Overwhelming Faith…The “Pass It On Project”….

Did you ever have a day, when everything went wrong?

..Like the car wouldn’t start and then you finally get it going and you head off to the grocery store and…..

……you forget your wallet!!…then they have to put all the groceries in the “big cooler” and then you…..

………get home and you are locked out?…Now, that’s a day anyone would hum along to the tune…………..


Well, that did not happen to me, (actually something similar happened to Stacy @ Conspicuous Style..read about it HERE…)…

However… when something does go wrong and I have a “pity party”….

….I reach into my “Ruthie Perspective Box” and say to myself, “What are you thinking..Snap out of it!!…things could be so much worse.”


This package arrived at my door…It is the “Pass It On Project” sent to me by KariAnne of Thistlewood Farm.
You can read and learn about this wonderful project HERE


KariAnne made canvases with wonderful quotes..this one is her favorite…
“Life is a series of moments called Now”…This canvas will be “passed on” to my friend Ruth.


And the second canvas was for me!..It read, “It’s all about the hospitable home”…that’s my quote and so love what she did..it was such a surprise…I cried…yes, I get emotional, sentimental…always have..This will be
placed in a very special area of my home…

So now I will tell you about my friend Ruth..the recipient of “Life is a series of moments called now”…for she
exemplifies that term…

For you see, Ruthie has been a dear friend of mine…a lifelong friend. I have known her since Jr. High…Our weddings were two weeks apart…Our sons were born within a month of each other…She is one of the most upbeat people I know…


Here we are..(oh my, I forgot how long my hair was!)..this was taken about 5 years ago..I was visiting my brother in Fla..Ruth came to pick me up and go for a day of shopping..(hubby had the car seeing clients)…She came directly from her treatment…It is funny as she arrived and we were color coordinated…it ALWAYS happens to us!..So my sister in law just had to take a pic!

However, Ruth has been battling a congenital kidney disease for over 25 years…She lost both her mother and very recently her sister to this disease…But when you see her..you would never know what she is going through..

When you ask her how she gets through all her trials and tribulations related to 25 years of dialysis…Ruth would adamantly tell you..HER FAITH…She is the most faithful person I have ever come to know…I can honestly say that without her FAITH and her tremendous medical team, she probably would not be here…


By her bedside…

She recently had complications and was brought to the E.R…she coded…the medical team brought her back..

When she regained consciousness 48 hours later..the first thing she told her husband, was that she saw the Heavenly Father…Ruth said that she wanted just to crawl into HIS lap…HE told her that it was not her time and she must go and be there for her family…her earthly mission was not complete..

Ruth said the warmth of HIS presence was something you cannot describe….If anyone was chosen to see and feel the love of The Heavenly Father, it would be Ruth….

When she got home from the hospital, I traveled down to visit her..I only had one day, as my hubby was on a business trip and had to leave the next day…In the one day, I had a mission..to refresh her bedroom where she spends so much time on that machine…

I want to share with you my gift to her…However, she is a gift unto herself…..Her spirit and attitude is a gift that I have received to remind me how precious life is….TO LIVE IN THE MOMENT….“For Life Is A Series of Moments Called Now”….

So, as I “pass it on”, I pass it on behalf of my dear friend Ruth…SHE IS MY INSPIRATION!!..

I want to share with you some the of photos I took when spending the day with Ruth and freshening up her rooms…
I told her that I am not sending her flowers..I am sending myself to come down and do something we talked about and never got around to….

I had one day, actually one afternoon, to “refresh” a room she spends a lot of time in..her bedroom…where she goes through her treatment 5 nights a week…


Before..Ruth recently purchased this new bedding set…I took a quick inventory of the room and headed to HomeGoods to gather some items for the room…


Found a coverlet to go with the comforter..actually, went with another cream colored one with somewhat of a herringbone type stitching…


BEFORE….bed and night stand…


AFTER….sorry for the pic..forgot my camera and had to resort to my iPhone!…
Added the coverlet…the comforter is set at the foot of the bed and added a new lamp on the nightstand.





AFTER…..placed the lamps that were originally on the night stands on the dresser and grabbed the shades from the living room..(exchanged them)…placed the jewelry chest to the other side of the room and put her grandmother’s chair next to her dresser…Will be working on artwork the next time I am there…


One of her sons decided to use the chair as a stool and put his foot thru it!!..So we just put a antique quilt pillow on top!


