A Joyous Weekend..

Our Easter weekend was filled with joy in many ways…the joy of spending time with family and friends on so many levels…

The weekend began with a trip to the coast of North Carolina…to complete my “Pass It On” project…

To deliver my projects to a fellow blogger to “pass it on”…



The canvas that KariAnne made for me for the “Pass It On” project…

To learn more about the project..see Thistlewood Farm

It was wonderful to see Barb of Grits and Glamour again…

I had the privilege of going to her home and delivering my projects….


Here it is in the driveway of our friend’s home in the same town of Barb..waiting to be delivered…


It was a beautiful day in their neighborhood….


Our friends, the host and hostess…Merry and Steve…we were guests in their home (in Barb’s town)….


Barb…In her beautiful breakfast room..love her in her cap!!
Not only is her breakfast room beautiful, but her entire home is stunning…a true southern gem!


The two of us..I don’t think we were ready for the pic..LOL!


We later went to lunch at this fabulous bakery and brought these home..mini cupcakes in mini baskets..
Even the grass was edible!


I redid the centerpiece area for the Easter dinner..low profile flowers..so we can see each other across the table!


My Granddaughter’s setting..a cute wind-up chick from Pier One…


So the Easter Egg/Scavenger Hunt begins…


She must read the clues to find the eggs…We have a mix of a scavenger hunt and then a regular “hunt”…


The clues…my hubby loves to write riddles for the clues….


Found one!


Hey..there’s one in the topiary…


It was a gorgeous Easter day…


They are even hidden in the garage..






Time for the other Easter goodies…



Yay..I got my Angry birds shirt…


And some goofin’ with mom…


A gift for me from son and family…they know I love birds…a great item from a fabulous place in Chapel Hill..
…A Southern Season..

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter or Passover with your loved ones…

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter weekend! What a blessing all around! Merry & Steve’s home is beautiful with that Southern-style front porch!

  2. How precious Shirley! Sure looked like a fabulous time had by all!

  3. She looks so sweet! A fun day for sure! Your friends house is lovely.
    We had a hunt too! I filled 120 eggs! My son doesn’t allow pics of the kids on the net though. But I posted them from afar.
    Have a good Easter week!

  4. Your grnddaughter is so cute! I miss the HUNTS! Love your gift too. XO, Pinky PS, I was amazed to see beautiful RUGS in your garage!!!!!

  5. Linda Miller says

    It looks like you had a wonderful (and busy) Easter weekend. Graylyn looks so adorable in her Easter dress searching for eggs.

  6. What a great weekend, Shirley! Love seeing the smile on your granddaughter’s face — she’s a cutie!
    Happy Monday. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  7. creativehome8 says

    It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, Shirley! Getting to meet a blogging friend and spending some great time with your family.

  8. Shirley..I love the Easter Egg Hunt with the clues, that was really clever. Looked like Graylyn was having fun figuring it out, and boy, she’s so tall now! I love her little pink dress. She’s such a pretty little girl. Your pink geraniums on the porch are gorgeous! I loved this blog. Pam


  10. I’m so glad you got to enjoy your family for Easter. I love the idea of a combined Easter/Scavenger Hunt. I’ll have to remember that for next year.


  11. I’d say you had a great weekend. Aren’t you glad to still have young ones in the family? I can’t imagine an Easter without an egg hunt!

  12. Betsy Crittenden says

    I may have to “borrow” Tommy’s scavanger hunt idea for the grandkids next year. As always, I loved your Easter tablescape! I did one similar to yours but of course it doesn’t hold a candle to yours. Hope to see you soon!

  13. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful day! The Easter egg scavenger hunt is a great idea. And of course, I love the tablescape! I have GOT to go to A Southern Season!!!!

    • Your pictures are fabulous and looks like everyone had a wonderful time. The Easter Egg hunt is such a great idea as a scavenger hunt. Hugs, Marty

  14. Shirley,

    What an awesome weekend! Your friend looks so sweet and I love the picture of you and Barb! She is soooooo funny! I cannot WAIT until Haven! We are going to rock the house!

    You are always my inspiration!

    Happy belated Easter my sweet friend!


  15. I was hoping we’d get to see your granddaughter! She’s SO cute!

  16. What great pictures! First of all, what you made for Barb is so nice. It’s even better that you got to give it to her in person. Looks like you had a very nice Easter. Your home looks so pretty all decked out with flowers. I love the idea of having a scavenger hunt with clues too!

  17. This is such a wonderful post Shirley!! Your whole family looked like they had a wonderful holiday. Your granddaughter is absolutely precious and I think it’s so cute your hubby likes to the do the clues. What a sweet memory! And your pics are Stunning…looks like the perfect day. 🙂

  18. Shirley~ I belated Happy Easter to you! The scavenger Easter Egg Hunt looks like fun for your adorable granddaughter! Adorable birdcage platter~ I haven’t been to a Southern Season in ages! I’m in awe of your tidy garage~ complete with area rugs, LOL 🙂 Ours does NOT look like that that!

    I have you in google reader~ you popped up on my WP dashboard, it said subscribe so I was surprised to see it was your husband’s softball team!

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