Oh Christmas Tree…

I love having multiple trees in my home for Christmas. It is fun and rewarding decorating them and finding ways to make them different from year to year. Other than changing out ribbon and other decorative floral adornments, my large tree pretty much is the same as it is my sentimental family tree full of ornaments gathered over many years. I collected many Hallmark ornaments in the past and I have displayed many of them in the tree in the media room. Many I have stored away…

So the following are many (not all) of the trees I have throughout the house. I always say from year to year that I am not going to do as much..but I cannot seem to live up to that promise.


The Great Room Tree…It is 12 foot and we had to place the lower branches into the ballaters so that it would fit in the area..the lower branches hang over the stair well and you can see the ornaments dangle.


I placed my carolers around the tree as if they are singing around a tree in a town square.



Among my more sentimental ornaments, I love to use Christopher Radko ornaments.


I add a garland of ribbon, usually two (a metallic over a flocked) that will connect to a large bow and various ornamental picks.


My upside down tree in the sun room. It is flocked and I used red ornaments with glass crystal icicle ornaments. The red shows up so nicely against the white flocking. Owls are perfect for that woodland look. I place berry floral picks and garland at the front top edge.


The base of the tree with pine cones, holly sprigs and a “visitor” the infamous furry squirrel.



The kitchen tree with Santa take out chefs. This has been there for the past few years, so I will change that around a bit next year.



The small vintage cookie cutter tree that sits in an old A&P grocery shopping cart.


The media room tree decorated with Hallmark ornaments and a few handmade ones by my son many years ago..


The topper…with silk ferns and hydrangeas. I used a metallic glittered garland band that twists nicely amid the tree.


The corner wall mounted upside down tree…I used brown and copper ornaments to coordinate with the mantle. Floral and leaf inspired picks are inserted on the top portion of the tree.


A close up of the top portion of the tree


When decorating the top portion of the 12 foot tree, I place (actually my hubby does) it in a bench with a vice so that I can decorate it completely from the workbench. The hubby climbs up the ladder and places the top portion in the tree fully decorated. Saves me from being up on the very top of the ladder!


A Hallmark miniature tree purchased many years ago and a train goes around the base of the tree…a favorite of my granddaughters.


My granddaughter’s tree. It is a themed tree every year of her choice. This year it is Legos..


The toy shop village made of legos..The tree and village sits in an antique wagon


An old Dept 56 faux “feather tree” with white and gold acorns. A symbol of Raleigh, the City of Oaks. Sits on the dresser of the guest room.


The tree in the Master Bedroom. I wrapped a lighted white flocked garland around it and placed silver ornaments and decorations on it.


A close up..I also used up all the silver ornament hangers I had. I thought they were cute by themselves.


The guest room tree..A metal tree with a brass finish. I added the green berried twig garland through the middle to add a bit more texture. Used white, blue, and green ornaments to coordinate the colors with the room. Added a few owls for more texture…



Placed white glutted ferns and antique Japanese fishing net balls that are green and blue under the tree


A small nutcracker tree in my hubby’s office. Only able to take picture from one side as the window creates such glare…


A magnolia and pearl tree in the other guest room.


A closer look..I used magnolia floral stems and garlands with pearl picks. My friend Pam took those pearl picks, stuck them in a styrofoam wreath and turned out gorgeous..next project…




The dining room tree. Decorated with various fruits, fruit garland, and pineapples. It is raised off the floor and I placed an evergreen garland at the base.



Another close up view of the dining room tree.


And finally, one of the greatest trees of all..the tree on Main Street at Disney World. You can see some of the “snow” that they spray through the air in the evening. It was a beautiful enchanting night.

You may also view my Christmas foyer here…

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  1. Linda Miller says

    Everything looks beautiful. You’ve outdone yourself. Glad you are able to relax for a few days at the happiest place on earth.

  2. These are all so pretty!! I can’t pick a fave…so, I’ll just say I love them all!! You have been a busy lady!! Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Mel and i just looked at these pics together. He loves everything, as I do. Going on a boat ride this afternoon with mother. Love, Pam

  4. Ann Rotroff says

    I wish I had the time and energy to decorate just one room as nicely as you decorate your whole house! I’ve never seen such beautiful decorations!

  5. All I can say is WOW!!!!! Beautiful.

  6. Lily in Hong Kong says

    All of your trees are beautifully decorated and I love the different way’s you’ve trimmed them. The wall mounted corner upside down tree is so unusual, I have never come across one before, it looks stunning.

  7. I am absolutely bowled over, speechless. Those are the most beautiful trees I have ever seen! I’m going to start stalking this blog for sure!!!!

  8. Amazing! Your home looks wonderful decked out for Christmas. Following you via email. Diane

  9. You know how much I love your decorating, but I just wanted to pop over again to tell you how glad i am to have found you and your blog this year!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. Beautiful! Looove that sparkly pineapple on your dining room tree…
    Happy Holidays and all the best in 2012,

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  11. They are all beautiful, but the feather tree is my favorite!

  12. AHHH, I just found your blog from Met Monday and am I glad I did!! I can’t wait to visit more of your posts! I love all your trees! I decorate ALOT too!!!! I can’t give it up either so we are kindred spirits! I have on my “bucket list” to go to Disney World to see their decorations, hopefully next year after Thanksgiving!!! Thanks for incliding their tree at the end! XO, Pinky

  13. WOW this is amazing! Your trees are all so gorgeous and creative. Thank you so much for joining my newbie party.

  14. Hi, Visiting from MM and I love all your trees. My fav is the flocked one, love a snowy tree. Great tip about decorating the 12foot tree. I hope someday to have a house with high ceilings so I can get a huge tree. Nice to meet you and Happy New Year to you.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  15. Oh my, oh My, OH my, OH MY… Your home is fabulous & the trees are just gorgeous…
    Nicely, nicely done…..
    We own a Christmas tree farm & I didn’t even get one put up this year…. next year, I will think of you..
    (stopping by from BNOTP)

  16. Beautiful trees!
    Went back and looked at all your posts. (I too decorate my laundry room – it is smaller than yours but I figure if I have to go in there several times a day I might as well keep some pretties in there!)
    Looked for another picture with your grocery cart but didn’t find one. Does yours have two baskets and are they separate from the frame/wheels? I have two of them – mine came from my hubby’s family. (His grandparents had a small grocery store) I have one on my front porch that I decorate seasonally. The other is stored in the garage for now – my kitchen is not large enough to keep it in there.
    Anyway – just wanted to say I enjoyed looking around!
    Happy New Year!

  17. I just found your lovely blog. Oh, what gorgeous trees you have! I think my favorite is the whimsical elf one in the kitchen. Best wises for the new year, I look forward to more of your creative design.

  18. Wow, your home looks amazing!! I want to be at your house on Christmas, just beautiful!!

  19. glendachilders says

    It must be a lovely treat to visit your home during the Christmas season.

    Hopping over from the Christmas in July blog hop – #57.


  20. So much Christmas finery Shirley! I can fully appreciate all the hours you spend decorating and unpacking! My favorite is your upside down flocked tree 🙂

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