Company's coming…

The Haven Conference is drawing near…..

I will be picking up Barb from The Everyday Home at the Airport….

~ ~ ~ She will be staying at my home for one night.

While hubby will be staying behind….holding down the fort…

Barb and I will be heading on the highway at O’Dark Thirty the next morning……

But…in the meantime…..

~ ~ ~ I finally got around to doing this:

Yes, they are drapes….

~ ~ ~ No more deer peeking through the windows….to say good-night….

While strolling through the aisles at Ikea….I spotted these beauties…

~ ~ ~ At the gorgeous price of $24.95 pair


These were a great temporary solution….until I find the perfect treatment…for those windows.


The other side ready to be “draped”…..

~ ~ ~ Draped with the Ikea Ritva….pretty linen-esque drape….with those great tabs.

The tabs that when sheered on the rod, fold to give you that pleated drape look.

They stack back beautifully…we did not want the drapes to overwhelm the window…

~ ~ ~ Just needed the privacy from the deer wanting to say “good night”….



All done…finally up…until the perfect ones come along….

~ ~ ~ But until then…my total investment including the rod was $60.


Now….remember my deal of the century….the “one dollar frames and mirrors” ?


I painted them with Annie Sloan Chateau Grey..using both dark and clear wax…

NOW WAIT A MINUTE….Chateau Grey…with an “E”….so do ya think the “E” is for the “E”nglish” version of GR”E”Y…

~ ~ ~ and the “A” is for the “A”merican version of GR”A”Y….hmmmm….may have come on to something here….




Added a cute “initial” and done….Art for a total of $3.00…:)

I added a new “Welcome Plaque” to the door too….


I placed a small silver tray on the door….

~ ~ ~ the great part of the silver tray is that you can remove what you write with a damp cloth and make changes…




So the room is ready again for company…love company…





So now I welcome company, good conversation, and fun…and headed to Haven….


I am joining the following wonderful parties:

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  1. It looks wonderful, and I know your guest will love it, too.♥

    Have fun at Haven.

  2. I need to go to Ikea and look around again. Love the drapes. I need to do four windows so that would be a good price. I am sure Barb will be quite comfy.

  3. The nearest Ikea to me is an hour away, I really need to make a trip there!! LOVE your frame and mirror makeover, it looks fabulous!!

  4. Shirley I love everything but that tray on the door is spectacular. I love it. You di it again.


    P.S. check out my new project.

  5. Your drapes look great! Believe it or not, I have yet to go to IKEA. Ahh! I need to get on it, stat. Your guest suite looks lovely!! Have fun at Haven!

  6. I know you have gone above and beyond for my one night stay and I can’t say thanks enough. I am so looking forward to tomorrow (a Shirley and Barb day – woot) and our “Laverne and Shirley” roadtrip (shlamille, shamzio…. haha) Haven is going to be so fun. Thank you for working so hard on getting my guest room ready, but I really don’t mind the deer peaking in on me. I am used to it at my house. haha see ya’ soon!

  7. Linda Miller says

    Great job, Shirley. Love the drapes…simple and give privacy to your guests from the wandering eyes of the deer. The frame project looks terrific and the silver tray is very clever. All in all, 3 wonderful touches for very little money. Have a great time at the conference and I can’t wait to get your report!

  8. Shirley, you really find such great bargains! Your guest room looks so restful and inviting. I always enjoy seeing photos of your home! You and Barb are going to have a great time at Haven! Enjoy!!

  9. Shirley,

    Barb will never, ever want to leave that room! The drapes look great. And I absolutely adore, adore that “housepitality suite” tray on the door!

    Have fun at Haven …



  10. You may find that the drapes will be as perfect as you need. Love Ikea for great looking buys at even better prices. Your room has come together beautifully and will be a pleasure for any guest.

  11. Shirley, I love everything, and have to say the curtains look REALLY good for $25!! And I LOVE the framed initial!

  12. You can’t beat Ikea for their prices. I love their curtains. Your frames turned out well.

  13. Those drapes look really great!! Have fun at Haven!

  14. Hi, Shirley, those drapes look so nice in that beautiful blue room. I love that silver tray on the door. What a ingenius idea! I learn from every single blog you write!

