Love It or Lose It..part 2

Here we go again..another rendition of LOVE IT OR LOSE IT!!

I have these chandeliers that I purchased when building our home almost 7 years ago. I have a love for

pineapples, you know that southern hospitality thing…Anyway, when I walked into the lighting store

and saw the Hinkley Plantation lighting, I had to have it…I love them, but need a change. My OCD hubby,

yes, there are two of us in the house with OCD..anyway, he is always commenting on why the shades from

time to time manage to get a little, I think I may have solved two dilemmas..another epiphany.

I shall take the shades off and get another look..fresher, cleaner, no crookedness…and do not have to dust the

shades constantly to boot!!..So here you go…Love it or lose it..


The dining room chandelier with shades..
Just noticed the swarovski crystal reflection on the left side on the wall..


The dining room chandelier WITHOUT shades…



The kitchen island chandy with shades..


The kitchen island chancy WITHOUT shades..



The bedroom chancy with shades…


The bedroom chancy WITHOUT shades…



Look forward to your comments!!!

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  1. Love it! Looks very modern and sophisticated.


  2. I like it. What does T think?

  3. Linda Miller says

    I think they look great without the shades…a cleaner, less foo foo (is that a word?) look! And I know your husband will be happy with this solution and it didn’t cost him any money either.

  4. I gotta say – I think it looks complete with the shades. It doesn’t look bad without them, by any means, but looks like it is missing something. JMHO 🙂

  5. When you showed the first photo, I was thinking that the shades looks very nice. But when you showed the second photo, I thought “Wow! So much better!” I think you can see the beautiful detail of your chandeliers without the shades.

  6. No, you shouldn’t lose them. I go for the no shade look and if you really wanted a change, you could paint them. How’s that for a challenge?

  7. love the change, looks entirely different! changes are so refreshing, aren’t they? Thanks for the ideas, Shirley.

  8. Looks great both ways and change is always nice! Even though I’m not Southern, I have to say I have a thing for pineapples too. I think mine comes from William Sonoma..LOL!

  9. I like them both ways! I’m no help here. I did like the bedroom chandy without the shades. Whatever you choose it will be lovely! These are all gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by my blog, so I could find yours! It’s lovely!

  10. For whatever it’s worth, I like them without the shades. Gives the chandys a more open look and shows off the detail better.

  11. I think both are fine but I prefer them with shades because I don’t like looking at bare lightbulbs! Lol!

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