“Gardening” and the Pie Safe

Previously, I showed you all the new hutch in the kitchenette . .

There was an antique pie safe in that spot . . .

~ ~ so it had to be relocated.

You know, my “changes in latitude . .. changes in attitude” . .

My hubby said there was no space left!!!..Ah, I now had a “challenge”!!

Antique Pie Safe

Can you guess where it landed?

Antique Pie Safe

Antique PIe Safe

Yep!…in the sunroom!

Vintage Garden Tools/Flower Pots

Since the sunroom has a “garden feel” to it . . .

~ ~ I decided to place my vintage flower pots and garden tools in the pie safe.

Vintage Garden Tools/Flower Pots

Vintage Garden Tools/Flower Pots

The vintage garden tools were a gift from my great friend and fellow blogger Kim . . .

~ ~ ~ and the great “Shirley” seed packets were also a gift . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ from my friend and fellow blogger, Mary.

Antique Pie Safe

Antique Pie Safe

Antique Pie Safe

I placed a dried flower wreath on the door that was a gift from my dear friend . .

~ ~ I have had this for over 20 years!…I know she is looking down and smiling . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ and saying “you still have that” !!!

Antique Pie Safe

My collection of tole trays add some great color . .

~ ~ to the “all white” vignette on the pie safe.

Antique Pie Safe

So I won the challenge!…now I have to ask my hubby what my prize is!!! :)

~ ~ most likely a good “atta girl” !!

Have a wonderful day!!

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More Spring Fever Decorating {Vintage Bird Cage Makeover}

There is still lots of “Spring Fever” Decorating going on here.

One of the things on my “to do list” . .

~ ~ was to repaint the vintage bird cage I bought last Fall at our neighborhood yard sale.



Nothing says Spring like a bird’s nest filled with eggs.

I love how the curve of the stand mimics the circular design of the bird cage.

I have used red accents in the sunroom . . .

~ ~ and decided to continue with the reds . . .

~ ~ ~ therefore, decided to use this color by Rustoleum in a satin finish.

I have to make a confession . .

~ ~ this lovely vintage bird cage was painted by my hubby . . not me!

For you see, I hurt my arm a couple of months ago and the motion of spraying the paint . .

~ ~ really hurt the muscles in my arm or should I say, what muscles I have!

So I thank you hubby for coming to my rescue . . . as always!!!

I love how it turned out!..

And . . in addition to lots of Spring decorating and refreshing that is going on here . .

~ ~ ~ I am really trying to incorporate the “Spring Cleaning” ! !

A song keeps playing in my head . . . a very popular song these days . .

The song from “Frozen” . . . “LET IT GO” ! !

Definitely my theme song for Spring!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Spring Fever Decorating

I am working on literally every room in this house . . .

~ ~ to freshen up for Spring.

I find myself moving MORE things around.

I move from room to room and not completing an entire room . .

~ ~ is that what they call “attention deficit decorating” ???

So I snapped some pictures of some things I have been working on . .

Changing the items in the hutch . . .

Gathering items for the “new look”

My friend and neighbor Mary changed her decor from French Country . . .

~ ~ to Tuscan style and also changed her dishes accordingly

~ ~ ~ and I was the benefactor of her gorgeous dishes of Noritake Summer Estate.

Creating a new vignette in the kitchen . . .

Styling the bookcases in the great room . .

And with the help of Linda, Kristen’s mom, I am making over the sunroom too!

So here are some sneak peeks of some of the rooms I have been working on . . .

~ ~ and trying to correct my “attention deficit decorating” issue.

AND….I just recently solved my Instagram problems . .

~ ~ I have actually had Instagram for several years.

So you can now follow me here on Instagram . .

~ ~ or by clicking on the “camera icon” at the top of my sidebar!..

Have a wonderful day!!

“To Paint or Not to Paint ~ That is the Question” The tale of an antique table

Lately, I have acquired quite a few pieces of furniture that someone no longer wanted.

One of those pieces is a little round table ~

~ ~ an ordinary type of table that I thought I would use after I painted it red!

But when I looked at it closely, I thought, “no, maybe not” . .

The wood was actually nice and I realized how old it was when I looked at the bottom of it..

~ ~ it has great patina and looked like it was handmade vs. machine made.

I can hear a voice come out of the crevices ~ ~ “don’t paint me ~ don’t paint me”

And ~ ~ I have been taught to respect “my elders” so I listened to that old table ~ ~

~ ~ and I put away the paint brush!

I swear I heard it say “thank you” :)

So now is sits happily between the loveseat and chair.

~ ~ the other table was moved over to the other side of the chair.

~ ~ ~ do you spy my Demi-john from France?

This is the only room that is completely devoid of Christmas decor..

