St. Patty’s Day Birthday girl…

My very precious granddaughter was born on St. Patricks Day…yes, she does have the “luck of the Irish”…

I usually set just one table for St. Patrick’s Day specifically for her birthday; however, since I started

to blog, I set two of them this year…I posted the previous one here….

After the “Lego Birthday Party”, we came back and celebrated her birthday, again…


The Birthday girl’s place setting…


She chose the astro turf “tablecloth”…wanted to eat on grass!


I took the top hats off of a “headband” and used them as napkin rings..


The hats were secured to the headband with pipe cleaners and I added a covered wire and to tied it around the napkin..I stuffed the hats with tissue to give them more substance…



What’s a party without the balloons!..


There’s her St. Patrick’s Day Fairy again…




Tea set, platter, cake plate, and pitcher by Godinger…purchased these right after my Granddaugher was born..







Here we granddaughter invited one of her BFF’s and her parents to join her for dinner…


The birthday girl decked out with her Lego shirt..with mommy and daddy…and her favorite cake..Baskins and Robbins Oreo cake..really good!

Next up..will post a tutorial on the Lego speedway ramp that “Pop” built upon request…and of course anything for the “sweet pea”…Here’s a sneak peek…


The kids at the party made Lego cars and to raced them down the speed ramp…an idea we got from going to Legoland…


Hope you enjoyed my “sweet pea’s” birthday tablescape…


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  1. I love it!!! Looks like it was a great party! We went to a 10 year olds b-day party today and she wanted Legos for girls. I didn’t even know they existed but got her the Beauty Salon:):) Love the speed ramp! Your table looked beautiful, those dishes are gorgeous. XO, Pinky

  2. This is just so cute!!! I love the Godinger shamrock pieces!!!!! What a lucky little girl. But then, of course, she WOULD BE having been born on St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday to your “sweet pea”! It’s wonderful that she has parents and grandparents who love her so much!

  4. I think this is my favorite table setting so far and i’m really lovin’ the new blog look!!!

  5. Another beautiful table setting… Your blog always brightens my day! Wish “sweet pea” a Happy Birthday from us!

  6. Love the St. Patrick’s Day table. The lego track reminds me of the Pinewood Derby track from my boys cub scouts days.

  7. Linda Miller says

    The St. Patty’s/birthday tablescape is beautiful and shows that it was put together with much love. And the ramp that Pop built shows the same love in all of the attention to detail. That’s what makes it all so special for a very special little girl. She truly has the luck of the Irish with such devoted grandparents.

  8. I love your tablescape! So bright fun and perfect for the holiday!!
    Girl you are so creative!

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series

  9. I have to say, Shirley, your granddaughter is a lucky gal to have you put so much effort into her birthday. I hope you are passing on your tablescape,skills to her. Your dishes are wonderful.

  10. Love the whole ST. Patricks Day thing………….my son TJ was supposed to be born C-section on that day, but being a boy he couldn’t wait and came emergency the day before……I still decorate green for him!!! Love the Irish Girl Banner

  11. creativehome8 says

    I just love those dishes, Shirley! It looks like everyone had a great time. That’s a great picture of you and hubby with the granddaughter. Pop did a great job on the racing ramp ~ Pop’s and PopPop’s are good at those things! : )

    Fingers crossed this comment goes through. It seems like I have to sign in differently.

  12. What a lucky little girl, and what a great job you are doing spoiling her, as all grandmothers should! 🙂

  13. Lucky birthday girl. This is a pretty party.

  14. What a great day for a birthday…love your festive table! Your shamrock pieces are lovely.

  15. What a lucky girl to have her grandma go all out for her birthday like this! Love the astro turf!! Brilliant ideas and cheap!! Fun fun ideas! Thanks for linking up to Centerpiece Wednesday and sharing all your ideas!


  16. What a sweet party for a sweet little girl! Love how you decorated ! Looks like a lot of fun!
    Thanks for linking up to Let’s Dish!

  17. What wonderful memories were made! Looks like such a splendid party!

  18. How sweet — something she’ll always remember. Our daughter was born on March 14th and she LOVES St. Patrick’s dinner for her birthday. She’ll always be our sweet Irish lass (even if she just turned 30!)

  19. Lots of fun! So great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays. Hope you’ll join me this week too.

    – The Tablescaper

  20. carrie fields says

    Was looking for the tutorial on Lego Car Ramp! Thanks

  21. Can you provide plans for making the lego car ramp? That is amazing!

  22. Will you be providing diy instructions for the leog ramp? It is beautiful and my son would love one!

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