Dreaming of beautiful ocean breezes as the temps were in triple digits.

Seems as though everyone is heading to the beaches…to have some fun in the sun…to escape the heat…

Even the “Bachelorette” escaped to Curacao…that gorgeous island…

…..Did you see those spectacular beaches…the beaches where Karah leaves her footprints in the sand!


But alas, since I do not live in Curacao…I thought that I would pretend that I am there…

…..having dinner…with ocean breezes and sand and shells…and footsies in the sand.


I was heading down the highway with my co-pilot, Barb from Everyday Home….on our way to the Haven Conference….

…..On the way, is the Pottery Barn Outlet in Gaffney, South Carolina…

………and of course, my car went into auto pilot and found its way to the parking lot in front of Pottery Barn.

Barb and I were ooooing and ahhhing the gorgeous collection of shell plates and accessories…


I so loved those gorgeous shell plates…but my that little guy on my shoulder was speaking to me….

…..do I really need them?…and then I had an epiphany!!! In the middle of the day…

……….as I usually get those epiphanies in the middle of the night (love that word epiphany)….


I shall reveal my “epiphany” later in the post….In the meantime….

I purchased the shells at the dollar store….and used a staple of The South….Grits!..for the sand effect…


The shells come in a cute little basket…so I used them for coasters..filled with shells

…..talk about 2 uses out of one package!


I also used the baskets at the base of the candle holder to contain the shells…

…..thought it would add great texture.


I spy Karah’s flip flops!…


I so love this oyster shell (or is it a clamshell?) bowl…makes a wonderful centerpiece on any table…


Love the look of the daisies in the bowl..but I really think that succulents would look wonderful too…



Shells and Grits…what more can a Southern Girl ask for!!


I folded the napkins in the pinwheel design…as it looked great under the shell plate…




Love the way the pinwheel shaped napkin looks “starish” under the plate…..



So…now to my epiphany…

I knew how much my little Sister Chrissy loves all thing coastal and beachy…

…..I loved these dishes so much that I felt that someone needs to enjoy them more than I…

………..and that would be my little sister Chrissy (she will always be my little sister)….


Isn’t she pretty???…yes, she is!


…..HOPE YOU LIKE THEM…and hows that for dual purposings…you got a great gift and I got a great post out of it!!!

And I hope you enjoyed my “I’m pretending I’m in Curacao Tablescape”…Curacao, the home of that lucky duck, Karah!!

I am joining the following lovely parties:

Kim from Savvy Southern Style Wow Us Wednesdays

Susan from Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday

Heather and Vanessa from At The Picket Fence Inspiration Friday

Lorraine from Miss Flibbertigibbet Hot Fun In The Summertime Blog party

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Honey from 2805 Potpourri Friday

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  1. Shirley, this is a beautiful tablescape and the shekl plates are beautiful. Just love it!


  2. How sweet of you! Will you adopt me as your sister 😉

  3. Beautiful table! Lovely summer colours. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. barbarabussey says

    Happy birthday, Chrissy!

  5. Great table and I love the seashell dishes. Happy birthday to your sis.

  6. Love your epiphany! I wish there was a way to share dishes!
    Love your beachy table! And grits for sand, clever!
    I am off to PB WS Outlet today! Hope I find some bargains!

  7. Shirley,
    You have really out done yourself today! This is an amazing tablescape (especially Karah’s flip flops)! I so wish I could have been with you and Barb at the Pottery Barn Outlet!


  8. Love your seascape! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share your ideas!

  9. I love the sea/tablescape! It’s so cute! The flip Flops are such a great idea too!

  10. Wonderful table and beautiful birthday gift.

    I need to practice the napkin fold.

  11. Gorgeous tablescape Shirley and what a fabulous birthday gift! Succulents would look beautiful in that large shell!

  12. I would say you covered all your bases with some pretty good finds. Grits for sand….who would have thunk it?

  13. HAHAHAHAHA Shirley!!! Clearly, no one ever told me it’s rude to leave your flip flops on the table when you’re at someone else’s house. LOL Beautiful, beautiful tablescape and happy, happy birthday to your sister. Thanks so much for the shout outs!!! xo

  14. Linda Miller says

    Beautiful tablescape. I love the shell plates and the clam shell bowl even more! Happy birthday, Chrissy.

  15. creativehome8 says

    What a nice big sister you are, Shirley! Love the dishes and those napkins. Great napkin fold, too.

  16. Absolutely beautiful! And what a delightful gift for your sister. Happy Birthday, Chrissy!

  17. You need to enter tablescape contests — they’re amazing!

  18. What an amzing tablescape, with such creativity to use great elements to evoke the beach..my goodness, congrats to you!! Your little sis is a lucky girl to have you as big sis too!

  19. Thanks for the tutorial on the great napkin fold too! FABULOUS TABLESCAPE!!!!!

  20. Such a fun tablescape, Shirley. I thought of Karah when I saw a bit of the Bachelorette show. I have not been to that PB outlet, but it’s on my list of places to go soon. Oh, and I LOVE that napkin fold!

  21. love the table setting! and as for the foot photo, I’m relieved that it’s Karah’s photo again. I was beginning to feel quite left out of the take-a-photo-of-my-feet-at-the-beach phenomenon…

    Have a great weekend Shirley!!!


