How To Create Four Flower Arrangements from One Single Arrangement

Hello Dear Readers!

I love Monday Morning Blooms with my wonderful Bloom Friends:

Lidy of FrenchGarden House

Mary of Home Is Where The Boat Is

Pam of Everyday Living

If you are not aware of our Monday Morning Blooms, which takes place

every first and third Monday of the Month,  you can see

my: Blue Transferware Flower Arrangement that I created this past Monday.

I took the last large flower arrangement that I created and transformed it

into 4 petite flower arrangements.

So join me in:

How To Create Four Flower Arrangements From One Single Arrangement

This was the original arrangement:



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Blue Transferware Flower Arrangement

Hello Dear Readers! Happy Monday! Yes, it’s a happy Monday as it is Monday Morning Blooms Monday! Join me today with my Monday Morning Blooms friends, Mary and Pam, as we share our our floral inspiration with the common theme of Blue Transferware . . . . with a bit of red. Unfortunately Lidy was […]

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My New Kitchen Design

Hello Dear Readers! Well, I have stated that I continue to make changes with regard to the house. I know I am making my builder a bit crazy, although he never shows it … well maybe, with a “look” from time to time…but he is not the only one that I am probably making a […]

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Master Bedroom Refresh With Blue and White

Hello Dear Readers! It’s been a very hectic week here dealing with decisions, decisions for the new house. Seems as though when I think I pretty much have it all together, then something comes up . . . like a higher estimate than anticipated, then back to the drawing board to make more decisions. In […]

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Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement and Tablescape

Hello Dear Readers! Hope you had a great weekend of the Derby (oh what a memorable Derby it was) and Cinco de Mayo. It’s another very fine Monday as it is Monday Morning Blooms! Today, there is an ever so beautiful collection of fabulous floral inspiration, by my wonderfully creative and talented Monday Morning Blooms […]

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A Great Find – Chelsea House Mirror

Hello Dear Readers! Happy May Day!!! I am hoping I can find some Lily of the Valley to give to my loved ones. Did you know that it was a tradition in France  to give your loved ones Lilies of the Valley on May Day? And speaking of France  . . . A few weeks […]

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Spring Decor Details and A Treasure Reveal

Hello Dear Readers! Are you enjoying some great Spring weather? We are enjoying it here with less pollen and blue skies and fabulous temperatures. Since Spring is in the air, I decided to place some Spring decor in the Great Room of the Berry Patch House. It all began with a pair of my treasures […]

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Our Antiquing Road Trip – Destination Maison Decor

Hello Dear Readers! It’s been a while as I have been  pretty much on a week long road trip. I love road trips especially when it involves meeting friends and antiquing . . . and I must say that I love road tripping with my hubby too! Last week, my hubby had to go to […]

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Easter Brunch Centerpiece and Tablescape

Hello Dear Readers! Happy Monday!! . . . and as I always say. . . . it is a great Monday as today is the day for Monday Morning Blooms! I, along with my lovely Monday Morning Blooms friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam will be sharing some wonderful floral inspiration for you to enjoy and […]

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The Re-Designed Sunroom

Hello Dear Readers! Today I want to show you the re-designed sunroom at the Berry Patch House. Re-designed? Yes . . . When the new furniture for the Great Room arrived, we had to move the furniture that was in that room to the sunroom. That meant a whole lot of shuffling going on! So […]

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