My 12 Projects for 2012

Well, we all have those New Year’s Resolutions, but in my house, it is the New Year’s project plans. My hubby and I sit down and discuss what our project priorities are and we set a plan to compromise. You see, his priorities and mine sometimes do not match. Now his projects would be adding a beautiful garage floor treatment. Oh no, you never see it after the cars roll on it!!..or entirely revamping the gutter system to accommodate the latest and greatest..oookaay..So, here is MY 12 projects for 2012.


Recently acquired this new rug. It is made by Karastan (made in the USA in Eden,NC) It is a good machine made rug. At this point in my life, I opted out of spending $10,000 for a rug. This rug has more blue in it than my previous rug. So I am using this as my inspiration and adding more blue accents in the room.


Most likely going to change out either the small chair or replace the seat cushion..With my project list so long, most likely will change out the seat cushion..


The teeny powder room. There is no natural light in there, so the pics come out awful. The color is really not that bright yellow, but a softer tone (SW, blonde)..There will be wainscoting and wallpaper added…and a bit more…yes, still have the Christmas stuff in there!..


I want a window seat in the dining room. I originally asked my builder his thoughts on a window seat in the bay window..I really wanted it, but he looked at me like I had two heads. “I have done many window seats, but never in the dining room.” Well, I did not do it and I regret my super talented carpenter is coming to my rescue.


Adding wainscoting to the kitchen bar area. I really wanted to do this 7 years ago when we were building our home, but we kept adding and adding more things, that it was an area where we “cut back” now it’s time!


So this is my makeshift, pulled tougher at the last moment, craft area. This area is at the other end of the smaller guest room, that was originally my hubby’s gym. So after much “creative nagging”, he moved his many pieces of equipment in the garage. He really did a nice job in creating his new space in the garage.

I really love the Pottery Barn Whitney Home Office Collection, but do I want to invest that amount of money in that little area? I did see a great work table that I really would like that his somewhat counter height with a great cool looking seat that looks like a farm tractor seat at Thomasville, but that set was pricey too..So I will make a decision soon..I bought UNC gym locker baskets to place my “stuff” in. I am a saver, and I have patterns from when I sewed most of my clothes as a teenager (ooops I am dating myself!)…



When I put this bulletin board up (HomeGoods $24.99), my granddaughter christened it with her famous notes!


The other side of the room..still a work in progress too!


This is the room hubby’s mini banished to the garage..but he is soo o.k. with it. He is very accommodating :)..shhh..don’t tell him I posted this pic!


A new potting area. This area is just outside the doors of the small guest room. A little patio..I am searching for a vintage enamelware top kitchen table to use as a potting table. I have lots of vintage garden tools stashed away for future showcasing. Maybe a trip to Renningers Antique Fair in Florida??


Redecorate the foyer. A new rug is in the future to coordinate with the new rug in the great know, that snowball effect!..Also, I am contemplating relocating the secretary back to its original place, in the great room area. I currently have a chest there that holds all my linens. It is a great convenient piece for storage, but when I have the new window seat installed, I will house most of my table linens there. I will then return the chest back to the bedroom. I have an antique table in my bedroom where the chest will go back to and that table will probably go into the foyer. It is a great late 1800’s piece. Yes, the snowball effect.


Finish redecorating the main guest room. The picture not so is so dreary and rainy here today. I added the king size bed last year. A great deal from Furnitureland South Salvage. A Wesley Allen retailed at $1,700 for $500 :).


I added this great Ikat pattern to the room and plan on using more of it..stay tuned..


OK..this is awful..We have already purchased the sliding shelves to install in the pantry..what a mess!


I am replacing the linens and painting. I am trying to decide what treatments I want behind the bed. I placed my bed in the bay window area as it really fits better in the space. When you enter my room, before you would immediately see the side of the was not good, so I rearranged the furniture and it now is a nice focal point in the room. I am painting the walls the same color as the master bath that I had done right before Christmas. Sherwin Williams Silvermist.


Old linens..time to go..


A collection of new linens and fabric..


