More Christmas Tablescapes

I have been caaarazy busy getting ready for the home tour. I vowed to post a few pics today. I have many more to come as I finish each room. The following are some small “tablescapes” I hope you enjoy!
Stay tuned for lots more of my “Holiday Home”


One of the tables in the dining room.


One of the end tables in the sunroom. A vintage Santa…


The other end table of the sunroom, showcasing my angel statue


The beautiful “faux marbre” nativity I purchased after Christmas for 75% $ great bargain!


The sunroom “potting bench”…


A small arrangement at the corner of the kitchen bar..Used lots of ornaments and greenery


The tablescape on the top of a armoire that I use for linens


The center portion of the sofa table. The table wraps around my conversational sofa


The right portion of the table with my Lenox fruit covered votives. A small metal tree sits on a small cake stand and my quirky “Twelve Days of Christmas” calling bird.


The left portion of the sofa table. This table has ottomans underneath each section. This is where I spend my computer time with my trusty MacBook it!!


A small table in the dining previously posted…


A close up of the “sugared fruit bowl”


A sneak peek of the dining room tablescape..a lot more things to see..something growing into the chandelier…


Another sneak peek…finishing touches need to be done too…


A small occasional table in the Great Room..A Howard Miller Santa clock


An side table in the Media Room showcasing my favorite angel


One of the “scapes” in the Great Room bookcase..a small collection of pineapples


The “scape” of the main guest room dresser with my acorn tree…the acorn is the symbol of North Carolina. They drop the “acorn” every New Year’s Eve..


My Paula Deen decorating book is open to “Y’all Come In” together with my favorite guest saying…In the previous picture you can see a sneak peek of my the larger tree in the room…


One of the side tables in the main guest room..Homegoods lamp base, Pottery Barn lamp shade (which costs more than the lamp base!)..

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  1. unbelievable, shirley. gorgeous. i love that beautiful nativity scene. wow, what a deal you got! i’m starting to decorate our ga home. Miss you. Thx for sending the pix.

  2. Loved ALL of your “scapes”!!! You have beautiful things and showcase them beautifully too. XO, Pinky

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