My First Attempt at Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

OK..I did it..not a large project, but my very first attempt at using the Annie Sloan Chalk paint.

I have a mirror that I have had since childhood. It was attached to an antique vanity that my dad found. He

painted it PINK..Yes, my sister and I were definitely in the pink phase back know the days of the

Midnight in Paris perfume (dating myself again!)..The vanity is long gone, but I held on to that mirror. It

has been with me on 7 moves. Used it in just 2 of my homes (put a walnut stain over it) and it found it’s way to

the attic on the other moves. So, my hubby took it out of the attic and I proceeded to give it new life again!


The mirror…I stained it many, many years ago with a walnut stain (was pink)..Don’t you just love the reflection in the mirror?


Using ASCP “Old White”


Two coats later…


Taking a coffee break while I wait for the paint to dry…


In the meantime, I grabbed an old wooden pineapple and thought, hmmm, wonder how the paint will look on the pineapple and an old urn. Notice the golfers in the background? A nice day..


Looks better!



So here’s the pineapple/urn transformation..Really like it much better than the old version!


I used the fine sandpaper to distress the frame…


Another view…so that is my first try at the Annie Sloan Chalk paint..A very small project. But I did it!
I will show the total reveal when I do my first attempt at a larger piece of furniture. I am taking the
leap and painting a late 1800’s Wisconsin slider table…Hoping to combine the two pieces together and
placing it in another area…Stay tuned!..

I am joining:

Thistlewood Farm, “Imagine the Impossibilities 2012 Challenge”

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  1. Excellent first try. Would this work on your chandelier.

  2. Hi Shirley! I just found you on Thistlewood Farm. Those pieces looks great distressed like that!! For “not having much computer experience” your blog looks fantastic! I’m also a newbie to the blog world; I started mine in November. I look forward to seeing your other projects!

  3. Now you got me wanting to go home and paint something. LOL I love the story of the mirror. And I love that it has received such a fresh new look. And my goodness, what a difference it made with that pineapple. I LOVE it! I think it would look beautiful with a boxwood or ivy wreath at the base. Just lovely!

  4. I’ll look forward to seeing the full view of the mirror, Shirley! It sounds like you like the paint ~ isn’t it easy without having to sand or prime beforehand? Love the pineapple with the Old White! You’ll be finding things to paint now! : )

  5. Looks great! I especially love the pineapple. Can’t wait to see the table. I am not sure I am familiar with a slider table.
    You did a great job.

  6. Shirley, you did a great job! I can’t wait to give the paint a try!! This may become addictive! LOL!

  7. I’m seeing great results all over blogland. I love what you have done so far.


  8. Shirley,

    I am so GLAD you posted this! It’s wonderful! Congratulations! You conquered your “impossible!” Thanks for linking up at the party! You are a rockstar:)


  9. And to think I just donated all my painting supplies 🙁 You are so multi-talented!

  10. Thanks so much for linking up to the challenge! Your first take at chalk paint is awesome!! Karah

  11. Isn’t it great stuff!? I love the pineapple. Hope you don’t get addicted like I was for a while, painting everything that didn’t move! Can’t wait to see the table…

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. This was the first time I used AS wax, I really fell in love with it. Now I see what all the hoopla has been about! Your project looks great!

  13. I need to try this stuff…I’ve heard so many good reviews of it!

  14. That mirror deserves to be gussied up after 7 moves! I’ve never used ASCP – will have to try it after this fab transformation! So glad you linked to our challenge!

  15. Loving the mirror transformation … and love the pineapple with the AS.

    Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities challenge!


  16. Nice job! Look out you will be looking for things to paint now. Old White is a great color choice too!

  17. Love it! You did such a great job. I’m looking forward to our class, but are you sure you really need to go? Looks like you’re already a pro to me!

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