Who doesn't love a chippy chair?….

When I removed the vanity table out of one of the guest room baths (which is across the hall from my hubby’s office)…

I heard him exclaim….”where am I going to sit and tie my shoes?”

For he uses this bathroom after he gets really dirty working in the yard….

…..he can enter this room without going thru the house….

……….leaving trails of leaves and dirt….

So I set out to find the perfect chair…


I found it….

…..while at my new favorite antique mall…(Melville Trading Company in Mebane, NC)

……….where they also sell Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I was going to get paint supplies….

……….and came home with a chair..


I have lots of chairs in the attic….

…..but none of them worked…

I needed one that I did not care if the fabric (or wood) would get ruined….


The antique mall owner came to the rescue…he had something that may fit the bill in his warehouse….

…..it was perfect….an old metal chair that most likely came out of an old schoolhouse….

…………and the price was right…$25.00 🙂

I took my pics against (“a coming attraction”)…took the cue from Amy at The Salvage Collection.

……….to place your finds and projects in front of a great backdrop.

I do not have great old doors like she does…so I chose my “upcoming attraction project”…..


The perfect size for that space…


Now I definitely need a new pillow for that chair….

…..one with no ruffles or flowers… one that is appropriate when tying your Nike’s….



I think it looks great with the table I just finished in ASCP with the help of a “budding decorator”


Thank you for visiting me…hope you enjoyed my “chippy chair” against the backdrop of my upcoming attraction!

I am joining:

Mrs. Hines Show and Tell

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  1. Very neat chair. I like it very much. Think it has stories to tell? I love the stuff that was behind the chair it was really cool.


  2. I like the chair, Shirley. I think I would put a pillow on it that has the words “GIVE YOUR WIFE SOME MONEY” on it so as to send out a subliminal message each time he sits there! 🙂

  3. I love your new chair and you’ve chosen the perfect place to use and display it. What a great job your helper did on the table! I also love, love your pretty pillow.


  4. SheilaG@Plum Doodles says

    The chair is perfect! We used to live in Gibsonville, that antique mall must not have been there when we were in the area. May have to check it out if we ever get back there.

  5. That is perfect. I can’t remove the stool out of the bathroom because my hubby needs to sit to put his socks and shoes on there and I really want it out. Can’t wait to see your upcoming project.

  6. I just looove those up and coming decorators! I’m glad that I’ve seen the space and can picture exactly where that adorable chair went! I have GOT to go back down to Mebane – I haven’t been since our class! I’m off to check out The Salvage Collection.

  7. I love your new chippy chair…that’s kinda fun to say! It looks great in your bathroom next to your AS table!

  8. I LOVE this chair. I hope you find the perfect tying- your- shoes-when-your-dirty pillow. 😉

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  9. That chair looks like it could actually get used and not ruined, for sure. It reminds me of an old school chair. I’m sure your husband will approve!

  10. Love the metal chair. That was a perfect solution for that spot. The table is great as well, I must have missed that one. How about a ticking pillow. I know ticking comes in a variety of colors now.
    I know you will find the perfect accent, cuz you home is to die for. Maybe not die, but I SURE do love it.
    Hugs, Ginger

  11. what a great story about the chair. love it!

  12. If your hubby isn’t happy with the chair, it will look good other places. BTW, I had the twin to the table. At some point I gave it to my daughter who made it fit her country French decor, but I noticed when she was readying things to move it didn’t make the cut and now it’s in someone else’s home.

  13. Great find, Shirley. I love the piece you have “upcoming”. The detail looks wonderful on it.

  14. Linda Miller says

    A manly chair…bet Tom is happy and even more so when the pillow moves to a more feminine place in your home! LOL. Most men are not very fond of pillows but if he wants one, ticking or homespun would probably do the trick. I know you’ll find the perfect substitute.

  15. That chair is perfect and looks great in it’s new home! Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

  16. Shirley,

    Your chair is wonderful. Can you think of the stories it could tell? And I agree about Amy’s photography. I need to find some old doors and paint them 🙂


  17. Oh you don’t really want that chair, do you? I’ll take it off your hands for you so you don’t need to worry your pretty head about it… 🙂

    Great job! Fabulous chair! I need to go shopping with you!!

  18. Lovely eye candy! Chair is fabulous 🙂
    Greetings from Australia♥

  19. Love the chair Shirley~ I love when you go out to fetch something and come back with an added surprise 🙂

  20. the chair is amazing… and i am working on a similar table right now!! thanks for the shout-out!! sorry i didn’t get here sooner!

  21. Shirley that chair is divine!! Your little helper is a keeper too!:)

  22. Your budding decorator is so cute in her apron. Love the chair or course. Great patina.

  23. Love your sturdy industrial type chair! Perfect for its intended use.
    Mary Alice

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