Whimsical "Upside Down" Christmas Trees

My home is rather a traditional/transitional style. When I saw these upside down Christmas trees for the first time, I had to have one!..Though rather pricey when they first came out (like all new things) I waited till they went on clearance after the holidays. I have a free standing flocked tree and one in our media room that is a corner wall mounted tree. It adds just the touch of whimsey needed to balance out the traditional decorations.


This flocked upside down tree sits in the corner of the sunroom. I chose red ornaments as they stand out beautifully against the flocking.


A close up view. The owls come to visit..


The top of the tree..


The corner wall mounted upside down tree in the media room


Tree decorated in browns and coppers..


I used copper glittered picks and ribbon at the top of the tree


A close up of the topper treatment

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  1. Linda Miller says

    They’re both beautiful but I especially like the flocked one. Now, is it technically the “top” of the tree or the bottom. LOL

  2. Ha!!! Good one!!..Actually, what is the answer?….Haven’t you every seen an inverted tree forest?

  3. wow, the creativity in these pics is absolutely amazing. love everything!

  4. Ann Rotroff says

    There is more crativity in Shirley’s pinky finger than in my whole self. These are amazing!

  5. Thank you…I will take that compliment from one smart amazing attorney!!!..xo’s

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