Fall Porch

Hello Dear Readers!

I know it is not quite Fall yet; however, I purchased Fall mums quite early.

As soon as my favorite garden center, Dales Greenhouse in Sanford, N.C., brought out

their mums, I was there lickity split as I was participating in a Fall Tour hosted

by the lovely Angie of Postcards From the Ridge.

I was to present my Fall Porch on Friday; however, I was a bit concerned that I would not

be able to participate much if I lost power due to the storm; therefore, 

I had to bow out at the last minute.

So here I am today, presenting my Fall Porch.

The first decorated porch of the Berry Patch House.

Fall Porch-Housepitality Designs-15

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Fall Reminiscing, Florence, and a Winner

Hello Dear Readers! I have been busy with hurricane prep, glued to the Weather Channel and believe it or not, been making my front porch of the Berry Patch House pretty for Fall, just to take it all down and put it all safely away. I have to say that it is my favorite of […]

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Transitioning to Fall – Floral Friday

Hello Dear Readers! It’s a great day today as it is Floral Friday, when I join my lovely and talented friends, Lidy (French Garden House) Mary (Home Is Where The Boat Is) and Pam (Everyday Living), to bring you some great floral inspiration. Today we are transitioning to Fall. Keeping that little bit of summer […]

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My New Sofa Decision, Chinoiserie Jar and More

Hello Dear Readers! I hope you all had a most wonderful Labor Day Holiday weekend. I know it is time to kick off the beautiful season of Fall; however, it is still pretty warm here in the beautiful state of North Carolina. Well, at least where I am. I had a jam packed long weekend […]

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The Largest Laundry Room I’ve Ever Had

When my hubby and I were touring the Berry Patch House to possibly rent, there was one room that was definitely larger than any of the rooms of that purpose that I have ever had. I soon came to find out that the owners designed the laundry room to have lots of shelving to use […]

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French Country Cottage, the Book and a Giveaway

How many of us dream as young women to one day have a beautiful home, whether it be a home on the beach, a log cabin in the woods, the big house on the hill or that quaint cottage as in a fairy tale. Fairy tales, when the first sentence reads, “Once Upon A Time” […]

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Breakfast Room Doubling As An Office & A Winner

Whenever you move from house to house, you can always count on that some of your  existing furnishings may not fit well or not at all, in the new spaces. Also, pieces of furniture placed in rooms of your former home, may wind up in a totally different area or room and take on a […]

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Memories of Picnics and Mason Jars – Floral Friday

Happy Friday Dear Readers!! It’s another great Friday because it is Floral Friday! Join me and my fabulously talented Floral Friday friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam as we present our theme today of Picnics and Jars. I had a tough time with this one today. Not with the creation of our theme today, but the […]

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Foyer Reveal with the Louis XVI Antique Mirror

I must say that things are progressing at the Berry Patch house. Not as fast as we would like it, but we need to allow ourselves to enjoy life and not be too intense about organizing our new spaces. Well, that is what we keep telling ourselves! There is still lots of work to be […]

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The First Room Reveal at Berry Patch

Hello Dear Readers! Things here at the Berry Patch house are coming along. I am still surrounded by boxes to unpack . . . and items waiting in the wings to find a new home . . . or be banished to the “STORE ME ROOM”. Even though some of this is not a fun […]

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