Repainting the sunroom, which I am now referring to as the Keeping Room. It formerly had no window treatments in that room, but when the house was built next door, my privacy changed. The room is all windows. Hindsight, should have bought that lot next door!..The main floor is painted all the same color, Sherwin Williams Blonde, but I am changing out that color in that area…


Last, but not least, the walk in attic. We recently had the HVAC guy re-route all the ducts and move a unit to create more space. This was done prior to Christmas and it is driving my OCD, neat freak, definitely Virgo personality of a husband crazy! Actually, he loves reorganizing things, which is just fine for me..well sometimes..As long as he stays out of my kitchen..

So those are my 12 projects for 2012!! Stay tuned and don’t forget to comment and lend me your opinions!!

Also, please visit Stacy at CONSPICUOUS STYLE..she is hosting her first giveaway and it is a great one! Just click on her button on the sidebar of my page.

I am joining the Nesting Place for the 2012 Home Goals Party

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  1. You are so organized!! I have a million ideas in my head for my house, but they haven’t made it to paper yet. These all look like great ideas. And I wasn’t sure if anyone but me knew about Furnitureland South (I’m sure they do, but where I live not so much …whenever I mention it I get a blank stare). Love that store!!

    • shirleysms says

      Thanks Stacy!..It is great that Furnitureland South is just under an hour away from me! As for my hubby?..not so great!!

  2. Found you blog via Nestor…nice to know I am not the only one with a massive list this year!

    Pretty house-love all the windows in your keeping room. Enjoy the process of renovating this year-


  3. Linda Miller says

    Great post, Shirley….very informative with lots of creative projects in you future. Keep us posted as they progress.

  4. First, a question. Where did you find pull out shelves for your pantry???? That would be FABULOUS for our pantry as it looks alot like yours, a closet:):) LOVE the old AND new linens in your master! So many great projects. I am hoping to get alot done this year too but haven’t gotten them onto paper. I can identify with your hubby, I am a Virgo too:):) XO, Pinky

  5. Wow! You have some wonderful plans! I can’t think much past tomorrow! lol Hope you are having a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  6. It sounds like you’ve got a plan, Shirley! I love the window treatments in your sunroom. I was going to make panels for ours {we have shades for privacy and light} but then decided to hold off until we paint. The new color might make a difference and maybe if I do anything I will just do valances. Love your main guest room, too. It looks like the same color I have in ours {previous owner’s choice}. I’d love to see more of that room if you get a chance. I’m still trying to figure it out since I decided to work with the color rather than repaint. Well, I wish us all luck in accomplishing our goals for this year! I’m hoping to make a dent in my list each month with at least one thing on my list.

  7. Hi Shirley,
    I’m really glad that you came by my blog. I really appreciate the nice comments. I am so glad to meet someone who knows first hand how wonderful that Garden Center really is. My sister and I were so excited that we went back two days in a row and, of course, spent way too much money.

    Lucky you to win their giveaway. Wow.

    I’m hoping to make a trip up there again soon. My brother lives in Cary and I’m in Ocean Isle Beach.

    I love your home. It’s so pretty and I like all the ideas that you are going to start on for the new year.
    I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. I’m following your blog and will be back to see you often.


  8. That’s a list and a half but when I look back on all we did at our own home in 2011 I am in awe. We hadn’t planned on doing all that we did but broken pipes and other old copper ones about to burst, we had no choice and then one thing led to another. Next think you know, tons of things had been redone. Can’t wait to see your finished decorator projects. 🙂

  9. Shirley,
    Very beautiful, but here’s one for Tom. When we built our garage 3 years ago Lynn did a beautiful stained concrete floor treatment. I really love it. So I say Tom should go for it 🙂

    • shirleysms says

      Yes, I know of that beautiful treatment, but I wish it was just that!…It’s a garage flooring that may as well be wood floors!..LOL..oh yes, he will always find a way to get it done..Compromise, compromise. But when I spend money on a reno..I like it to show in the house and not under the cars!..ha!

  10. Popping in from Nesters! 12 projects a year is such a brilliant idea! I might have to adopt that! Your home is beautiful!

  11. You really inspired us to think about prioritizing our own list of projects. Will you come over and help? Also, I really like your “old” linens!

  12. Hi Shirley. Wow – you are one energetic lady! Will you send some of that energy my way????? I couldn’t help but notice the fabric on the chair seat holding the new fabrics for your master. I have a custom window treatment workroom and make window treatments, pillows and pillow shams out of that exact same fabric. It looked awesome!

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