The Holiday Foyer

The following pictures are of the foyer. As you enter my home, you immediately see the 12 foot trees as it is actually part of the foyer. It was so large that we took some of the lower branches and pulled them into the banister. As you go down the stairs you can see the ornaments dangling over your head…

The banister garland is made of 2 swags of garland and a smaller swag that I placed in the center. I used the metallic ribbon bands that curl so well, a few faux clip on candles, birds (love them) and gold trumpets. Gold pinecone ornaments hang from the garland. A few evergreen floral picks of greens and pinecones add fullness.

My family of carolers used to be on a high ledge until I bought the 12 foot tree. I placed them around the tree as if they were caroling in the town square under a tree…

I have a secretary in the foyer..a little unusual for a foyer, but I believe it works well..I use the upper portion for display purposes and when you drop down the desk lid, it acts as a venue for keys, etc..this may be a new project after the New Year, maybe to change out this piece for another…hmmmm.


I lined up beautiful cream colored poinsettias (Lowes Home Improvement @ $5.99 each) below the garland to create a pathway.



Gold trumpets..placed a bow between to add a different texture and color.



A view from the other side of the banister



The other side of the foyer





The sconce that flank each side of the secretary. Added crystallized pine picks and a crystal snowflake


I love the gift wrap that I purchased from Hallmark years ago. I should have bought a dozen rolls!



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  1. Th poinsettias are amazing! Everything looks great!!! I’m jealous 🙂

  2. Just beautiful! I am your newest follower and really love everything you have done!

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