Sandals or bare feet required…

No…the famous “barefooted” chef, Ina, will not be joining me today at my table….maybe tomorrow…..

In the meantime…..

This is pretty much how my table will look, for lack of a better word, normally…..


No tablecloth, no pretty dishes from the cupboards…plain…simple…take your shoes off…table…
Well, the candles aren’t normally lit..just today for “blog effect”…

When my hubby saw this house plan, he loved that the dining room was informal….
Right off the kitchen like a breakfast room…
A dining room with a view..a view of the backyard, rather than the typical street view….


Street view…


Down the street view….


Hello my lovelies…they just sprouted up from last season..tonight they will have frost on them!..:(


I wasn’t sold on this informal dining room thing…I guess I consider myself a semi-formal kind of gal..

But when you sit in this very casual dining room almost every day…I agree..he was right..BUT DON’T TELL HIM I TOLD YOU!!
It was a good decision….I love the view…and as my friend Linda says, “it’s all about the view”….

In our former homes, we rarely used our dining room..we all seemed to gather in the kitchen/breakfast room…


A hurricane with shells and candles..simple…set on a silver tray…my reminder of Florida…of sun and sand…
Well, actually there are grits, yes grits, in the bottom of the hurricane…had to add a touch of North Carolina!


The vases are my crystal pineapple candlesticks turned upside down and used as a is hollow on the bottom..
Love inverting things!….


Shells and grits…great juxtaposition…


Yes, it’s all about the view….



Yes… simple… sandals or bare feet…This is where we have most of our meals…..And “that’s a good thing”…
But then again… I am not sure that Martha would approve of bare feet at the table….

Hope you enjoyed my everyday…. barefoot living….. table….

I am joining:

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  1. Shirley, what a great setting, with a great view! You really have some beautiful accent pieces. Using the grits was such a clever idea! I never would have thought of that one!! Love all of your silver and crystal! Very pretty!

  2. Linda Miller says

    As I have said on more than one occasion, it is definitely all about the view and you have a great one. Love the idea of turning the candlesticks upside down. Since I have the same ones and rarely use them, I’m definitely stealing it!!

  3. OMGoodness, your gardens are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What beautiful views you have from every vantage point. That hurricane is beautiful too. I am sure we will LIVE in the kitchen/morning room in our new house too. XO, Pinky

  4. Now that’s my kind of dining – simply beautiful, yet casual! The views out the window are lovely, but so is the view of your shells and grits!

  5. creativehome8 says

    Definitely, the view, Shirley! The kitchen in my old house faced out to the yard and I loved seeing that view! On the other hand, my formal dining room faced out to the street and I didn’t care for that view as much.

  6. So pretty and I never thought of using grits! Aren’t you smart. We have a chance of frost tonight, too after all the hot weather we had in March. Just crazy.

  7. A very lovely table and room! Love it…

  8. Shirley~ It IS all about the view! I love your casual DR! Our house in Charlotte has a formal DR, but we find we are more comfortable eating on the porch or patio about 10 months of the year at the lake, pollen permitting 🙂 Brilliant using the grits as sand~ I’m going to “borrow” your trick!

  9. The table is beautiful. I love the pineapple candlesticks and I love that you used them as vases. I am barefoot most of the time, including the table as well. Most of the time we are at the table in the hearth room or on the back porch.

    I don’t have HGTV’s cute guy helping with the landscaping but J is still pretty cute…even if he is a G’pa.:-)

  10. Really Lovely Shirley!! I for one love to kick off my shoes when I walk in the door! I adore your creativity!

    I hope you will come see my new Annie Sloan Projects revealed!
    Art by Karena

  11. Gorgeous view.. that is why we bought this house.. it’s all about the view. We are lacking a formal dining room here too. Still not sure how I feel about that. But you are right.. I love your dining room. Great idea to turn the pineapples upside down! I would never have known.. xo marlis

  12. I think that not only is the view gorgeous, the room is gorgeous. I love your shells and grils centerpiece, too. I need to replicate that one.

  13. What a beautiful view you have to enjoy each and every day! I love the shells in the bottom of your hurricane to hold the candles in place.

  14. Debbie@Mountain Breaths says

    I love the pineapple candlesticks, and adore how you can use them as vases. I would enjoy sitting barefoot at your table!

  15. Looks like a gorgeous room to me!

    The grits made me laugh.

    As for your view and your AMAZING urb appeal – gorgeous!!!

