Flowers for the Dining Room Reveal

Hello Dear Readers . . . Happy Monday!

It’s Monday Morning Blooms Day and I

also thought that I would present my

Dining Room Reveal since the floral centerpiece

was created for the dining room table.

Join me and my amazing Monday Morning Blooms

friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam as we present another

rendition of our “Anything Goes” theme.

The links to their posts are located

below their beautiful images at the

end of this post.

I bring you, Flowers for the Dining Room Reveal



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Hickory Cottage Guest Room Reveal

Hello Dear Readers! I thought that it was time to show you more of the Guest Room. It is probably one of the few rooms that is somewhat complete with the exception of the window treatments and one piece of art that is waiting to be framed. The windows are wide open so controlling the […]

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Flowers And A Red Hat

Hello Dear Readers! Happy Monday and hope you had a beautiful weekend. It’s the third Monday of the month which means it is another fabulous Monday Morning Blooms Day when I share great flower and garden inspiration along  with my blooms loving friends, Lidy, Mary, and Pam. You will find the links to their posts under […]

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Peonies and Lenox

Hello Dear Readers! Happy Monday and Happy Monday Morning Blooms! I am joining Lidy, Mary and Pam for another inspiration filled post for all of you flower and garden loving friends. The links to their beautiful creations are at the end of this post. We are continuing with our “Anything Goes” theme. So here goes. […]

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Flowers and Silver Linings

Hello Dear Readers! Happy Monday Morning Blooms Day! I will be sharing another grand day of flower love along with my wonderful flower loving friends, Lidy, Mary, and Pam. As always, the links to their beautiful flower inspiration will be found at the end of this post. Today our common theme is ANYTHING GOES!! So […]

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Dear Grandma ~ A Tribute to Mom with Flowers

Hello Dear Readers! Happy Monday and Happy Monday Morning Blooms Day! It’s a  most beautiful Monday, when I and my wonderful flower loving friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam, share our love for flowers, every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, hoping to bring some of that love to you for inspiration. Today we pay tribute to […]

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Hickory Cottage Front Porch Reveal

Hello Dear Readers! Happy Monday! Today, is Monday Morning Blooms and I, along with my flower loving friends are here to hopefully put some happy in your day with our flower inspiration. Due to the difficulty of obtaining and leaving the home to obtain fresh flowers these days, we decided that our common theme today […]

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The Hickory Cottage Sunroom Reveal (for now)

Hello Dear Readers! I have been up to my eyeballs in boxes and packing paper (still) and trying my best to work with one room at a time; however, it has been a bit difficult as there are still many boxes that need to be unpacked. I worked on the sunroom. You could not see […]

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Bunnies, Jelly Beans, and Easter Joy

Hello Dear Readers! Happy Monday! It’s been a while and so many things have happened in these past two weeks. We are all moved in the Hickory Cottage and it was truly a difficult move due to COVID-19. We could only get professional movers for 4 hours and there were no professional house cleaners available […]

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Bringing the Beauty of Spring Indoors

Hello Dear Readers! I am sure that with the health crisis that we are all facing these days and going forward into Spring, we all are taking the time for reflection. Reflecting on what is most important in our lives. . . . Family, faith and friends, and exhibiting compassion and acts of kindness to […]

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