There "Oughta" Be A Law….

“Hey Sweetie, I think I did not sell that black scale when we moved”….

“Have you by any chance seen it?”……

………”Sure Honey, I have!”….

………”You can find it on Aisle 2, Shelf 4, Bin number 32″….in the attic”

OK…so are you like me?…Do you envy people like that?….THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW!!!


So in about 10 minutes, whereas it would have taken me 10 hours…..

………my old scale appeared. Gotta love him…..


I am glad that I did not sell this before we relocated…

I went out into the backyard and clipped a few of my hydrangeas that are starting to come into full bloom….


They are so beautiful…just sitting out there happily in the sun….

………I feel that when I take cuttings…..I take away more of the beauty of the shrub….


But then, it makes me happy to see them inside……makes me smile ๐Ÿ™‚



So now they are sitting in a pretty bowl that I so carefully placed in my suitcase…..


…… I bought it in Japan, when I was visiting there with my mom and brother.


Japan, where the hydrangeas are gorgeous…and the camellias exquisite…



So thanks honey!…for being the way you are…so organized….so accommodating…

………so that I was able to pick these wonderful hydrangeas

………to place in my special bowl

………on top of the scale, that was patiently waiting for me in the attic to see the light of day again.

I am joining:

A Stroll Thru Life — Tabletop Tuesday

DIY By Design — Swing Into Spring

From My Front Porch to Yours — Treasure Hunt Thursday

No Minimalist Here — Open House Party

Savvy Southern Style — Wow Us Wednesdays

Southern Lovely — Show and Share

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  1. I’m with hubby…organization rules!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ GREAT scales and gorgeous hydrangea! I’ll bet you cradled them like a newborn on your flight back! I just bought dishes in Nashville that I swaddled like a baby to bring back on the plane. The organizer in me made me pack lots of bubble wrap “just in case.” It’s all about balance…you have traits that keep your husband on track and vice versa. Lovely!!!

  2. lol! Hmm, this is one group I can’t join – unless you want me to counsel others on how to organize themselves!! It’s alright, I’m in so many blogger support groups now I don’t think I could handle another one… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your hydrangeas are so gorgeous!!!

  3. Linda Miller says

    The hydrangeas are gorgeous. They are one of my favorite flowers. I am enjoying a huge basket in my kitchen that I received as a Mother’s Day gift. I bet you’re glad right now that you didn’t sell those scales at one of your garage sales. I would have and would probably have some seller’s remorse. I can attest to the fact that you are probably married to the MOST organized man on the planet. You’re a lucky girl!

  4. pstandley says

    Those hydrangeas look like silk flowers, just so perfect and beautiful. I have to say, Tommy is by far the most organized person, with the most organized house, I’ve ever seen. You are pretty organized yourself, Shirley. That is one cool scale, and the flowers look lovely on it. Oh, the ideas you come up with….wow.

  5. Your hydrangea bush is gorgeous and the clippings look so pretty in that bowl!

  6. Gorgeous Hydrangea. The color is wonderful.

    I love the scale!

  7. Your hydrangeas are a beautiful color. Great scale and so glad you found it.

  8. I definitely can’t be in that group because I could never be that organized! Your scale is amazing and don’t even get my started on those hydrangeas.


    Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Love the scale! Love the hydrangeas! Love the art in the background, too! (!) How R you?

    • shirley@housepitalitydesigns says

      Hmmm…I wonder….oh yeah, the fabulous art in the background is from a great artist…her name is Karen Kinser with Kinser Fine Art….not only is she a wonderful, talented artist, she is a wonderful person inside and out….Love you beautiful (and she is) friend….!!!

  10. Laura is having hydrangeas in her wedding on June 23rd this year. I hope they look as lovely as these.

  11. Your hydrangeas blooms are gorgeous, and I feel the same way about cutting them. And your special bowl looks fabulous on top of that “almost lost” scale.

  12. Shirley Ha!!I thought you were talking about scales YOU weigh yourself on!

    I am not all that organized , no really not!

    Art by Karena

  13. Shirley, your hydrangeas are GORGEOUS!!!! Glad your hubby is that organized:):)

  14. My hubby is the “have you seen my>>>>>>???????? It drives me nuts. Now I am semi organized…but not as your hubby!!

  15. I do try to keep organized, but I have those moments when I can’t find anything because I can’t remember where I put it! Your hydrangeas make me anxious for mine to start blooming which won’t be for another 6 weeks or so. Is there anything more lovely?

  16. NO way!! Is that a true story about the bins!? I’m totally jealous if it is!

  17. Wow, I’m glad you didn’t get rid of it either b/c that scale is so cool! The hydrangeas make me want to plant some. And OMG are you serious?! That’s amazing if your husband is really that organized!! He could teach mine a thing a two ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. And I love the old scale they’re setting on. Glad you didn’t sell that beauty.
    Mary Alice

  19. I had to chuckle when I read this, Shirley. Pookie is the opposite of your hubbie when it comes to organization! When we visited last week, I was admiring how nicely organized the garage (and your whole house!) is. Trust me – when you visit here, I won’t be showing you my garage! ;-D Your hydrangeas are to die for and I’m majorly jealous!!!

  20. The flowers are exquisite! I would just love to have them around my place. You know, I have so much trouble finding things…I put them in what I think at the moment is a good place. Then when I start to look, it takes forever and then I wonder ‘why’ would I have thought that place was good? Makes me crazy! ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. Your hydrangeas are drop dead gorgeous Shirley! My hydrangeas are not nearly as prolific~ I to dose them with miracle-gro ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful in your bowl and on your scale!

  22. Hi Shirley, your hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous. There aren’t enough words to describe their beauty. just think, Madonna hates hydrangeas….she must have poor taste. Your vignette looks lovely. I am glad your hubby knew where the old scale was. Thanks for sharing a lovely post.

  23. I like to think that I’m organized, but from time to time I lose things too. Good thing you have an organized husband! Love your scale and love the hydrangeas even more. They are the prettiest shade of purple. I feel the same as you about cutting flowers off a shrub too!

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