The End of the Summer Hydrangeas

The summer heat was brutal…

My hydrangeas were so happy in the Spring and early Summer.

Then the high temps hit….the temps of over 100 degree days.

They literally fried my beautiful hydrangeas…

At the beginning they looked like this:


And now they look like this: 🙁


I cut some of the better blooms….


I picked off all the the brown, dead petals…

and much to my surprise, there were some really pretty petals underneath…

…..of beautiful muted greens, reds, purples, and blues.



The morning sun adds such a pretty glow to them…



Today, the flowers are happy…

… the temps are in the 60’s this morning.

60’s???…we are still in the month of August…

Not complaining at all!!



The morning was crisp…

and the sky was a beautiful Carolina Blue.


The dining room faces East..

I love seeing the morning sun streaming through..

Waking up the house..

To a beautiful day.


Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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  1. The weather was perfect camping weather.
    It actually got a little chilly last night at the campground but we had quilts. On our way home for some needed rest after camping. Lol

    Beautiful flowers no matter the time of year. I love your wooden box. Beautiful picture of your dining room.

  2. What a lovely surprise to find those beautiful muted colors beneath the dried out petals! The look amazing in your wooden box. I could do this with my new dough bowl – if I had some hydrangeas that is!

  3. My hydrangeas got fried also……but, like you, I have picked the interesting ones and have them hanging in bunches in the garage……love all the muted greens, purples, and browns, even some red. We had a wonderful cool down earlier this week, but then right back into the high 80’s and 90’s……..the summer from hell I tell ya!!!!

  4. I LOOOVE the basket/box you have them in! Your dining room is beautiful. XO

  5. The same story for our hydrangeas, Shirley. Your revitalization looks fantastic.

    It has been crazy weather here this summer. Actually, the weather here as been a bit strange the entire year.

  6. I love the box, too, Shirley! And hydrangeas are my favorite! The way they change colors, during the summer. Just beautiful! Beautiful, coolor day here…thank goodness!

  7. creativehomeexpressions says

    I have been babying the ones I just put in at the end of May, Shirley. So far, the blooms are small but still look good. I’m hoping for bigger blooms that I can cut next year. My neighbor has huge pink blooms on hers and they dried right on the bush! They look gorgeous!

  8. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. We haven’t had any luck with ours at all this summer because of the heat. Bring on Fall!!

  9. While they last, hydrangeas seem to be everyone’s favorite. I’ve had pretty good luck drying them, but they are not nearly so beautiful.

  10. Love those Hydrangeas in your pretty box. I have always loved your dining room with that box on the table. The sunshine is so pretty coming thru. Have a blessed Sunday.

  11. The hydrangeas are so beautiful with their muted colors now. Your dining room is gorgeous, love the ceiling too. The box of hydrangeas is perfect on the table. I am hoping to dry some hydrangeas.

  12. Your Hydrangeas look like mine! The heat was fried mine too. I love your vignette with the dried Hydrangeas; it’s gorgeous! Your room is so pretty and light filled!

  13. Awww. it makes you sick to see your lovely flowers burned. i am glad you saved some. Now, it has cooled off, so the plants are liking it.

  14. Ohhh, Shirley, what a beautiful arrangement! The color is actually perfect for this time of year! LOVE your container, too. I’m jealous…lol!!!!

  15. My hydrangeas look like that now too – I think that’s normal at this time of year. I forgot to dry them when they were at their peak – gotta wait til next year!

  16. I think it’s interesting how hydrangeas actually change color as is if to welcome the new season ahead. The more muted colors go with a Fall look and the bright purple went with Summer. They are so pretty!

  17. Some of mine ended up burned, too. Yours look great in that container on the table. I did the same thing with mine a few days ago. Great minds think alike.

  18. Shirley~ Hasn’t the drop in the temperature been wonderful?!! I’m beyond ready for fall! So nice your could harvest some hydrangea blooms after all~ their texture and color look wonderful in your handsome apple basket!

  19. Lovely. I have some that turned the most beautiful blue gray… I almost like it better than the vibrant colors of early summer!
    Happy Monday ~ Xo Heidi

  20. Beautiful!! I love the muted colors and of course the box is adorable too!

  21. What a great idea. The years that I get flowers (NOT this year, I only got one!!) I am definitely going to do this

  22. SO sorry the sun and heat baked the life out of your beautiful flowers! 🙁 This was one of the most brutal summers I can remember. Just awful! Don’t you think we’re due a beautiful, peaceful winter after all of this?!! 🙂

  23. What a great “find”! They look so pretty arranged in that basket — we’ve been having weird temps here too — 98 degrees one day — 70’s for highs the next! Crazy!

  24. I love hydrangeas. I just brought some in to dry a bit over the weekend and took some pics but had not posted yet. Yours are lovely 🙂

  25. Only you could take burned up flowers and magically turn them into a beautiful wooden basket for your dining room table. Absolutely gorgeous!

  26. They make for a gorgeous centerpiece Shirley! LOVE them. Thanks for sharing.

  27. We were just in the states and I wanted to bring back our fall hydreangeas so bad. That would have made my husband roll his eyes … and I was smart enough to know they wouldn’t make it. But I soooo wanted to. glad you have seen yours!! Beautiful!!

  28. Oh Shirley, these are soooo beautiful! I just love hydrangeas!! Aren’t they amazing the way they change colors over time? They really are a joy in summer and fall; then you have the dried ones to put in your house for winter.

    Thanks so much for your visit! How neat that your son met his wife in a bookstore, too. You really do meet the best people in bookstores, you know. 🙂 I’m looking forward to meeting you in person, as well. Take care and have a wonderful week.


  29. Those are beautiful! I want to hunt down some fall colors for our Ning room table. Sorry the heat scorched them. It has been 100 plus here for several weeks now.

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