Vintage Setting Among the Trees

Sometimes I feel like I live in a tree house…

Our main floor is actually one level up on the back side…

….when you look out..all you see are tops of the trees…

….the squirrels leaping from branch to branch


Then sometimes, I feel like I am in a Disney movie..

….the squirrels scurrying along side of a deer….Bambi…


It’s nice sitting out there…listening to the birds…and then there are the hum of the golf carts…

….then the idyllic atmosphere is CRUSHED…Crushed the the “ping” of the golf club hitting the ball….

But then again…the sounds of the birds overwhelm the “humm”……and life is good…..


I set the table with my vintage Jadite…made famous by Martha Stewart…

I started collecting it years ago….when it was reasonable…before Martha proclaimed her love for the pretty green
Fire King dishes….


The vintage tablecloth is a cheery daisy pattern made by Vera….


The chicken covered dish is made by Westmoreland….



It’s a beautiful day here…such a difference from the gloomy day yesterday….



We want to expand the upper porch….we have these gorgeous plans that were drawn up…

….the porch to be extended 12 feet in a demi-lune shape with double staircases going down on each side…..

….but until the housing market takes a turn…..we are unsure of pouring a large amount of money into the house…

I will be sharing my plans for a dream upper deck…my “pie in the sky” dream for the back exterior of the house
in a later post….


But until then…I am counting my blessings of having this beautiful space to sit and enjoy the view….






I never tire of my view….

I want to add a few picks of my Iris’ that are in bloom now…





Hope you enjoyed my “Setting Among the Trees” today….

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  1. Hi, hi, hi! Wow…what laws would I break to be able to have a great space like that right outside our master bedroom!!!! That would be the ideal for me! Monday through Friday I could take a few minutes to gather myself after rushing Ramon off to work, then on the weekends he and I could linger over breakfast there. That would be heaven!!! This is a beautiful spot for you to enjoy nature (with the occasional “Fore!” thrown in for good measure!) 🙂 My Grandmother had a lot of this Fire King Jadite, but I was much too young and goofy to appreciate it at the time. It is making a lovely comeback via your table. Your irises are GORGEOUS!!! The color is a real knockout!

  2. You certainly have a marvelous setting. The view is perfect–just like a Disney Movie. Your Iris is gorgeous–those shades I love. Happy Sunday.

  3. Linda Miller says

    Beautiful setting and I love how all of the purple flowers throughout the yard and pots make the blueberries stand out in the jadite bowls.. Enjoy the day!

  4. What a fantastic and peaceful setting. Ah…being nestled among the branches, setting such a lovely table and having an eye for a setting worth pausing to enjoy. We don’t have Irises here, so it’s especially fun to see such a colorful display. Thanks for sharing your space!

  5. WooHoo, it looks like spring has really sprung for you…beauty all around. I would love to be joining you on the porch even if our chats were interrupted by golf balls flying through the air. Enjoy every one of the minutes you have before it gets too hot to enjoy being outside.

  6. What a beautiful setting Shirley! I love those beautiful two toned iris’!

  7. I always love getting to visit your porch. It was such a beautiful view and is so calm and relaxing. You always have a beautiful tablescape to share with us and today’s is just lovely.

  8. Oh my what a fabulous view and your tablescape is stunning. I could sit there all day. So beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  9. creativehome8 says

    How gorgeous, Shirley! It does seem like a tree house! What a pleasure that must be to sit out there and enjoy your view and a morning coffee.

  10. Your setting is VERY similiar to ours, Shirley. I will miss our beautiful view. For sure. Just not all the WORK of maintaining the yard. I love your beautiful Jadite dishes too! The fruit looks yummy. Hope you had a good weekend. XO, Pinky

  11. Katherines Corner says

    Pure bliss my friend. A beautiful setting to sit and enjoy the beginning of your day. Oh your Iris look divine. I don’t think mine will make a showing this year as the snow hurt a ot of my lovely spring blooms. No tulips either…sad face. xo

  12. Oh, how nice of you to let us spent some time with you among the trees. What a beautiful view, I would never tire of it either. I just love your gorgeous jadite pieces, so unique. I’ve never seen those little petal dishes.
    Thanks so much for visiting, and your sweet words were really so encouraging. They really mean alot.
    Big hugs,

  13. Fab! Fab! Fabulous! I don’t have any Jadite but would be tempted to buy some now. LOL
    This is such a beautiful setting, on a beautiful day, in a beautiful home. I am beginning to think you, my friend, also have a dish fetish. LOL I can’t wait to visit so I can see them all. Soon I hope! xxoo

  14. Shirley, I’m so glad I dropped by and got to see your Jadite collection. Your view is amazing. When we lived in Mt. Pleasant, we lived on a golf course. We only had one ball to hit our house (that we know) over a 10 year period. Those plans to expand your porch sound beautiful.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love your Jadeite collection! I purchased a tea set for my sister as a wedding gift (about 10 years ago). I love Jadeite!!

    Since you are on WP… are you having issues with receiving new posts from people you follow. On this page it shows I’m following you but under my stats page it shows I’m not.. and I don’t get your posts emailed to me. I don’t get my own posts either! I had to sign up a new email to get!

  16. Oh what a lovely place to enjoy! I could sure wile away the hours in such a special spot. Your irises are just gorgeous – I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in that color before.

  17. Just beautiful I love everything the dishes the table and the flowers. Great pictures!


  18. SO beautiful!! What a treat to see this (something I could never do!)

  19. This is such a gorgeous porch!! I can see how you could sit out here all day and enjoy the birds, even if that means a few pings from the golf balls mixed in too! I love the vintage also!

