I attended the HAVEN CONFERENCE in Atlanta, Georgia this past week…It was HEAVEN….

When I say HEAVEN….I mean that I was up in the clouds….

On Cloud 9, and really more like Cloud 10….

…..Meeting all the wonderful bloggers.

I met the many bloggers I have come to know…

…..and met many new bloggers that I am excited to get to know!

This first Haven Conference was organized by this group of talented people: Bravo ladies!!


As you can see, I grabbed this pic from Rhoda: From left to right….

…Kate, that truly Centsational Girl, Sarah that incredible Thrifty Decor Chick…

…Beth from the great “Home Stories A to Z”, Rhoda from the fabulous “Southern Hospitality”

…Tracy from the wonderful “Beneath My Heart”, Chris from the terrific “Just a Girl”

…and last but certainly not least, Marian from the magnificent “Miss Mustard Seed”


And here is me, with the beautiful Rhoda…


My first “event” a gathering of blog friends at Cheesecake Factory..

Left to right, Kim from Savvy Southern Style, ME, Barb from The Everyday Home, Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict,

….Lisa from Budget Design Girl, Heather from At the Picket Fence,

….Perched above is KariAnne from Thistlewood Farm, then Vanessa from The Picket Fence,

….Gretchen from Bird’s Nest Cottage, and cute Kelly from The Essence of Home.

PicMonkey Collage

The “Cheesecake Group”…pardon the not so great quality photos…taken with my iPhone..

And then there is Kari (Thistlewood Farm)….I cannot tell you how emotional it was to finally meet this wonderful person of whom I have come to know…


Her Joy and enthusiasm is contagious!

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

I had such a wonderful time spending time with the beautiful ladies….

Lisa from Budget Design Girl has a beautiful story of how she overcame cancer and also the story of the adoption of her son.

Sitting next to Lisa is Barbara from The Treasured Home…(top picture and lower right)

And here are pics of the dinner at Pappasitos Friday evening…

Armed with only an iPhone that night..so the pics are not very good…



Oh lucky me, sandwiched between Susan from Between Naps on the Porch and Kim from Savvy Southern Style

…I was in Haven Heaven!

PicMonkey Collage

And look who is roaming the halls?….

The two Kim’s ..Kim from Savvy Southern Style and Kim from Kimberly Hites (La Belle Epoque Home)


They could be sisters!!

And these ladies with Flat Kelly of Eclectically Vintage


Lisa (Budget Design Girl, Heather (At the Picket Fence), Kari (Thistlewood Farm), Kim (Kimberlyhites.blogspot.com)

…another blurry iPhone pic!


Oh and front and center is the lovely, Karah from The Space Between…my DIY idol….

….she is the power tool Queen…!! Love her!


Leo (Cottage at the Crossroads), Laura from the fabulous Finding Home, ME,…

….and the better half of Cottage at the Crossroads, the lovely Jane.


….and Heidi from Decor and More and Kirby from Kirb Appeal having a great time!


Heidi again with the lovelies, Laura from Top This Top That, and Lisa from Budget Design Girl

OK…now there were the workshops!!!…

First up with the Opening of the Conference starring the beautiful couple from Young House Love…
They were wonderful speakers and truly genuinely down to earth…loved hearing their stories.

PicMonkey Collage

Oh, and then there was the fabulous Rashon, Mr. Goodwill Hunting….love his segments on the Nate Berkus show.
He truly had some great thrifting tips for us all.

PicMonkey Collage

Then there was the the dynamic duo of The Lettered Cottage…Layla and Kevin Palmer.

….Presenting a magnificent photography workshop with their friend and partner Josh.

After the session, I was convinced that I must order their on-line photography classes, Shoot Fly Shoot.

PicMonkey Collage

I had a picture taken with the beautiful Layla…and I was so blown away by her making sure that we had a good
picture…so Josh to the rescue to reset my camera to the correct ISO…I was so impressed by her patience and


She is beautiful on the inside and out….authenticity to the core!

So, now we wind down to the end of a beautiful two days of the bliss….

PicMonkey Collage

The session was a wonderful wrap up of the conference and door prizes…and I won a Ryobi Drill..

…..How great is that!..in addition to all the wonderful goodies that were in our Swag Bag!….

So, very early Saturday morning I headed to Virginia to meet up with my hubby…

…..He was playing in a Softball Tournament….

…..It was a nice drive though…as I stopped in The Pottery Barn Outlet ๐Ÿ™‚

…..picked up a friend whose hubby was playing too…

…..then arrived at my destination to be with:


My hubby!…to end up the week on a great note!!…


Would you believe this is the scenery that surrounds the softball field?!!!

I had so much fun at Haven and I look forward to attending next year…I miss everyone already!!

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  1. Wow, Haven must have been some outing and what fun to put faces with names/blogs that have become so familiar. It was a bit far for me to go, so I’m very glad to have shared through you.

  2. Shirley,
    I miss you too, girl! Let’s don’t wait until next year’s Haven.

  3. You got some awesome pics. I can’t believe that I took so few pics, but I guess thats what happens when one drinks too much wine, laughs uncontrollably too much, visits too much, and overall has a blast. I am glad I got to spend it with YOU! Hope youre dinner party plans are coming along.