Well, except for winter berry sprays I left in the hanging scale.

Thought it could pass for my “winter decor”

I think I have a bit of a “scale” thing going on in this room ~

I rescued the lantern from the back porch from the 9 degree weather ~ ~

~ ~ the lantern thanked me too!

The sunroom is still a work in progress ~ ~ adding and deleting things here and there.

The Demi-john is just sitting “quietly” in the room..waiting for its permanent place.

~ ~ and speaking of Demi-johns ~ WHAT IS THE ACTUAL CORRECT WAY TO SPELL IT?

I have seen it spelled in three different ways:

Demi-john ~ ~ demijohn ~ ~ demi john

So what say you? ~ How do you spell/write it?

Have a wonderful day!! ~ ~ and the table says so too!

Hanging Vintage Scale and High Point Market Tidbits

It’s been a whirlwind these past several days…

…..I had the great opportunity to attend the High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina….

……….where I had a fantastic time with some terrific fellow blogger friends.

I want to thank Amy for coordinating this incredible event.

So back to “normal” or something close to that!


There’s a new scale in the sunroom….I found it at Melville Trading Company in Mebane, NC

It was a fantastic deal at $42.00 and it also came with a zinc scoop!


When I saw this scale, I knew exactly where I wanted to hang it1



As many of you already know, I had a houseguest for the High Point Market…

…..and she brought me wonderful gifts that were perfect for the sunroom!


They went perfectly with the color of the frame of the scale!!


Kim gave me these great vintage garden tools!


Just love the patina and color!





And here we are at the High Point Market…

From left to right:

Suzy (Worthing Court), ME, Rhoda (Southern Hospitality), Amy (Atta Girl Says), Kim (Savvy Southern Style),

…..Kristen (Sophia’s Decor) and Courtney (FrenchCountry Cottage)

I have met everyone previously with the exception of Courtney…

…..this group was so much fun to be with!!

Barb with The Everyday Home was part of our group…her dad was taken ill and she went home to be with him.


And talking about fun…here is Kim and Kristen…Kristen adoring and petting the cow…

…..Did you know that Kristen was the “Dairy Princess”…? and she spent her childhood living on a dairy farm….

……….and you all pretty much know how much Kim loves cows.


There were many things at the Market that were definitely inspired by bloggers…

…..such as yard stick items.

I so love these yard stick lanterns…Need to try my hand at this!


We also went and shopped stores in the town of High Point…they were incredible, and so were the prices!

These olive buckets were in great abundance.


And guess who was shopping at the same place that we were?!!

…..Michael Groover..Paula Dean’s hubby…He was so nice and some of us were able to get pictures with him!

……….Paula was in the truck waiting for Michael…She was one of the keynote speakers at the Market.

I had the most wonderful experience and I so look forward to the next Market!

Thanks for visiting me and have a beautiful day!!

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Ever So Clever, Ever So Pretty Friday, #6, Lanterns-Burlap-and-Bows

Happy Friday everyone…

Today, I am presenting a project that I gained inspiration from Ann, of On Sutton Place.

Ann is one creative lady!…

I saw her lantern project and noticed that I had the same lanterns..

…..so I thought I would give them a bit of a Spring makeover.


Burlap ribbon, florals, a little birdie tag, and bird nests gathered for the new look.

Here are Ann’s lanterns: pretty, pretty!


So I gathered the pair of lanterns that I had and started to try to come close to Ann’s creation…


These lanterns were too large to place together for a table vignette…

…..so one went in the sunroom and the other in the second guest bathroom.


That domino effect was happening in the house yesterday..you know that “effect”..



My friend Dolores has an extensive collection of punches..so thanks to her, I created my tag.


Really love the “birdie” punch! Ann had a pretty monogram tag.


Vignette placed in my Ikea tray…




So we shall leave the sunroom, and go to the second guest bathroom where the larger lantern resides.


Another bird/garden theme going on there…pardon the pics as there is no natural light in that bathroom…



Along with the birds nests, I placed some florals and a candle in this lantern…


This is the next room on the agenda for a makeover…

…..when we moved in 8 years ago..the old world, bronze look was all the rage…time for a change.


And I forgot to mention what I used to hang the tag on the lantern…

I cut away the wire portion from the ribbon…it gives me a “mini pipe cleaner” of sorts…

…..and it gives you the ability to place the tag in many positions.

Thanks for stopping by today…hope you enjoyed my inspiration project.

…..that I received from the most talented Ann of On Sutton Place..have you seen her gorgeous grain sack pillows?

Today, I will be cleaning and getting ready for company…there’s a softball tournament in town.

