So many projects…

I have been gearing up for a larger project next week

Have you ever experienced the need to complete so many projects

…..that you find yourself going from one to another…

…..never actually completing one?


Some new bedding?


Rearranging tabletops?



And always fresh flowers to make you smile through the process….

Well….back to the salt mines….HI HO!!!…

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  1. Lovely pictures I really like the cmall column on your mantel. That is really something I would love.


  2. A woman’s work is never done!!!

  3. You big tease!!! What are you up to???? Can’t wait to see!

  4. Oh I can so totally relate. Can’t wait to see what all you’re up to. The new bedding looks gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  5. Are you kidding? That’s the story of my life. I have so many things going at once it makes me crazy, but I do finally get them done. Today, for example, I took all the cones of fiber off their shelves and dusted, something that’s needed to be done for months. Oh happy day!

  6. pstandley says

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one plagued with not completing three projects before starting another three. I love the new silver and gold bedding, Is that in the guestroom downstairs? I love that pedestal, too. So glad to be back in touch with your blog.

  7. Oh girl, you’re talking my language. I am doing that very thing right now. I have a torn miniscus and have to go in for a scope soon. I just keep thinking of everything I want to get done first. Seems the hurrier I go the behinder I get. I have unfinished quilts, a table I want to paint and want to add vintage laces to a lampshade. Wonder if I will complete any.

  8. I am famous for going from one project to another…love fresh flowers in every room!!

  9. Just want to wish you a happy Mother’s day. XO, Pinky

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