  20. Thanks so much for stopping by The 2 Seasons. As far as capitals go, you are right. Ocala is the Horse Capital of the World, and Lexington is the Thoroughbred Capital of the World. We are quickly losing our horse industry because other states that have casinos are allowed to pay higher purses because their tracks can use their gambling revenue for the purses. I don’t know how much longer we will be able to hang on to our title.

  21. You’re very blessed to live in such a paradise. My porch measures exactly 5 X 4 🙂 I love Jadite — I’ve thought of collecting it but it IS very expensive. Darn Martha.

  22. Gorgeous! My house is situated the same way and we love when all the trees have leaves — exactly like being in a tree house! Love your tablescape, Shirley ~ very inviting. 🙂 xo Heidi

  23. You paradise is perfection as far as I am concerned. Is that Euphoribia (spelling?) in the pot on the table. I grow that in the outside garden. I love your irises they are too lovely and I am jealous.
    We think alike. I have that same Waterford piece, from the Millennium collection.
    Everything is so pretty. Looking forward to hearing about the deck plans. Hugs, Ginger

  24. Hi Shirley! Congrats on being a graduate of the newbie party:( I will miss your participation but so happy you have moved on. Your table is gorgeous. I have never seen dishes as pretty as those and the color is so unique.

  25. These dishes and your garden are exquisite. Just a gorgeous celebration. Thank you for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  26. Lovely table setting 🙂
    Greetings from Australia

  27. What a gorgeous back porch you have! I would love sitting out there eating a light lunch listening to the birds like that. You do have an incredible view. I love lots of trees around a house. Much better than a house sitting out in the middle of a field with hot sunshine all day!! Your flowers are gorgeous too.

  28. What a beautiful view! Your setting is so pretty, and the tablecloth is gorgeous! I could sit there for hours!
    I see my iris are almost ready to pop, but it has turned cold again this last week!
    I don’t blame yiu for waiting on the plans. There is so much uncertainty in this economy, and it has gone on for so long!
    Here from Seasonal Sunday, 🙂

  29. Calgon, take me away to your beautiful home in the trees! What a wonderful and cozy sight it is. Your table looks so lovely nestled among the trees. I love Jadite and don’t own a single piece. I think that needs to change. lol! I have a new link party, Share Your Cup Thursday. I would love if you would share this

  30. Oooh, I want to come live with you!… what a gorgeous setting you have… I am such a Nature lover and the way you describe everything is delightful! I too started collecting Jadite long before Martha!… (She can’t take credit for EVERYTHING!)…all of your flowers are so pretty… wishing you a most enchanted day in May amidst your house in the trees… xoxo Julie Marie

  31. PS I found my way over here from Ivy and Elephants… love those ladies!

  32. So beautiful! My side yard is very wooded as well. I love watching the squirrels and listening to the birds…Blessings, Tammy

  33. This speaks of serenity, color and peacefulness to me! I love the shots looking out from the other room. Everything looks so wonderful.. I like the backdrop of the trees outside! Lovely!

  34. Your jadite is beautiful! Martha did run the market up on that one didn’t she! Your tablecloth is beautiful too! I’d love to have a cozy spot like that to set at. I have a large deck and furniture but it’s not quite as personal as this! Our weather has been on and off good and bad! It’s been a quirky spring for sure!

  35. Oh, those IRISES!!! And that chicken covered The setting is so stunning; I believe I would simply live out there.

  36. You have a lovely porch and view! What a charming table and I love the jadite!

  37. Your irises have the most beautiful colors! What a beautiful setting! I would love to sit there and watch the deer and squirrels. Beautiful table too!…Christine

  38. What a gorgeous view and lovely setting. I love your jadite and your pretty tablecloth. The pics of all your flowers are gorgeous.

  39. What a darling little table. The jadeite is just perfect to use al fresco! What a pretty color!

  40. Wow, if I had that beautiful little setting I would never get any work done. I would sit there all day and play ladies!!! It just looks so restful. Lucky I’m in Australia or you could find me sitting there one day!!

  41. What a beautiful setting and a lovely table! I’m hugely fond of vintage table linens, and I love those.

  42. Ahhh! How relaxing. Lucky you, to have such a wonderful place to unwind.

  43. Your Jadite is so charming — especially like the chicken covered dish. What a wonderful setting to enjoy your fresh fruit.

    Visiting from Share Your Cup. Debra

  44. This is so pretty I wish I were there…love the tablecloth and the jadite!

  45. WOW.

    Your view – and tablescape- is absolutely heavenly!!!!!

  46. Such a beautiful setting. I can almost hear the birds singing. What a restful spot. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  47. Gorgeous porch. I have the same kind of view and second story porch, and plans in a back drawer to expand. Your jadeite is beautiful, especially paired with the bright colors in the planters on the porch. Those are the most beautiful irises I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing! ~CJ

  48. Katherines Corner says

    I’m happy you chose this post to share this week.Hugs and thank you for joining in the hop fun. xo

  49. Hi! I just love your Garden view! The setting is so pretty! I was really happy to see your post! I just love Jade-ite as well! Your pieces are delicate and pretty. I just did a post on my Jade-ite collection last week! Maybe you would like to come visit?

  50. What a beautiful setting all around Shirley! I could spend hours out there! Thanx for sharing at THT!

  51. Beautiful setting and a wonderful place to relax. Thanks for joining the Open House party!

  52. “Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.” -Ben Hogan

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