Embracing Beautiful Winter Blues

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday and welcome to  Monday Morning Blooms!

Lidy, Mary and I are chasing away the Monday Morning Blues

and the Winter Blues of January by embracing beautiful

Winter Blues. Yes our common theme today

is January Blues.

Pam is unfortunately unable to join us today;

however, she will be back with us for the next one!

The links and beautiful images to Lidy’s

and Mary’s posts can be seen at the the end of this post.



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Winter White Flower Arrangement with Good Luck Flowers

Hello Dear Readers!!! What a way to start the fabulous New Year than with a Winter White Flower Arrangement  with Good Luck Flowers!    

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A White Christmas Centerpiece and A Good News Update

Hello Dear Readers! Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? It’s been cold here; however, no signs of snow, which makes this former Florida girl happy! Today, I am bringing back a White Christmas  flower arrangement to  wish you all  a very Merry Christmas with a good news update.  

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The Great Room Simply Decorated for Christmas

Hello Dear Readers! It’s been a while. Today, I am joining my fabulous Monday Morning Bloom friends, Lidy, Mary, and Pam. Our common theme today is garlands and wreaths with the help from the great folks from Tree Classics. Join me as I present . . .  The Great Room Simply Decorated for Christmas.  

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A Southern Evergreen Holiday Centerpiece and a Giveaway

Hello Dear Readers! It’s been a while and what better way to say hello again than  with a beautiful Southern Evergreen Holiday Centerpiece and a GIVEAWAY!!! The giveaway details are stated at the end of this post.

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Vintage Fall Vignette and Hickory Cottage Update

Hello Dear Readers! Again, I am reaching into the archives and thought I would bring to you a vintage fall vignette  that I created a few years ago, when finding some great items while shopping with my friend Mary Alice in Leesburg, Virginia. The vignette started with a vintage Borden’s crate.  I have never seen […]

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The “Plum Crazy” Fall Porch and Hickory Cottage Update

Hello Dear Readers!!! I have a soft spot in my heart about the last Fall Porch that I created in my former house. However, I look forward to “going crazy” on the Fall porch next year at Hickory Cottage! I was  attracted to the beautiful Berry colors that Fall. The shades of purple and plum have […]

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Fall Memories and a Spiritual Experience

Today, I am having one of my best days  since my chemotherapy treatment.  I am not 100%, still with fatigue and such, however, well enough to sit at the table and write to you my dear readers. I had a truly amazing spiritual experience one night, that involved my dad. That overwhelming experience I will […]

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My Life’s New Challenge

Hello Dear Readers, Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. A turn that for me, that I thought I would have never, ever, faced. Not in a bazillion years. We all have those bumps in the road. But for me, it is a “lump” in the road. My Life’s New Challenge. But hey!…I love a challenge […]

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One of My Favorite Fall Home Tours

How to create Fall inspired rooms with French Country decor. A Fall Home tour. Hello Dear Readers! A few years ago, I participated in a A French Country Fall Home Tour  presenting  my former Great Room      

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