  15. Shirley, I really like those drapes. Do the deer come up on your porch there??? Friendly, huh:):) Have a great time, wish I was your guest. I LOVE this room, the colors are so soothing. LOVE the silver tray on the door, perfect! XO, Pinky

  16. PS, can you tell me what the bedding is? The blue print I mean. It is beautiful

  17. I have those same drapes in my bedroom, love them! Love that frame idea, too. Stop rubbing the Haven thing in!!!! lol


  18. How fun it would be to stay in this room. I love your style.

  19. The drapes turned out great. I remember that this was such a problem. I got so confused about the trip dates. Then I realized that you must have done this post early. Love the guest room, especially love the poem. I love the presentation also.
    Have a great time. Hugs,

  20. Love your new drapes and the decorative additions to the room. Barb is going to love staying in your guest room. May see you on the highway!

  21. Those draperies really soften the window without screaming “look at me”. I’m sure that Barb was comfy and felt to welcome in your lovely guest room! Can’t wait to hear about Haven!

  22. Shirley, you’ve outdone yourself on all counts. The tray makes the perfect sign. I want to come stay in the Housepitality Suite! (really…I’m inviting myself) The frame collage is striking! I’ll be pinning that one. And the Ikea drapes look like the expensive version to me. I love that you were able to create such a chic look with little money.
    Oh, I and I do believe “e” is english and “a” is american.
    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  23. This looks great 🙂

  24. Shirley,

    I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet you and Barb! I hope she is planning on coming to dinner with us! I thought she wasn’t going to get to make it!

    Your fames on the wall look amazing!


  25. I really like the silver tray on the door, Shirley. Headed to Atlanta tomorrow, too, for the conference. Can’t wait to meet you.

  26. Ok I know where I am heading next. Lovely Shirley. I love your creative idea with the frames. Enjoy Haven!

  27. Ikea is heaven sent and your drapes are dreamy. I am in love with the silver tray on the door – what did you write with?

  28. I know you’re on the road and probably won’t even see this comment for a while, but your guestroom is lovely! I think the drapes you hung are perfect as they are. They’re light and frame the window without it being overwhelming. Looking forward to meeting you in person finally! I’m sure you’ll have fun at Haven.

  29. Beautiful Shirley! I’ve only been to Ikea a couple of times~ it’s overwhelming and obviously the drapes are worth another trip! I love welcome door plaque 🙂

  30. Totally love the blue wall color!! I’ve got to get myself to IKEA…those drapes are Fab! Your silver tray door marker made me smile!!! So loved meeting you, Shirley! What a doll you are!!!

  31. Love those drapery panels…so pretty! And the frames are gorgeous! So fun to get to chat with you here in Atlanta! Have a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  32. gorgeous! i especially adore the wall colour!

  33. Where to begin…I love the curtains. I just bought the really sheer curtains from Ikea, for a summer change for our Master, but I think I’ll use them up in my daughter’s old room and head back to the store and get the ones you have. LOVE your guest room! It is absolutely perfect! The silver tray sign, the bed, the paint color…PERFECT! Hope you had a fabulous time at Haven. I might be up your way in the next couple of weeks because my husband has a big job up there soon. Would love to get meet for lunch or whatever!

  34. I can’t even tell you how awesome it was to meet you. You are just as sweet and genuine and just lovely to be around as I had imagined!! And I love your upgrades to this space … those frames for $1 all stacked like that look awesome! I can’t wait to try my ASCP!!

  35. Shirley, Your guest room looks so beautiful!!

    It was such a treat to meet you and get to spend time getting to know you at Haven! You are so wonderful and kind!

    Your home is just lovely, and fits you perfectly! <3

    Hope you had a safe and easy trip home!

  36. You are so thoughtful!
    I know Barb will feel right at home and
    be thrilled to stay in the lovely suite that
    you created for her.

  37. The room is lovely. Great ideas with the initial and the door sign!!

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