However, I won’t feel bad being inside today…as it is going to be a very overcast day..at least the rain stopped…


Yes…this is a pic of my backyard this morning…a very cloudy day…

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

New Additions to the Sunroom

When I replaced the furniture that was in the craft area with my new Martha Stewart Craft Furniture

….I had to find a place for the oak desk that we have had for years (and years).

The attic is full!

So I decided to paint it….

And it landed here!!


I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint/Country Grey with both clear and dark wax.


How do you like my “leg lifts”…? :)


The dark wax was applied on top of the clear…just wanted a bit of a “wash”


I bought a bird cage at the Winterthur Museum store in Alexandria, Virginia a long time ago…

I had it on a high ledge in the living room…unless you looked up..no one really noticed it.


It was on clearance!..a great deal and had to have it.

So as we were walking through the streets of Old Town Alexandria…

…..my hubby was carrying this beauty…and it was a long walk to the car! What a guy!


I wish I had another “mini urn” to flank the other side of the bird house door…


As you can see, I kept the desk top the original oak stain, along with the drawer.


I added a McCoy flower pot and filled it with my vintage garden tools, a topiary and PB candle and stand…

…..to complete the vignette.


I collected these garden tools over the years…

…..I love the one with the 79 cent marking



While on a shopping trip with Amy, Kristen (and her mom and daughter too), and Suzy….

…..I came upon these great bird plates…I love a bird motif!!



These plates are part of an Audubon Series by Alfred Meakin/England.

They were a bargain at $9.00 each.


The other side of the potting bench/cabinet proudly displays my watering can and seed packets from Mary..

…..just waiting for Spring to be planted. Hurry Spring!!



On the other side of the room has a table that is also a victim of the “domino effect”…

…..it was in one of the guest bathrooms. Had to place a bookshelf in that bathroom..

……….to accommodate the craft furniture.


I had a small lamp on the previous table in that spot…really needed a larger lamp…so off to HomeGoods I went.


And..I scored!!

After wheeling my cart through the several aisles in the lighting section…I turned the corner to the last aisle..

….the clearance aisle..and the angels sang…score!


Isn’t she lovely..for $22.00!!!



So with that savings, I can buy more stuff!!…but then again I am saving for my France trip with Kim and Kim

And there’s a new pillow in town…bought this beauty at the Pottery Barn Outlet in Georgia…


This table used to be in-between the loveseat and chair…now it is beside the chair…

…..a convenient spot for my reading material and a great cup of tea.


The tea cup is Spode Rose Chintz…the napkin was a souvenir from my friend Linda…

…..she goes to France and I get napkins!…I will bring her back one this year!!


I love silver spoons and try to gather ones with my initial.



A few things added to the table to give it another look…



Thank you so much for visiting and seeing the changes in my sunroom…


I am working on many projects around the house…here is a sneak peek of one of them…

…..just doing some tweaking in the kitchen.


Adding a few things…shopping the house…like this tole tray that I bought at our neighborhood yard sale…

…..for $5.00 !! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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The Sunroom Upside Down Christmas Tree and the Five Favorites and Winner of the “Better Late Thank Never” Linky Party

Before I tell you who the “faves” and winner of the “Better Late Than Never” Linky Party…

…..I thought I would keep you in suspense and present my large Upside Down Tree.

It stands in the corner of the sunroom…

…..It is put together like a regular tree..


I have red accents in the sunroom, so I use red ornaments and glass “icicles” in the tree…

…..along with these cute little owls and birds..




I used the same holly berry garland at the top of the tree that is also on my mantel…



I have been fortunate to find these pretty red glass ornaments on sale after Christmas…

…..and the owls too!


I use quilt batting..berry sprays and evergreens to decorate the base of the tree…

…..and a few crystal snowflakes



A view of the sunroom…..


As with most rooms…furniture has to be moved about to accommodate the trees…

…..I am certain you all can relate!!


I just love Cyclamen this time of year!!…



A few “tidbits” around the room….





Another Nativity that I have…It is “faux marble”…



And this cutie..flew from the tree and landed here…


Thank you for your patience in another picture filled post…and now to the announcement…

…..Do you remember our Linky Party..”Better Late Than Never Christmas Inspirations”??

……….that I participated in with these beautiful fellow bloggers?


At this time…we would like to present our five faves from the party:

Many of you know this very beautiful blogger…Becca of Adventures in Decorating

She presented this gorgeous room that was inspired by a beautiful plate…


And Mary from Home Is Where The Boat Is presented her most creative “Oh Fishing Tree”…

…..a fishing theme….Her tablescapes are also so magnificent…

……….and her garden cottage is out of the world!

dsc_0124-001 (1)

Oh My..this chalkboard art from Kelly of The Lily Pad Cottage is magnificent!!…

xmaschalkboard12 044

This wonderful festive appetizer was presented by Jocelyn of Caramel Potatoes


Pat from Back Porch Musings shared her gorgeous mantel…Her home is beautiful..

