A Lucky Friday the 13th….I got framed….

Never feared Friday the 13th!!…As a matter of fact, I always had nice things happen on Friday the 13th…

I remember WAAY back when, I was trying out for cheerleading in Junior High and the number that was assigned to me for the final tryouts was 13…

I thought I was doomed…but I made it…with Lucky Number 13…

Today was no different…I tagged along with my very talented friend, Martha and her hubby….

Martha is the REAL Martha Stewart…She paints, she quilts, she does every kind of needlework there is…
She has a green thumb, and not to mention…a gourmet cook…and the sweetest person you would ever meet…

So off we went to Hight Point, N.C…to a frame sale of a picture frame manufacturer…


There were boxes outside the door of the warehouse…Frames…FREE!
We were there about 15 minutes after they opened, so many were taken, but we managed to get a few…


HELLO!!!…ONE DOLLAR!!!…Small heavily framed mirrors for A DOLLAR!!


And lots of frames for A DOLLAR…100 cents…


Rows and rows of beautiful frames…from A DOLLAR to five dollars…


Miss Martha perusing large sheets of matboard (One Dollar for a very large sheet) for her watercolors…
She is in many beautiful art shows…
Oh….and she also is a major collector and seller of antique/vintage linens..She was a vendor at Brimfield last year….


Here she is again perusing frames..
We gals in the neighborhood also refer to her as the lady with the beautiful hair and skin….


So here are my purchases of my dollar frames…Set upon my soon to be yard saled rug..
I have plans for them…A little paint…a little chalkboard…hmmmm….


Oh…those are my bare feet in the mirror!



This trio of frames cost ONE DOLLAR EACH…so a great piece of art for $3.00…Oh, the Lucky 13….

And then when I arrived home..a package was on my front porch…
It was my books that I won in a giveaway from Rattlebridge Farm..


Michael Lee West featured her friend, Lori Wilde, “The Cowboy Takes A Bride”

And the newly published book of Micheal Lee West’s “A Teeny Bit of Trouble”

So today was a very good day “AS I WOKE UP AND SAW THE SUN”…..and got framed…


Southern Hospitality Thrifty Treasures

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  1. findinghomeonline says

    Wow wow wow! Such fun finds. I am heading to Brimfield in may with my best girlfriends. Will she be there again?

  2. I love all your frames 🙂 I can’t believe those frames were only $1.00. Seriously….what an incredible deal! Looks like you had fun spending the day with your very own Martha!


  3. Loved Marthas pictures………………looks like you all had fun!!!

  4. It sounds like a truly lovely day. I got a chuckle when you pointed out your feet in the mirror! I hadn’t noticed til you said it. LOL! I cannot wait to see what you do with these frames. BTW, your link to Show & Tell had the most views….you will be featured tomorrow. One more lucky thing for your Friday 13th.

  5. creativehome8 says

    I even like that arrangement you laid out on your floor with the two frames and the mirror,
    Shirley! What a great place to visit ~ I would have had a field day and probably come home with more frames than I’d know what to do with. : ) I love all your selections. You are going to have fun making stuff with them. I found some frames at Goodwill yesterday – nothing big, but I loved the shapes and detailing. I never have good luck finding good frames at Goodwill. It seems that things have their 15 minutes of fame here in blogland and it seems like this month it is frames!

  6. You are the deal queen for sure.

  7. That is awesome…talk about frame heaven! And the prices!~ You are going to have fun with those.

  8. Wow, they are beautiful! I would have looked for 12 of the same size that I could use as chargers! Maybe glue shells on them! Or maybe grosgrain bows for a ladies luncheon! Oh the possibilities! Have fun with your bargains!

  9. You are Lucky 13 for sure. I love your finds, the frames and adore the mirrors!!

    I am having a $100 Gift Card Giveaway from Soft Surroundings If you would like to enter.

    Art by Karen

  10. Wow, what a bargain! I sure wouldn’t mind getting framed like that!

  11. Good for you! It sure was your day..nice things happen to nice people of course!
    Xoxo Colette

  12. Lucky 13 indeed for you! I’m in awe of those beautiful & handsome frames for a $1.00! What fun projects lie ahead for you! Happy Reading 🙂

  13. Lucky you, what a steal! Enjoy your Sunday thank you for stopping by.

  14. Oh my goodness, you found some of the most wonderful frames and what a deal. There was so much to see and so many to choose from. I love your choices. Can’t wait to see what you do with all of them. Congrats on the books too, how fun is that. Hugs, Marty

  15. WOW! I cannot believe you got those frames for that!!!!! Talk about a deal! I must say you was very lucky! And then to get home to a win! You did have a great day didn’t you? Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. Wow! That is so amazing! Definitely a lucky day! 🙂

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