    Did you say you stopped back by PB Outlet??? Bad, bad Shirley! You got that candlestick didn’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ttys xxoo, B

  4. It sounds like you had a blast, Shirley! I’m already looking forward to attending next years.

  5. Hey, Shirley, I loved meeting you and Barb and so wish I had time to go out to all of these dinners I missed. Looks like so much fun! Haven was a blur, so fast & furious & so much fun. I’m loving all these recap stories, everyone had such a great time. That is just what we wished for. Hopefully we can do it all again next year!

  6. Linda Miller says

    Glad you had a heavenly time at Haven. Thanks for sharing you photos which helped me put names and faces together. When you come down from the clouds, I hope you have a soft landing in one of your favorite spots in your home.

  7. I’m so glad you had such a glorious time!!!!! The pictures are so much fun! Ellen of “Scribbler Unfocused” was at Cheesecake Factory in Alabama and I was at one of them here in the Kansas City area yesterday, so we were dining with you guys in spirit even though we couldn’t be there in person!!!! And you got to go to Pottery Barn Outlet!!!! Lucky girl! So glad you enjoyed yourself, and I hope there’s someway I can come along next year!

  8. Wow, looks like a totally excellent weekend, and I know it must have been so much fun to meet everyone. What a great group of girls.thanks for sharing the pics.

  9. Oh, sure, rub it in …


    Looks like you had an exceptionally fabulous time! Fun people. Fun times. Capped off with a meet-up with your handsome hubby!

    Next year I will be there or be square!


  10. Great post! We had so much fun at dinner twice! Can’t wait till we can get together again.

  11. Oh, what a great time you must have had! I love your snaps and everyone looked so happy! You’re just as cute as a button! ๐Ÿ™‚
    You and your hubby look so cute standing there in the beautiful scenery!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful, wonderful time! I’ve already seen pics with you in them on several other blogs. I sooooo hope I can go next year!

  13. Great pics and sounds like such a fun time. Loved seeing and hearing all about it. Hugs, Marty

  14. Shirley. what awesome photos! It looks like you had a ball! I’m sure there was a lot of laughter and fun! Thanks for sharing!

  15. What a great recap! Your pictures were so much fun to see. What would we do without our phone cameras?! You did good to remember so many names and faces too! I would’ve had to keep very good notes. ha! Congrats winning that drill too. I’m sure husband liked that one!

  16. So glad you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing your adventures!!

  17. What a fun recap, Shirley! I loved your photos of everyone, it’s on my list for next year!

  18. Shirley,
    You know I am already your biggest fan! And it was absolutely wonderful to meet you at Haven. You are just like your blog…..genuine and authentic!

    Thanks for making me smile!


  19. Oh what fabulous pictures you shared. What a beautiful group of women. You must have been sad to leave. I wish I were closer to so many of you. We are all kindred spirits. Thanks for sharing Shirley.

  20. What great pictures I enjoyed them very much. It looks like it was a great time.


  21. Hi Shirley,
    This is a great post on Haven–you summed it up well. I still think your top was so pretty;)

  22. What an amazing, talented group of people! It looks amazing! So glad you got to go!

  23. Seeing everyone must have been so awesome!! I’m so glad you got to go! I want to go next year!!!

  24. Great wrap up Shirley and it was so great to meet you finally!!!! And your hubs is a cutie pie!!!

  25. Looks like fun was had by all Shirley!

    Love the scenery by the softball field!

  26. Shirley, it was so nice to meet you in person! I will treasure my Haven memories too! This is an amazing recap! What a talented bunch of guys and gals! It looks like your dinner was a blast!
    I’m counting down the days until next year! The scenery is gorgeous at the softball field! Wow!

  27. It’s so fun to see the recaps from everyone…everyone’s is just a touch different and I am enjoying all the varied impressions! Hopefully I will get my comments up sooner rather than later!

    xoxo, Tauni

  28. Glad you had a great time…………………it looks like so much fun!!!

  29. Shirley,
    This looks like sooooo much fun! You are adorable and it was great to see pics of you and some of my favorite bloggers. Saw some new ones (to me) that I will have to go visit.
    How many people were there and where will it be next year? I hope I will be up to going. I would love to meet all of you!
    Looks like hubby played ball in a corner of heaven and you played at Haven.

  30. Flat Kelly told me you had an amazing time!! Although she was a bit tipsy the whole weekend – so I really can’t take her word if you know what I mean!

    Glad you met some amazing people – here’s to next year (maybe the real Kelly will be there)!

  31. Oh, could you please photoshop my head in those pictures! I would have loved to have been there! Maybe next time! You look stunning… you all do! I am so happy you had such a great time and learn so much!
    Thanks for sharing all these fabulous pictures.

  32. WOW!!! You got so many awesome pictures! And seriously, could you say anything nicer, you are just a ray of sunshine. I’m happy to come up to do some DIY with you and your new drill. Oh, or maybe you should come to Curacao with it and we can DIY island style. I feel exactly like you do about Have … pure Heaven. And so cute to see you with your husband, beautiful couple in a beautiful location. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Shirley–
    What a great recap! I can’t wait ’til next year–maybe a Carolina mini-conference is not such a bad idea! It was so great meeting you.

  34. What a great post, Shirley. I had such a great time meeting you and all of the other lovely bloggers. Thanks so much for posting. I can’t wait until next year!

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