Window Treatment Dilemma

One of my 12 Projects for 2012 is to finish redecorating the main guest room. One of the things I really need to do is place some type of window treatments on the bank of french doors and flanking windows. The doors and windows are heavily trimmed out and I love the way they came out thanks to one of my heroes, Brian the great carpenter. Anyway, I have toyed with the thought of just placing a decorative rod all the way across the top the of header with just enough panels to cover the windows. I cannot use many panels as the space at each end of the bank of windows and doors are not even. One side is wider than the other..

I really do not want to cover the trim…so what do I do? I thought about hanging woven blinds, but then it would cover most of the header trim. I thought about pleated shades, but really do not like the look of that. We live on a golf course and there are no homes that are in close range directly behind us. In all of the seasons except the winter and late fall, there is plenty of privacy from the trees. Well, with the exception of the nosey deer. In the winter, you can see faint lights from the houses beyond. So, I really want my guests to be comfortable with a real sense of privacy. So, that is my dilemma..What type of treatments do I place on those windows and doors?

So, today, I am joining Betsy Speert’s Tuesdays Design Questions post/link ask, what the heck do I do with those windows? So, what say you? Cover them or leave them???


It is hard to get a picture when you are aiming directly at the windows/doors. I just received my new camera that has been on world wide backorder!..So hopefully it would help with that problem. Gotta take some lessons first! Oh, and ignore that fan!..It is going away soon! Sorry guests!


I thought that taking a picture via the mirror may cut down on the reflection.


The right side..does not have much space for panels to gather. However, if I use lightweight fabric, then I may be able to get them into that tight space.


The left side..has more width.


Crummy picture, but you get the idea (I hope)


Another dark view.


Another dark view of the left side.


More trim view.


So there it is. I have been making myself crazy to make a decision. Oh, and please ignore the Christmas decs. Have not gotten to that room to put things away!..Yes, I am still surrounded by the sparkles of Christmas. But I am slowly getting there.

Again, what say you? Cover them or leave them?

Please leave your much welcomed comment!

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  1. Hey Shirley. I say leave them or cover with something that will not hide the moldings. When you have beautiful moldings, it’s a shame to cover them up.

    • shirleysms says

      Yes, I hate to cover them up, but then I want my guest to feel that they have a sense of privacy. But then again, only the deer will see them! Thanks for your opinion!

  2. Linda Miller says

    I definitely think you need to cover them for your guests not only for privacy but for the morning sun that streams in those windows. I will have to put my thinking cap on, as right now, I am no help as far as what would be your best option. I like woven woods but they don’t seem to be the best choice for your uneven windows. Unfortunately, I think that some of the trim will be covered in whatever treatment you choose.

    • shirleysms says

      I am leaning towards very light sheer fabric with a light backing..Truthfully, I do not get a tremendous amount of sun streaming through due to the porch ceiling. Yes, need that privacy from the pesky deer!

  3. If you hang roman shades way up high, almost near the ceiling (i.e., above the windows), you won’t cover the window and will be able to open the doors hen they are up. Mist if them retract to only a few inches when closed. I would look at Roman fabric shades at Smith & Noble. I do think the windows need something, and that is usually the best solution for windows like these

  4. Melissa Justice says

    Hi Shirley, I am Susanne’s daughter-in-law who now lives in Atlanta, not that far from you:) I’ve recently begun getting your posts and have enjoyed seeing your new home. About the windows I like the idea of a decorative rod with lightweight panels on the sides that guests can open and close at their choice. The panels and rod would not necessarily block the view/moldings when open but rather frame the window and view. You may end of disagreeing but a hint of subtle color and/or sparkle would be pretty too. I’m interested to hear what you decide on and would love to see pictures of the final outcome. Love, Melissa

  5. Hi Shirley, I have just discovered your blog following your link from Betsy Speert’s blog. I’m from England and I have no idea what the climate is like where you are but instead of covering all that beautiful and architectural woodwork around your windows, have you thought about fixing some sort of blind on the outside of your windows and doors? It looks like there is some sort of veranda outside so perhaps they wouldn’t have to be really weather proof.
    Just a thought !!
    With very best wishes

  6. I would definitely cover them, Shirley. As a guest, I would want the feeling of privacy even if there are no homes directly in line of sight. Two great solutions would be either sheers and do an inside mount so that you don’t block the molding. There are so many pretty ones out there and not just plain, some have wonderful patterns to them. You could also do roman shades – again an inside mount in the windows would keep from blocking your molding. I’d leave the transom bit uncovered. I’m sure Betsy will have some wonderful suggestions for you!

  7. Hi Shirley. Even though privacy may not be an issue and all of the moulding is gorgeous, I would want to have the windows in a room that I’m staying in covered at night. Some type of shades (roman, roller, woven wood) are certainly an option, but because of the different heights of the windows, I think you’d wind up with a chopped up look. Plus they wouldn’t work that well on the transom window. You’re right to be concerned with the thickness of the fabric because of the limited amount of space on each side, but using a sheer, unlined fabric really won’t give much privacy because you’d still be able to see through them at night when a light is on. I think that lined drapery panels are going to be your best option. If you want to show as much of your windows as possible, I’d mount them on a rod that goes all the way into the corners. You don’t have to have a curtain rod with finials. You can have a rod that just stretches from one side of the wall to the next. It would be hung in cup like brackets – kind of like what you’ve seen closet rods hung with, only prettier. Rod pocket draperies may not be the best option – they’re harder to open and close and don’t always stay pushed back very well. There are several different types of pleats that can be done, but the rings that they hang on can be chunky. I think the two options that would give you the least amount of stack back will be with grommet tops (let me know if you don’t know what I’m talking about) or just flat drapery panels, that aren’t pleated, and just have rings sewn every few inches. You could use a metal rod and metal rings, which wouldn’t be as chunky as wooden ones and therefore take up as much space. If you want to see what flat panels would look like, head over the my blog and look at part one of my beach condo tour. I used flat panels with rings on the sliding glass door, but my rings were wooden and chunky instead of smaller, more thin, metal ones. I hope all of this makes sense! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any more questions.

  8. I vote for covering the windows. There is something un nerving about uncovered windows, even if in a desolate place. You never know what peeping Tom has his telescope out.

    And, what is the name of that beautiful blue on your walls? Love it!

  9. maybe some sort of shades or gathered sheers. How about the old fashioned Sheered/sheer fabric on tight top and bottom rods. The tiny ones. Set the sheers inside the molding, sheer thickly. Privacy, a light look and some light could come in.

  10. Is this the B&B rom where I need to make a reservation? 🙂

    Have you looked at the roman shades at Lowe’s? I know…. Lowe’s! I have them hanging in my Fam Rm and I can’t tell you how many people have asked me where I got them from. They come in several different colors and sizes. I would do an inside mount. If you look at my pics of my Fam Rm on my blog you should be able to see them. I have had mine for about 4 yrs and they have held up extremely well. They are lined and everything. I think they were less than $50 a shade. Look into that. ttys….B

  11. What a gorgeous set of windows! How magnificent. I’d be hesitant to cover them and block out their beauty. I think I’d do some sort of window treatment above them and hide soft blinds (Duette like) under them so you can just pull them down when you need them and otherwise they’d be out of sight.

    Would you mind sharing what blue is on the walls? I’m about to repaint my master bedroom blue.


    – The Tablescaper

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