…..and her photography is perfection.


So many wonderful links to the party…I so enjoyed them all…so many great inspirations!

We thank you all for joining the party!!!

And now..to the winner…Congratulations to KELLY of THE LILY PAD COTTAGE

…..For her magnificent Chalkboard Art!!!

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A Wasp Catcher

While having a great lunch and strolling through the beautiful Fearrington Village…

….. of course I had to stop in and stroll through one of the shops.

My eye immediately caught these beauties:


The sales associate said that they were wasp catchers….

…..you place something sweet in the bottle and hang it from the handle…

………the wasps fly in and can’t get out.

However, I thought it was way too cute to hang out on the porch…..


Thought it looked cuter on the table in the sunroom….where I could enjoy it more often.


A visit was paid by the dragonfly (silk of course)….but no wasps!


I had my granddaughter over this afternoon while her mom was at school….

……She never misses a thing…



“Grandma….What’s this????”…

…..”Well, it is a wasp catcher”….


“But there are no wasps in the house….

……why is it on the table”?


“Because it is cute!!!”…

…..”Oh, but will the wasps come in the house?”…..”no, only pretty little silk dragonflies”…..


So for now…the wasps will continue to buzz away on the porches….


Because, this wasp catcher has found a great home inside the house…..


Rather than outside…..

Catching wasps!!!….

So, would you hang the “catcher” outside?… Or leave it indoors, so you can enjoy it so much more!

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The Green Room…but where are the celebrities?…

This room was designated the “sunroom” until the house went up next door and then the curtains went up…….

However, on the house plans, the breakfast room was originally to be in that space.

But who needs a breakfast room, when there is the dining room just a few feet away…

…..and an island with counter stools….

…..and a bar wrapping around the kitchen with barstools.


Did not make sense to add another table…did not want it to look like a cafe or something like that…..

When Amy from Maison Decor saw my home tour over at Debbiedoo’s….

…..she made a request.

She wanted to see more of the sunroom….more detail…

So Amy….”this one’s for you!!!”….and maybe I’ll throw in a “Bud Light” at the end….

I present the sunroom…or maybe I should rename it the Green Room…..but do not look for celebrities here….


Furniture by Lane…Venture series


There is an ottoman that goes with this chair, but I chose to place it on the other side of the room…..

….for extra seating….this is a place where we love to gather….


Behind the chair is the desk area…a hutch to display my jadeite and cookbooks….

…..now do I sit there and plan my meals?….or search through my cookbooks for great culinary inspiration…???

…..Well, I’ll keep you guessing….I love cookbooks for their beautiful covers…and love to get the autographs…

………….makes you think that I am a serious cook….right???? Well, Giada thought so…and wrote so….

……………….but really does not know so….:) I pretend with great books!


OK Amy…I can hear you now…details, Shirley…I want details….

The fabric is “Fantasy Garden — Champagne” purchased from Calico Corners….love that place!

The trim was purchased at a great local fabric store…Mill Outlet Village.


The sheer roman shades were made to tone the sun down a bit…

Oh, I should tell you that the person who made the all the curtains and valances is wonderful……

…..she was recommended by a friend and neighbor….

At the time, she just finished doing all the window treatments for Kristy Yamaguchi…

…..so if she is good enough for Kristy….she is more than good enough for me :)


Had a couple of pillows made to break up the floral pattern in the cushions…

I love toile….and I loved this asian inspired theme….Thought it went nicely with the cabbage roses…


To break up all the pattern, I decided to add a banding and trim to the bottom portion of the cafe curtains….

…..I purchased the green basket weave pattern fabric from Printer’s Alley in Raleigh…..


I was not only drawn to the color of the wicker….this planter/cabinet caught my eye….had to have it!

…..and not to mention, I loved the finials on the planter cabinet…..yep…very pineapplesque I would say!



It’s always nice to sit here and enjoy a cup of tea and a magazine…

…..and Amy….I even lit the candles for you!!!…You know, for great blog effect…


Tole trays are great in a well lighted area…prints seem to fade in the sun…..

…..and they just make me happy!:)


I also love the detail on the sides and backs of each of the seating pieces…


The cafe style was the most practical for the room…however, I wanted more of an “elegant” feel…

…..thus the choice of the kingston valances…..




The wicker came in three choices of colors…white, green, and red….

…..I loved the red and thought that I would add pops of red to the area…

…..it brings out the red in the fabric of the love seat and chair.


Hope you enjoyed the expanded tour of the “Green Room” with no celebrities!…

Addendum: After publishing this, my son left a comment (I think it is his very first one!)
If you wish, click on the link below his comment and see “the birthday girl presents dance”…
I think this was last year…!..It is one to see!

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