Freshening the Mighty Oak {Oak table facelift}

The “Mighty Oak” finish has seemed to take a back seat in the land of home decor…

I can remember…waaay back when….

…..when Oak was King.


Oak furniture, oak kitchen cabinetry….


So what do I do to some oak pieces that I still love?

You Sloan it!!…You get out that can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint….

…..and you inject it with the botox of furniture.


Not quite the entire “facelift”…no surgery required!


So here we go…I applied ASCP Country Grey….


Hubby set up the trusty ole Work Mate Bench as it was hot as heck in the garage!


After applying the paint to the bottom portion of the table…

…..I decided to leave the top as it was.

The table wanting to keep part of its originality…like no “brow lift” required…..


Cute huh?…now it’s just waiting for a “pedicure”….

…..for a bit of sanding and buffing and a leg massage of ASCP clear wax…

And when you get a day at the spa…you need a new outfit, or a piece of jewelry….


So I took out this hurricane that I got years ago from a Southern Living Home Party…

…..and gave it a facelift too…


Oh…so much better..don’t you think?….


So here “The Mighty Oak” back home, after a great day at the spa….

…..looking and feeling so refreshed and younger.



I filled the hurricane with mini bird nests…


Oops..forgot to run the lamp cord under the table….



I love the new look and so does hubby….

…..and that is great, as you know how men are…the ones who admire Paul Bunyan…

……….and the look of anything “wood”…

So, hope you liked my little project…

CHECK !!…One down…. and lots of furniture sitting in the waiting room…

…..anxiously waiting for their turn at the spa!

I am joining:

Metamorphosis Monday

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  1. Great job. I think they both look beautiful but the Hurricane is a huge transformation. I remember when Oak was King too. When we built our home oak cabinets were all the rage. We are now in the process of getting them refaced. I will be posting about it. Only a few weeks and they will be done.


  2. I don’t know about my tables, but I know I sure could use a spa day and mini facelift. Can Annie Sloan help me with that too? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love the new table, it looks like a brand new table. I have two small tables I hope to find time to get to this weekend. I wish I had also got the Gray but they were out of that color. I also have to tackle my hutch – again. I can’t stand walking by it and hearing it sadly cry out to me – fix me, fix me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Fab job, Shirley!! She’s new and improved! Gotta love that ASCP!
    xo Heidi

  4. Jeez, what spa service did you have to look that good!

  5. Can I send some of my pieces to your spa? Do you accept the might pine? The one with all those hard to get out tangley knots …



    P.S. Miss Oak is looking lovely. She gives hope to all those 50 something oaks that 50 really can be the new 40!

  6. Sandra White says

    Looks so nice. I have lots of those oak pieces that really need a facelift. I have never used Anne Sloan chalk paint, but will certainly be giving it a try after the results of your visit to the spa. What a difference a little paint makes.

  7. Ooh, yes. I do like it. It looks fantastic. I know just what you mean. I’ve got one of those wood loving men, too.

    Where did you find those little birds nests in the hurricane?

  8. Table looks great. Now don’t make those others wait too long.

  9. It looks good! My dining room set is only 11 years old, so it isn’t so long ago. It is oak, not the orangey kind though. I could never paint it . Maybe if it was 25 yrs old. :). But by then AS will be out and something else will be in!
    But then Again, I didn’t get on the spray your quality solid brass with ORB wagon either! The houses on tours here in Southampton didn’t paint theirs, classic is classic.
    Enjoy your completed project. There is always something to do isn’t there?
    Have a great wekend, Shirley!

  10. It looks great! I’ve always loved natural wood mixed with paint on pieces of furniture – even way back before ASCP was ever heard of. Great idea to fill your hurricane with those little bird’s nests.
    See you tomorrow!

  11. Linda Miller says

    Very clever narrative, Shirley on the spa day for your table. And can I just say, “she looks mahvelous”? And not to be out done, so does the hurricane. Great job!

  12. Boy, do I know oak, Shirley! I had oak all over the place in our old house – not just the kitchen cabinets, but all the interior doors, all the trim, furniture ~ if we hadn’t moved when we did, I would still be painting today! Your table turned out lovely. The country grey is a pretty color. Haven’t tried that one yet. It really lightened up the piece and the area where you have the table.

  13. Shirley – i absolutely love it! It does look so much fresher!

  14. What a lovely rejuvenation for both the table and the hurricane base. I also really like the lamp that you used in the arrangement–very cool!

  15. Regena Fickes says

    I just love your blog. This table is beautiful and so revived. Thanks.

  16. cute!!!!

  17. Oh, my! Your table turned out so beautiful! I love it. Love your vase with all the little bird nests too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. What a pretty table before – what a gorgeous table after!
    Your newest follower – would love for you to visit and follow back

  19. Shirley, your table and hurricane looks great! Country Gray is a perfect color choice for your room! What acute idea to fill your hurricane with nests! Your table looks wonderful now!

  20. Absolutely beautiful! Love that you left the top natural as well. Does hubby really love it or is it like one of those “yes, dear” love its???



  21. Perfect, Shirley!! I love the work set up too, way to go hubby!! And the touches of distressing I think are great. You know I’m looking at lighter for my woods too these days. Thanks for sharing yours. :0

  22. Maybe your table could join me for a pedi – I’m off to get one right now!
    She’s a botoxed babe – very Hollywood (don’t let it go to her head)!

  23. Your table looks great Shirley! I love that you left the top stained. Have a great weekend!

  24. You know I love this makeover! It looks fantastic, and I like that you left the top in its natural oak state. The hurricane is so fresh now!

    p.s. It always makes a project that much better when hubby is on board! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Your table looks amazing! I really like the painted legs with the oak top! Absolutely wonderful!


  26. Shirley~ I love your table after a day (or two ๐Ÿ˜‰ at the spa! No brow lift was just the right procedure~ no brow lift leaves your table with a bit of history!

  27. Talk about a change. That tablle’s definitely a keeper now. Love the Botox analogy.

  28. Gosh Shirley, this was a great idea to update your table! I know what you mean about oak; we don’t use it in our house very much these days — except for our kitchen table. Your “spa” treatment turned out lovely, and I’m glad you left the top as is. That makes for a nice contrast. Glad your hubby likes it; these men don’t like to have the wood painted, do they? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing your project with us and have a great weekend!



  29. Shirley, we all need a day at the spa now and then. Glad your lady, and her partner, the hurricane, got their turn! They are looking FINE!

  30. What a beautiful update! And I spied a lovely sunroom in the background with cute wicker! Love it!

  31. Just the inspiration I need for some “mighty oak” still living in this place!

  32. Amazing how different each item looks, with a little bit of paint. just beautiful, and what an ingenious idea to have little bird nests in the hurricane lamp. Very cool. Great ideas!

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