Wouldn’t You Like To Be Queen For A Day?….

November, the month of Thanksgiving is a time when we all reflect and count our blessings and state what we are truly thankful for. Have you ever had a friend who was always there for someone, no matter what the need?..Well, my friend Dolores is one of those people. She is kind and generous of her time, heart and money. If someone is in need, she is there!

Dolores retired as a district school system administrator. She volunteers at the local elementary school. She takes wonderful care of her aging parent and adores her family.

Dolores is part of our “sewing group”. At one of our sewing group get togethers, prior to Dolores arriving, Barbara stated that it would be so nice to do something for Dolores, as she is always doing for others. So we thought, “Queen for a Day”? Hmmmm…So we all gathered, flowers and gifts in hand and celebrated Dolores.

So, if you have a friend or relative, that is always thinking of others rather than themselves, make them Queen or for that matter, King for a day..

Watch out ladies..you may be next!


Our “Sewing Group”


“The Queen”


“The King and Queen”

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  1. that is sweet!!

  2. That is a beautiful thing to do for such a deserving person and friend. I love that idea. she also has wonderful friends who show appreciation. great group of girls!

  3. Dolores looks like a nice lady, but WOW…hold the phone…who is that handsome stud claiming to be King? Does her husband know? Also, who are those foxy princesses surrounding the queen??

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