  22. I love the napkin fold! Very pretty layering of the charger, plates and napkin!

  23. Shirley your tablescape looks wonderful and Chrissy will be thrilled with her very special gift!

    Art by Karena

  24. Lovely, lovely lovely! The shell plates are beautiful. You have great taste! I never would have thought to use grits for sand!

  25. Beautiful!! I love the big shell plates!! Curacao was gorgeous on Monday night..I kept thinking, “I wonder where Karah lives!”

  26. What a creative tablescape you made! I love how you used grits as sand and even threw in some sparkly flip flops in the mix. Too cute! I’m looking forward to going to the beach tomorrow. I only go about once a year, so I’m looking forward to it. Must be nice to live there full time! Happy Birthday to your cute sister too! I’m sure she will love her gift.

  27. How fun this birthday/beachy post is! Happy birthday Chrissy! You have some new and beautiful things…. and lots of creative ideas for using them!
    Shirley, I love this post!

  28. The dishes are beautiful, no matter who gets them in the end! The grits look great, and I love the napkin fold! Very creative tablescape, besides being just plain gorgeous!

  29. Lots of coastal goodness, Shirley!! Great idea to use the grits! Bet Chrissy is one happy camper :-)… xo Heidi

  30. I love, love, love all the seashells and the flip flops!

  31. What a great beachy table – love your napkin folds -Jennifer

  32. Beautiful tablescape. Thanks for joining us at the Hot Fun in the Summertime link party.

  33. Great tablescape! All you need is some seafood and you’re all set!! Happy birthday to your sister 🙂

  34. It’s a beautiful coastal tablescape and I know your sister will love the plates. Thanks for sharing this at the Open House Party.

  35. Flip flops on a table?! Does that mean it’s ok for me to put my feet up on your dinner table?!

    Of course your car went on auto pilot and with good reason – your finds are amazing and that shell and grits table would make anyone feel like they’re in Curacao (just missing the waves)!

  36. Wow! What a nice present for your pretty sister! What a fun beach inspired table scape. So clever of you to use the grits for sand, and I love the napkin fold you chose!

    Lucky sis!!!


  37. Beautiful!

  38. Your table is gorgeous. Of course, I adore anything beach-y!!

  39. What a beautiful table you have set. Everything is just perfect. Your little sister must be delighted and how sweet and generous to share them with her.

  40. Magazine worthy tablescape. Love it.

  41. What a beautiful post, and what a great big sister you are! She must be thrilled. Imagine, putting together the perfect tablescape for her.Those flip flps are the best, and grits?! Amazing! Now all you need to do is prepare the birthday supper!!!
    Happy birthday Chrissy!

  42. Shirley~ Love your beach sand/grits 🙂 What a wonderful seaside table and gift your sister! I haven’t been to the PB outlet in WAY too long!

  43. WOW! Lots of great ideas in this post! I especially like the grits for sand idea. Chrissy is one lucky sister!

  44. This is one of the prettiest coastal tablescapes I have seen. I love the soft beiges, creams and then the orange. Just my favorite color combination ever. Stunningly done. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  45. Hi Shirley,

    What a lovely coastal table! You’ve been so very creative; I would never have thought of using grits for the sand. This really makes me want to go to the beach, as we have not had our annual pilgrimage there yet this summer.

    I think giving the shell plates to your sister is such a thoughtful gesture! And they really are so pretty, Shirley. I’m impressed with your napkin folds; I still need a bit of practice with that. Thanks for sharing your neat ideas and beautiful tablescape!



  46. Beautiful! Love the napkin fold.

  47. What a great tablescape! I really love the big bowl centerpiece, so pretty! Happy Birthday to your sister 🙂 Love the napkin fold!!

  48. Just beautiful, I wouldn’t even care if there was food! Love the grits, flip flops and epiphany!

  49. Hi Shirley: I love your tablescape–the shell plates are lovely, and I really like the napkin fold you used–clever. Take care, and have a beautiful week!

  50. Looks beautiful Shirley. So many pretty elements, hard to pick a fav!

  51. Shirley, Awesome tablescape. Don’t you love how women can rationalize anything. Love the idea of the grits. When you’re through you can brush them into a pot and cook shrimp and grits. How southern coastal is that?
    The plates are so pretty, I don’t blame you for purchasing them. The napkins are adorable and I love the fold. I need to try that one. You really nailed the Curascao theme! Love it.
    I started a tablescape and got sidetracked. I have been playing internet secret agent. More about that tomorrow, I hope.
    Have a great week, Ginger:)

  52. Funny how a car can just so magically find its way into the parking lots of shopping venues around the world! Mine does that same thing! It must have something to do with GPS programming, because we would NEVER just do that on our own! 😉 Beautifully done, my dear, and the grits are the crowning touch! I never equated grits with sand until I saw it here! Perfect substitute!!! GREAT job with the pinwheel napkin!!! I am always so reluctant to try new napkin folds because I’m not a very patient person when it comes to stuff like that, but YOU did an excellent job! (I have no idea why I continue to buy books on napkin folding!) I like the way you positioned it on the plate beneath the shell, too. Lucky sister!!!! I know she’s jumping for joy!!!

  53. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous tablescape at Potpourri Friday!

  54. You will be featured today at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

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