not found the “backing” that I want to place on the bookshelves just yet…

…..so in the meantime, I gathered all the white accessories I had around the house…

……….so that the bookcase would have a lighter look.

The white decorative items are from places such as Pottery Barn and Carolina Pottery.


This large “artichoke” finial was downstairs…my Ethan Allen bargain.

I found it on their clearance table that was originally marked $100 reduced to $10. 🙂

It goes well with the colors in the new chair.


I do not follow the rules of having no personal photos in the main living space…

…..as I love to see my favorite photos of my family and friends.


I am contemplating moving the Wedgwood and Roseville pieces…

…..but then again, I do not want an entirely “white collection”…

PicMonkey Collage

These “birds of a feather” appear throughout the house in many vignettes.


So here is “one-half” of the bookcase “re-design”….still tweaking the other side!

And getting back to the “rainy days”….

What do you do on a rainy day?….

I was in the Atlanta area this past holiday weekend to celebrate my brother’s retirement..

…..it was great to get together with all my siblings and mother.

Unfortunately there was not much “boat time” on his lake as it rained every day!!.

But we had a great time in spite of the rain.

I took part of a day to meet up with Kim…to go shopping..


Little did you know that there were lots of packages behind the chair when I was snapping pics!

As you can see, we had a very productive day!

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday!!!