Glitter, glitter, everywhere…

I have been busy taking out all the containers from my Christmas Closet and from the attic.  My little craft zone is not large enough for organizing and creating all the decorations, so my very accommodating husband has relinquished (again) his man cave.  I will be posting one photo at a time and then place it in my page, “My Home at Christmas”  I will be removing last years photos soon.

Bonus room turned Christmas Staging Zone

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  1. Hi, can’t wait to see what you’re doing this year in each room. looking forward to the pics.

  2. Can’t imagine how you are going to top last year, but I have no doubt you will. Don’t forget to show us “decorator challenged” folks how you do things step-by-step as you did with your Fall postings. Your loyal followers await… 😉

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