  16. Too sweet, love the sand aka “grits” in the hurricane with your shells. And I adore that hurricane. This looks like my kind of room, and I will be able to see it in person pretty soon. Yippee!

  17. Lovely table! I love the warmth of the wood…so pretty! Hope you cover up your plants tonight. I’ve already covered my tender plants so the frost doesn’t get them!

  18. Your home is beautiful! Love the gardens and the dining room!

  19. I love casual elegant, and your table is just beautiful with your centerpiece. Great job, thanks for sharing your dining room.

  20. Absolutely beautiful. Love the idea of using grits!! Your table and dining room is stunning!

  21. Beautiful Shirley! Love the pineapple vases you invented! Your centerpiece is just lovely!
    Thanks so much for sharing this at Let’s Dish!

  22. Your everyday centerpiece is so pretty and is how my table usually looks much of the time too. I love how you thought to use your pineapples upside down for vases. Your dining room seems wonderful to me! In our old house our dining room was in the back of the house facing the backyard but was very formal and rarely used. This house is in the front and I try to keep it from getting too formal. We have a great view of the front yard and porch. I think the way you decorate them also has a lot to do with it too. I can tell your dining room decor is very welcoming! Thank you so much for visiting and for your sweet comments!

  23. Nothing wrong with the way your table looks “normally” and it’s good to see those pineapples! I’m happy to know I can join you in bare feet because that’s the way they are most of the time.

  24. Oh! Hello button! I was about to leave a comment and I just saw my new button. How is it that everytime I stop by here I smile! Why do you not live closer so you could stop by for tea and macaroni and cheese?



  25. You had me with the grits! I’m a midwest girl, but a southern heart–I go to Florida once or twice a year whether I need to or not ( I need to). Love the versatility of those crystal pineapple pieces. Beautiful home and a kindred spirit. highpointcircle

  26. Shells and grits….if that doesn’t say “Southern”, I don’t know what does!!! (It’s always hard for me to consider Florida as being part of the South, but I guess that it technically is!) What a cool combination! The pineapples remind me of some I recently saw in one of William Yeoward’s books. They really catch the light beautifully! I love the wood of your dining table, too!!! GREAT views!!!

  27. I love it…the same candle holders I used last week, but as a different vessel! I wouldn’t have thought to turn them upside down to use as a vase.

  28. Your centerpiece is lovely, as is your home!! Love the nautical accents mixed in, too!

  29. I love this look so much!! It is the perfect combination of pretty and laid back. I have to say I agree about the windows!! I love to eat with natural sunlight in a room full of windows! 🙂

  30. Love this light filled room with a gorgeous view. What a wonderful place to have your meals. The centerpiece is lovely. ~ Sarah

  31. I like your centerpiece and how clever of your turning those candlesticks upside down!

  32. I love your gorgeous hurricane, so pretty. The etching detail is stunning. Using the grits is genius, it looks like sand. How fun is that. I use coffee beans a lot and sometimes green split peas. Now I need to buy so grits. Beautiful home and the landscaping is gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  33. I been reading your posts everytime I saw you in BNOP. I love the way you have. ELEGANCY is all about. You might think it’s simple but they are soooooooooo BEAUTIFUL.

    Love everything on your table. If am home an I don’t have guests, shall I bother having barefooted? On summer, love being barefooted §;-)

    You have such a wonderful and warm home. Great job.

    Enjoy your w/end with your lovelies.

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm,

  34. I LOVE this simple, colorful table scape. And your house and landscaping is SO freakin gorgeous!!!

  35. Shirley, I think your dining room is great. I’m loving that planked table and I have chairs similar to yours. Yes, the view is perfect.

  36. I love your table. Our dining area in our new place is all in one with the great room. I think the furniture is more formal than the way I want to live my life now, but it was investment furniture when we bought it and not just something we would take to a consignment shop. Plus, our kids don’t want it since they aren’t formal types. So, we are stuck with the formal table, chairs, etc. indefinitely. The accessories I used in there are way informal, though, to soften it.

  37. Hi there, so very nice to meet you. I am your newest follower. Your house is lovely. The tablescape is simple and elegant. I have those very same pineapple candleholders. iIalso turned them upside down for a vase on one of my tablescapes. I hope you come to visit. Enjoy your week-end.

  38. How beautiful! I love your table and your neighborhood is lovely. Your table decor is very pretty, I love the lantern with the shells and the flower vases. Lovely! Thank you for your sweet and kind visit my friend. Wishing you have a great weekend.

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