Where the jewelry chest was relocated. The window valances will be taken down and plantation shutters are being ordered…



As I was leaving for HomeGoods, I noticed this by the door..it was a comforter she wanted to return…I looked at it and realized that it would go great in her guest room…so went to the guest room and discovered this:


The underside of her quilt was the same shade of green as the comforter..so the wheels started turning….




AND THIS IS THE AFTER…..just turned the quilt and shams over and added the comforter set with shams..Her existing bedskirt was the sage and it matched perfectly…Divine intervention…I love the pencil post bed..I should..it was in my one of my guest rooms in Florida..when I relocated to NC I did not think I needed a second guest room…so I was happy that Ruth gave it a good home…and it is a good home…




I am lusting after her grandmother’s beautiful cow pitcher..I added a sage ceramic tray that I purchased from HomeGoods that morning..





AFTER..It started getting dark..and I only had my iPhone..the other side of the bed..you can’t see it well, but there is a silver pitcher from when her dad worked in a hotel in the Boston area when he was a teenager..It is a great piece of very old hotel silver…


A closer look of the bedding…


On the guest room dresser..It is hard for Ruth to travel often…so she asks everyone to send her a post card from their travels so she can live vicariously through them..what an attitude..I love THIS “post card”…


Not a great image as I had to take a picture of a picture..but this is Ruth and her hubby in front of the Barter Theater in Abingdon, Virginia..where her hubby’s family is from…She loves this picture as it depicts her motto:
“IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE”…Again, her attitude is amazing!


FAITH.….this is the word that defines Ruth and her perspective on life..She is grateful for her blessings of a wonderful husband, 3 sons, and 4 grandchildren…never asking for anything more..

I so love my beautiful friend, my inspiration..I cannot imagine life without her…

So, I pass on this beautiful message on canvas made by KariAnne, to Ruth who defines this message…..



And last…I pass this on to Barb of Grits and Glamour.. to keep this beautiful “PASS IT ON PROJECT” going..to pass it to someone who has inspired her, had shown her acts of kindness, or any beautiful thing that touched her heart….




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  1. RUTH MOCK says

    In tears as I am writing this. What a beautiful tribute you give me! Among the blessings in my life are friends, and you have always been there to encourage me through rough times-physical & emotional. I love my room makeovers & can’t believe all you accomplished in one day! You have always been so generous with your “gift” of decorating-thank you! Do you remember the year we exchanged Christmas gifts, & we had both crosstiched the same “mailbox” for each other? Another Christmas, the same Jim Shore! We are truly “bosom friends” as Anne of Green Gables would say! Thank you dear friend

  2. We all have those days, but it’s how you deal with them I guess…and you have a GREAT attitude!!

    • I didn’t get to finish my comment…..your friend sounds amazing, and you are so lucky to have each other. I’m so glad she got through the last trial in the hospital…what an amazing story/experience. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  3. Linda Miller says

    This is by far the most wonderful post you have written…definitely written from your heart and the redecorating project shows it was a true labor of love. Ruth is such an amazing person and is an inspiration to all who come in contact with her. I know that you received just as much out of this generous “pass it on” project as she did. Shirley, this was just a beautiful, loving gift you gave to a wonderful friend. You are both very special people and I feel blessed to know you both.

  4. Shirley,

    What a blessing. Your friend is SUCH an inspiration. I am so happy that such a wonderful person is the recipient of the gift. I love your project and I know that Barb will love it 🙂


  5. I am so inspired by your friendship and faith. I came home from work late and saw your message and am so glad I came over. What an amazing project.

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series

  6. What a beautiful post, Shirley! This was such a loving gift for your friend; and it is just so wonderful that you are able to do these things for her!! You will be immensely blessed by your giving nature!!

  7. Friendship is a beautiful and special gift, and I would say the two of you are mutually blessed. I can’t imagine that your loving redos didn’t fill Ruth’s heart with song. Hugs to you both.

  8. What a beautiful message, Shirley. Ruth’s faith is a testimony to us all. She is blessed to have a special friend like you!

  9. I have just learned of this project from your blog and I think it’s great. Passing the Liebster along to you and my own recognition for sharing faith!

  10. Wonderful!! Loving this, Shirley, and best wishes to your sweet friend Ruth. 🙂

  11. Betsy Crittenden says

    Ruth could not have a finer friend than you, Shirley. And knowing Ruth, I know she appreciates you as the gift from God that you are… who is always there for her.

