Vignettes?…or my tables full of stuff..

Allison from The Polohouse is featuring Vignettes for her “Favorites on the First” Link Party…so I thought

I would present a few to you…As I stated in my post title..Do I have a “vignette”?…Or is it just a table

…full of stuff!!…

Allison’s vignettes are truly works of art…

Barb at Grits and Glamour’s vignettes are so eloquently done…

Have you seen Karianne’s vignettes at Thistlewood Farm?..Her scope of creativity is amazing..

and the list goes on with so many talented bloggers….

….So, for now, I shall call my vignettes, my tables full of stuff….

However, maybe I shall leave it up to YOU to decide…NO decide whether to call my vignettes…

….Vignettes?…or a table full of stuff….


My “coffee table” in the great room…I love having books readily available to reference and I love the look of them to add an element of texture…I also love including flowers where possible…



Cyclamen is my favorite this time of year…I also love the faux corals they have created now..they add so much texture to any vignette…


I try mixing crystal and metals together and really like the mercury glass…


Items on the main guest room dresser..I opened the Paula Deen Book on Decorating Savannah Style to the page called “Y’all Come on In”…thought it was a great saying for my guests…



The end table in the guest room…Antique fishing net balls in my Milk Glass basket…



The foyer “vignette”…


Rather than placing some type of moss around the base of the roses, I placed sea shells in the bowl..


A table in the master bedroom..soon to be “Annie Sloaned”…


My old hat boxes..The small box on one of the boxes holds a candle..I loved the look of this little holds a candle that is the candle collection of the actress, Sandra Bullock…I went to her restaurant and then bakery/gift shop that is across the street. Her candles are yummy…Her restaurant/shop is located in downtown Austin…The silhouette is of my precious granddaughter…



Can’t wait to paint this piece..The details of this late 1800’s piece should really stand out…


This table itself, is slotted for a facelift…and have been searching for the perfect lamp…


I never tire of this view…today was a bit dreary for a while…


Trying slowly to collect more white items for my bookcases in the media room…I just love the bookcases backed
by the grasscloth wallpaper…When I saw how great Stacy Curran’s of Conspicuous Style bookcases turned out, I felt it was a no set forth and did it..


A Maxwell House Coffee tin (unopened) and tea tin..sit atop the scale in my butler’s pantry..I call it my coffee and tea room…The watercolor is of the famous Morning Call in New Orleans. It hung in my former boss’ office and I always told him that one day he would arrive and find it missing…When he sold the company, he presented it to me..I was honored, as I truly know how much it meant to him…


The small wooden square to the left of the Maxwell House Coffee Can is an old printers block of the Maxwell House Coffee Can…


The Tea Side…

So these are a few of my vignettes?… or tables with stuff on them!!..

Thank you for stopping by…I would love to have your feedback…I truly appreciate it….

I am joining:

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Debbie-Doos Blogging and Blabbing Newbie Party
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Common Ground Vintage Inspiration
No Minimalist Here Open House Party
The Polohouse “Favorite Things on the First”
Twenty-Eight-O-Five Potpourri Friday

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  1. I’d say you definitely fit in the vignette class! Beautiful scenes!

    Stopping by from The Polohouse link.

  2. Aw, thanks for the sweet reference, my friend. But you know when it all comes down to it, we all just use the word “vignette” because it sounds so much classier than “stuff.” hah I LOVE all your tables of stuff. We are so much alike in our tastes. And while I know my “stuff” my not be to the tastes of others “stuff” – the best thing about blogging is we can admire it and appreciate the effort. Yours are filled with love and consideration for how it reflects your personality. That is why I love your VIGNETTES! Have a great weekend, we are off tonight. 🙂

  3. Linda Miller says

    Are you kidding me?! Vignettes, for sure! I’ve always thought accessorizing with vignettes was your strong suit. You have a real talent in that area of decorating and find a way to use pieces you have had for years in different ways. And you constantly rearrange things throughout your home, keeping it fresh. I always love looking at your “table tops full of stuff” for creative ideas to accessorize in my own home!

  4. Stuff or vignettes, who cares? It’s yours, the pieces mean something to you and you’ve put them together in a thoughtful way.

  5. Beautiful vignettes, Shirley.

    I have Paula’s book and love it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch!

  6. I love your “stuff”, Shirley! : ) You’ve got some lovely vignettes going on. I love the side table in the guest room as well as that blue {with the lamp and plate} vignette.

  7. MariaElena says

    They are all so beautiful! I am also guilty of having “stuff” all around the house, but, in my opinion, that is what makes a house a home. Yours is just lovely!

  8. Well, my friend, you definitely have “vignettes”…and such pretty ones, at that!! I love how you have arranged all of your pretties…and the flowers are gorgeous!

  9. Your tables of stuff look eerily like … vignettes! And I see you’ll be hosting a Spring party soon. Is it a blog hope? Or is multiple parties with various themes?



    (And Thistlewood Farm inspires me daily too … and her inspiration has been keeping me very, very busy!)

  10. Shirley, you are highlighting some really beautiful fresh flowers in your pictures, and they are so inspiring, such vivid colors, which I think can just make the look of anything very special. I love all of your vignettes, the new ice blue color is very attractive.

  11. Vignettes. Each and every lovely one . . . definitely VIGNETTE! I like the fact that they incorporate different textures and sizes of items and yet, are all pulled together either by theme or color. Beautiful job!

  12. Vignettes tell a story, and I know there are stories behind each of yours. I especially like the black and whie hat boxes with the silhouette of your granddaughter, and the end tables in your guestroom. All your vignettes add warmth and interest to your rooms. Each one tells a bit about you, too!

  13. Love the hat boxes. Your question is well put and we all can ask it of ourselves. More is more for me I fear.

  14. Love your vignettes!!

  15. I call them vignettes, but my husband calls them something else. LOL
    Enjoyed seeing all you vignettes.

  16. Shirley!!!!
    These are ALl gorgeous!
    Stuff on tables!?
    I should think NOT!
    You have a great eye for balance and placement.

    Thanks so much for linking up and thank you for adding me to your sidebar sweet friend!

  17. Oops. Meant to say ALL not ALi!

  18. Love the old hat boxes!

  19. hey your way ahead of me I just figured out that blogs need vignettes! people expect to see such things? anyway they all look nice and the ones at the end are better than the ones at the beginning I’m your newest newbie party fan

  20. face palm dumb move I started following you from the last party so many new friends!

  21. Your vignettes are lovely! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday! I appreciate your participation!

  22. This makes me laugh. The other day my youngest daughter asked me what I was doing. I said that I was working on a vignette. She said “What’s a vignette????”. I said that it’s a nice way of arranging your stuff. I love how you’ve arranged your stuff!!

    – The Tablescaper

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