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At one of my favorite B & B's, The Hartstone Inn

My name is Shirley…Hello y’all!—which means “everyone” in the language of the great state of North Carolina, where I reside with my wonderful husband of 41 years and I am fortunate to be near our son, daughter-in-law and beautiful granddaughter.  We are Florida transplants—where we lived most of our lives—and relocated to North Carolina to be near our son and family.  It was a great move.

My design philosophy is sophisticated yet friendly and approachable decor.  I like to think that my family and friends feel comfortable in my home; therefore, I am always striving to be the ultimate hospitable hostess, thus the name, “Housepitality Designs.”

As a young child, I was forever rearranging furniture and decorating our home.  While my sisters and friends were buying Seventeen magazines, I was buying House Beautiful.  When spending their allowances, my siblings headed to the toy and candy departments, while I went straight to the “knick-knack” section and bought pretty little things for my room.

I invite you to join me as I share with you my passion for decorating, family and friends, and one of my great loves:  decorating “tastefully over the top” for Christmas.  I have been involved in Holiday Home Tours and am presently organizing our annual community holiday home tour for charity.

Thank you for visiting Housepitality Designs!  Make yourself at home, and be sure to check out the photos!

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  1. Way to go Shirley! So glad your are sharing your amazing decorating gifts! Excited to see your pictures.

  2. Linda Miller says

    Fantastic job. Can’t wait to see the pics and to read more.

  3. Shirley, this is so beautiful and creative. I’m looking forward to logging in frequently to see all of your wonderful ideas. I love this blogsite. You’ve done a fabulous job. I just love your style!

  4. WOW! I actually know someone that has a blog. Great job Shirely.

  5. Frances Arnold says

    Great job Shirley. It’s good to see the daytime photos. I missed some of the details when I saw your house at night.

  6. Karen Kinser says

    I can vouch for Shirley and her famous house-pitality! We have been friends since jr. high school and she has always been dedicated to the pursuit of perfection! I will anxiously await more glimpses into her beautiful world.

  7. Great start on the blog, Shirl.

  8. Carol Shaffer says

    It’s great to see you fulfilling your dream by sharing your decorating talents that include imagination, elegance and tradition for the home. Being your sister, I’ve always known how capable you are! My own home is never the same after your visit as you “tweak” about leaving noticeable improvements!

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