  12. God is good, all the time! What a wonderful friend you are and thank you for sharing Ruths story with us, I will be praying for her!

  13. creativehome8 says

    You are a wonderful friend, Shirley! I’m sure Ruth treasures you. You did a wonderful job freshening up both bedrooms and in such a short amount of time, too.

  14. This is wonderful! What an awesome friend you are! The bedrooms look lovely and so refreshed! So thoughtful!

  15. she is so blessed to have a friend like you…….Blessings to you both…..this post just made my day!

  16. Betty Ann says

    Thanks so very much for sharing this wonderful story about Ruth with everyone. I guess I have known her for as long as you have, certainly not as intimately, but have seen her go through life’s trials and tribulations with such grace and faith. She inspires me with her quiet strength and the ability to never let the path HE has chosen for her lessen the spirituality and love she shares with all. I have always believed dear friends are our angels on earth who love us unconditionally and want only true happiness for us. This best characterizes the friendship you and Ruth share, kindred spirits who are blessed to have one another. Oh…and the whirlwind job you did decorating was fabulous, but knowing your wonderful talent, it goes without saying……

  17. My eyes teared up reading this. You have such a wonderful bond with Ruth and it’s wonderful to hear about her positive attitude, even through all her hard times. I hope she continues to look to God for hope and faith! As for what you did in her bedrooms, it looks lovely and I know she’ll think of you when she spends her time in her bedroom. You’re a great friend and great person, and you inspire me to be the best I can be! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Barb Haskew says

    Thank you Shirley for doing this for my cousin Ruth. She told me what you had done with her bedrooms and it really lifted her spirits. She’s always talking about how talented you are with decorating. True friendship is something to cherish and Ruth is an inspiration to everyone…

  19. Shirley this is such an incredible post! Ruth is so fortunate to have a friend like you and she is the perfect recipient of this pass it on project. So fun to have you a part of it. I am truly honored to have met you here in blog world.

    And…the project you made to pass on is so great!! Chalkboard and burlap=awesome! I am pinning it.

    Have a wonderful week,

  20. Ruth sounds like an amazing person. What a beautiful gift you gave her. Love this post.

  21. This is beautiful! I love the gift from Karianne, but your story about Ruthie is great. It’s awesome to have a friendship like that!

  22. This is such a beautiful post of love and friendship. What a great reflection of the Love of Christ!
    It was so sweet of you to freshen up the bedrooms. And your friend is an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing this at Show & Tell. I’m honored.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  23. this touches my heart — what a beautiful post of pure and true friendship! sending you hugs…

  24. I do not know your dear friend, but I love her spirit and her determination that her illness will not prevent her from enjoying her life. Please Lord, I ask that you give me the same determination and outlook as this wonderful woman. I love that bedding and all of the changes you made. So much of a difference, bright and cheery. Thank you Homegoods and Shirley’s great sense of design.
    I love the gift that Karianne sent you, and I cannot tell you how honored I am to be chosen for your pass it on gift. I can’t wait to get it. My mind is already churning with the thoughts of what I can make and who I can send it to. Thank you so much again. I am blessed to have met you through blogging. xxoo, Barb

  25. Your friend, Ruth, will be so happy to receive that gift! Sounds like y’all have a very special friendship. She is lucky to have someone as dear as you look after her the way you do. I love what you did to her rooms too. The beddings that were used are just beautiful! I can’t imagine being in her situation with such serious health problems. I know she is comforted to have you in her life though.

  26. Shirley, such a precious and loving story about your friend Ruth. She sounds like such an amazing person. Definitely a gift from Heaven to all who meet her. Thank you so much for letting us get to know her a little. Hugs, Marty

  27. Katherines Corner says

    Oh my word I am overwhelmed with emotion right now. This beautiful exchange of love and friendship. Truly touched my heart God Bless xo

  28. What an amazing story! Ruth has amazing faith and you are a wonderful friend to go and try to brighten her corner of life.

    Thank you also for your very thoughtful comments on my tablescape.

    I hope to see you Sunday at Seasonal Sundays!

    – The Tablescaper

  29. Katherines Corner says

    I am so happy you linked this beautiful post to the hop xo

  30. What a wonderful and inspiring project, and an even more wonderful gift for a dear friend. Thank you so much for sharing this with each of us. Sometimes we forget what’s real and what life is all about. Blessing for you and your dear friend.

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