Fall Memories and a Spiritual Experience

Today, I am having one of my best days 

since my chemotherapy treatment.  I am not 100%,

still with fatigue and such, however,

well enough to sit at the table

and write to you my dear readers.

I had a truly amazing spiritual experience one night,

that involved my dad.

That overwhelming experience I will explain

at the end of this post.

Because this experience involved my dad, I remembered

a post that I did a few years ago honoring him.

Autumn is a very special time for me and my family.

It was my dad’s favorite time of the year,

a time of harvest (he was an Iowa farm boy) and

Thanksgiving, when all of the family

and extended family gathered together.

My Dad once said, that if he won the Lotto,

the very first thing he would do,

was to buy a house that had a very, very large dining room,

so that the entire family

could sit at one long table.

At a table where we would laugh till we cried,

telling our stories that sometimes our parents never heard!


Dining Room Centerpiece - Balsam Hill Garland - Housepitality Designs


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