Everlasting flowers…

Several years ago…I went to a gorgeous showcase home and my heart stopped….

……….an incredible display of floral plates in a 3-D type of design on the wall.

I never forgot that vision….

Until I walked into one of my favorite stores that just opened up in my town….

……….Arhaus….love that store!

When I entered the store…..my heart stood still again….

The wall before:



I saw these beauties…they were clustered on a wall…

I started with three….with the possibility of adding more….


Placed over the bed…that space needed something….

…..something other than a picture….something different.


They seemed to “fit the bill”….


PicMonkey Collage

Now look at my collage…I just figured out how to do this!

After KariAnne’s post today on her “picmonkey features”…..

……….I thought that I would get my “rear in gear” (oh..that rhymed!)….

…………….and learn this feature!


Now, I am going to be collaging away…

…..maybe I will change my middle name to “Collage”….

……….oh that has a nice ring to it…like it better than mine…

……………and don’t ask me what it is!!!


So many changes in store for this second guest room….

…..just a short time ago, this room was filled with exercise equipment…

Really needs paint…on the walls….on the furniture.

I added these cute burlap curtains……


Dreary day…so lots of shadows…but not complaining as the “front” brought us gorgeous temps in the 70’s…

Then later I will move on to create a “work space” for me….in the meantime..

…..there are temporary fixtures in that space.


PicMonkey Collage

Collage….yep…that’s my middle name….

PicMonkey Collage

There…I did it again….


So I shall leave you now….as guests are to arrive very soon!….

Have a wonderful day!

I am happily joining the following “parties”:

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  1. OK collage-woman! Love your plates, love your drapes, LOVE THAT POTTERY!!!! OMG where did you find it? I used to have a couple of pieces in that style and with those patterns, but I think one of the cats smashed them… sigh, life with pets!

  2. are they hibiscus? they are so pretty over that bed, Shirley. Everything is just perfect.

  3. i love this room. I love everything about it the plates are great and that bookcase is fantastice. Another winner.


  4. Now aren’t you smart? 🙂 Seriously, your collages are great. I love the bedroom and yes, the plates are perfect. Love the burlap curtains too ~ the design at the top is very different. Let me know when the room is ready, ok?


  5. Hey there Shirley Collage …


    Love those plates. And the collage shots? They really showed off how amazing they really are in all their 3-D glory!


  6. Those plates are so pretty and look great over the bed! Love the bedding too!

  7. You are just the smartest little thing. I knew collage was coming to picmonkey but hadn’t looked in a while. You are turning these things out like pancakes in Sweden. Love the look.
    Besides that, the sculptural blossoms are fantastic. They are the perfect touch over that bed. I am loving the room. Isn’t it wonderful when you walk in on something that you have been looking for? Are they the same ones you saw before?
    Love, love, love the burlap curtains.
    I am headed over to Karriann’s post just now.

  8. Dear Mizz Co-Lage, (lol) I love the plates. Bu then again, I have never seen a plate I didn’t love I don’t think. This is such a cute room. I love all your treasures in the bookcase, especially that old typewriter. Darling! I can’t wait to see it in person very soon. By the way, love the burlap curtains too.

  9. Love those plates. Perfect over the bed. Pretty guest room.

  10. We wanna know! We wanna know! We wanna know! You never should have planted that seed! Now I am just chomping at the bit to find out what middle name could be so awful that you would not want to reveal it!!! 🙂 The plate arrangement is really great! Color, texture, geometric positioning…works great! LOVE the top of the curtains!!!!!!!! I have never seen burlap curtains, so I’m extra intrigued! Now…..about that middle name?!??!?!!! 😉

  11. Good job on transforming an exercise room into a lovely and comfortable guest room. Where did the exercise equipment go or did you just decide to give exercising up?

  12. I LOVE the plates, beautiful and so pretty over the bed! Never would have thought to do that. WHERE did you find the burlap drapes??? LOVE them too and I am going to need ALOT of window treatments for the new house! XO, Pinky

  13. Love those little plates. You’re so right – they look so much better than just a picture hanging above the bed. Their shape blends nicely with the mirrors on each side. You already know that I love it!

  14. Beautiful guest room and great collages, Shirley!

  15. Those flowers are gorgeous!! I think 3 is the perfect amount over that bed! Go YOU for making collages! 🙂

  16. Donnamae says

    Love the plates…they are great!! So different, yet they fit in so well with the mirrors and headboard…great finishing touch, Shirley!!

  17. Your guest room looks so cozy! I really like the new plates that you hung over the bed. It’s fun to use something other than a picture over the bed, isn’t it? I also really love your new burlap curtains in there. They look like the ones that Karianne has in her dining room. I still haven’t tried collaging yet. I want to try it though.

  18. barbarabussey says

    Dear Collage,
    I’ll be calling soon to make my reservation at your B & B! Looks lovely!

  19. Love the color and shape/depth of your flower plates, and they look great above the bed. I’m still looking for plates to go in my guest bedroom. I’ll bet your guests love staying in this room…so many interesting things to look at and I love the burlap curtains with the smocking top.

  20. Love your floral plates over your guest bed Shirley and I adore the smocking detail on your burlap drapes!!

  21. I love those plats! Did you see any Dogwood plates? I saw a beauty in Sunset Beach, but it wasn’t for sale. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Your guest room is so beautiful! Love the bed linens, the mirrors above the night stands and, of course, your plates! It all goes together so perfectly! Visiting from DIY by Design’s party.

  23. Beautiful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

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