Memories of Picnics and Mason Jars – Floral Friday

Happy Friday Dear Readers!!

It’s another great Friday because it is Floral Friday!

Join me and my fabulously talented Floral Friday friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam

as we present our theme today of Picnics and Jars.

I had a tough time with this one today.

Not with the creation of our theme today, but the sweet memories

that the Mason/Ball jars brought to me as I gathered my pretties to share with you:

the Memories of Picnics and Mason Jars – Floral Friday.

Berry Patch Picnic-Housepitality Designs-9

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Foyer Reveal with the Louis XVI Antique Mirror

I must say that things are progressing at the Berry Patch house. Not as fast as we would like it, but we need to allow ourselves to enjoy life and not be too intense about organizing our new spaces. Well, that is what we keep telling ourselves! There is still lots of work to be […]

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The First Room Reveal at Berry Patch

Hello Dear Readers! Things here at the Berry Patch house are coming along. I am still surrounded by boxes to unpack . . . and items waiting in the wings to find a new home . . . or be banished to the “STORE ME ROOM”. Even though some of this is not a fun […]

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The Happy Sunflower – Floral Friday

Hello Dear Readers! Today is the First Friday of the Month and it is time for Floral Friday! The fabulous Floral Friday where I, Lidy, Mary and Pam join together to present some beautiful floral inspiration for you to enjoy and hopefully would encourage you  to re-create for your own home and pleasure. Today,  it […]

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Some Sneak Peeks of the House and a Giveaway

I must say, things have been a bit hectic around here lately. Our move, then a trip the very next day after closing on the house . . . my mom here for a visit this past week . . . and we traveling back to Georgia to take her back home where she lives […]

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One Last Look

We’ve owned many houses . . . Six to be exact. However, this one (other than the house our son basically grew up in) was different. All coming down to memories. Firsts of . . . The first time my Sweetie came through our doors in the arms of her mom and her dad by […]

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How To Create a Dish Garden in Your Favorite Container

It is the 3rd Friday of the month and that means, WELCOME TO FLORAL FRIDAY! I as always am joining my wonderful and talented friends, Lidy, Pam and Mary to present to you some beautiful floral inspiration.  This week it is all about Dish Gardens and oh my are you in for a treat today. […]

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Moving Update and It’s Not Pretty

I am here to say hello  for just a few minutes to give you a moving update an it’s not pretty! I took a few pics with my iPhone as my camera is in a box! Did I tell you that we waited too long to book the movers and all we could get was […]

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Ironstone Pitchers of Summer – Floral Friday

Hello Dear Readers. Welcome to another fabulous Floral Friday, when I join my sweet Floral Friday friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam to present fantastic floral inspiration for you to enjoy! The links to these fabulous ladies’ floral creations are below their image at the bottom of this post. Hope you all had a most wonderful […]

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Happy 4th and We Have Some Winners!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I am here to say Happy 4th and we have some winners!!!

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