So…the mirror that was located in the foyer needed a new home…

……….and the lamp too.

But the mirror and the lamp would not look good over this space:

Entry into Kitchen

So I “shopped the house”….

Searching for an appropriate piece of furniture for this area…

It had to be narrow.

Dining room side table

I thought this table may do the trick….

It actually is a sofa table that I purchased from Ethan Allen years ago..

I think this is the piece for this space.

Entry Wall to Kitchen


I think I have convinced my hubby to paint the a/c and outlet covers to match the paint.
They really stand out on the wall…:(


The table has enough length to accommodate all the accessories and lamp.

I originally had crystal serving pieces on the bottom shelf when it was in the dining room.

So I needed something to place on that shelf.


So much for my zero dollars “domino effect”….

A trip to Hobby Lobby and 4 baskets later…I think it was just what this shelf needed!

I took accessories from around the room including this one..


Actually this is a covered crystal jar that I placed on a Pottery Barn candle holder…

… actually worked out well…do ya think?



I bought a set of these candle holders at the Pottery Barn Outlet..

…..on my way home from Haven…

…………with the intention of possibly using them as “lifts/stands”

This is the other candle holder that I used…turned it upside down and it makes a great stand.


I used my Johnson Brothers Pomona plates…

… they worked well with the color scheme and has a bit of a “Fall” feel…



I am pleased that I was able to relocate the lamp to this area…and my sentimental mirror too!


I am really enjoying that the mirror reflects the shutters over the mantel…


And how it reflects the outdoors….


My Trader Joe’s orchid was happy there…so I made sure it stayed in the same place….


Now…where did the cabinet go that was in this area?….


It just swapped places with the sofa table that was in the dining room….


This cabinet will live here until I can get my window seat built in this area…

…..all in due time…

But until then…I am having fun re-designing the “domino affected” areas….

Stay tuned to Part Three….where did that mirror that was over the cabinet…

…..that is now in the dining room go?

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  1. Looks fabulous. Don’t you love just shopping the house and changing things around. So fun. Great changes. Hugs, marty

  2. Oh, yes, the domino effect. I know all about that. All the changes look great. Love that sofa table.

  3. I know about the domino effect! Your changes looks wonderful! You always do a fabulous job! Your home is lovely and I love your style!

  4. Linda Miller says

    Another great job of shuffling things around. I love what you did with “our” sofa table. Do you remember that we ran into each other at Ethan Allen (with our hubbies in tow) many years ago and we both bought one of those to house our Dicken’s Village? I just may have to steal the basket idea, girlfriend.

    • Oh..I almost forgot!!….and how many years ago was that….waaaay too many…We are just lucky that both of our hubbies like Ethan Allen….no wonder they are the best of friends….
      Dickens Village…they are tucked carefully away in the attic…Row 10, Shelf 2, Bins 1 thru 100!!

  5. Queen Shirley, you are fabulous! I love everything that you’ve done! You are the queen of the switcheroo!! I love both spaces…the tables look like they’ve been there all along. Ok, now where did the mirror go? Stop teasing!

  6. What a beautiful sofa table Shirley. Love all the changes and love that one shot with the reflection in the mirror, so pretty!

  7. I love that table Shirley, so very pretty and the baskets are a great touch. I have the smaller version to your candle holder from Pottery Barn. Great room and a beautiful setup. Such talent.


  8. total perfection. you’re good. really good.

  9. You are so good at this. I may need you to come to the new house and help. Joe and I were discussing where we THINK we want tp place things and both said we are SURE things will move around alot til we get our bearings:):) Love what you have done. LOVE the baskets in that table, I thought they came with it! XO, pinky

  10. Great job. I love the table in that spot. Love the baskets even if you did have to purchase them. They are perfect for that spot. Love you idea of using candlesticks for lifts.
    Love to you, Ginger

  11. So so pretty. Love the table and that cabinet is so gorgeous and those windows! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. You really like to keep us coming back don’tcha? You are so talented, love what you do. That’s so fun to shop your own house, (with one little HL trip) the baskets are perfect.The tables you switched are all so versatile, smart choices will last you for the long haul. You have such a gorgeous home and wonderful accessories.

    I have to stay away from those durned baskets or I keep buying more. I have a shelf covered with them in our shed. Wire ones, wicker, you name it. I’ve hauled those darned things all over this country. Have gotten rid of some but keep finding more I love. The ones you got are so perfect for tidy storage. I have some like that in our bathroom for toiletries.

    Whomever ordered our house first didn’t think they/anybody else would need a linen closet so I had hubby make a stand to keep towels, toiletries. He also built shelves over the toilet. I was pleased to have a nice size window in our master bath.
    Enjoy rest of the week. Will sure look forward to part 3

  13. Like your thinking, Shirley! Everything looks wonderful in their new spaces. ๐Ÿ™‚
    xo Heidi

  14. Dominos are a fun house game!! It looks great Shirley, like it has always been there!

  15. I love the transformation! And that table looks like it was meant for those baskets! Looks terrific!

  16. It is so satisfying to shop your own house! This looks great, and I love how you pulled it together.

  17. Love the table on that wall with the mirror, Shirley! You may have had to buy a few things, but it is still redecorating using what you already have to me. Mainly because it’s not major purchases.

  18. Wow, you sure have a treasure house of furniture to choose from!! Love all of this!!

  19. The sofa table looks perfect in its new place and the chest is perfect in the window too! Never fails though, when moving stuff around I always wind up spending a few dollars even though I didn’t want to. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love how you have everything staged! Looking forward to Part III.

  20. Girl, you are on a roll…so far so good!

  21. I love it!! I do the same thing. Everything is always in transition around here. I am in LOVE with that lamp, and a sentimental mirror is the best kind! And crystal on the candle stand = brilliant!! You and your house always make me smile. I can just picture you smiling away shifting things all around. It’s awesome, Shirley!!

  22. Your home always amazes me. So much detail and thought put into every inch. Have a great day Shirley!

  23. Your changes just keep getting better! I love the reflections the mirror has of the mantle!

  24. Everything looks wonderful relocated Shirley! Your handsome EA table looks great and updated with the HL baskets underneath! I’m a big fan of baskets for storage and stashing which helps give me the illusion of tidiness ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Just love how you can make things work in different spaces! This looks wonderful!

  26. I know about the domino effect of decorating!!! Your newly decked out area is so beautiful and tastefully done! Thank you for showing us where all the elmements, to make this newly decorated area, came from! LOVE the baskets on the bottom shelf of the table! You really hit a decorating home run!

  27. It looks great! I LOVE your lamp on that vignette – i don’t know how I haven’t noticed it before – it’s gorgeous!

  28. Oh your home is LOVELY! I especially like all the “texture” in your home. Thanks for such a lovely comment about my home today on Southern Hospitality ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Hi, Shirley, thank you for always leaving such lovely comments! You’re the best. You have a beautiful home and I love all the switcharoos. I know I’m going to have a blast moving things around my new house soon too. Love that big window in your DR, beautiful moldings in a beautiful house! Looking forward to seeing you next month!

  30. Shirley, you have really been playing switcheroo lately, but I’m liking all the new changes. Those 2 tables look like they were meant to be where they are all along. And you are so clever to use those candleholders as little risers. Your home is just beautiful!

  31. Your table was made for that spot! Love the warm, textured baskets for fall, too! Can’t wait for the next episode of the domino effect! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. I like your changes. It is fun to shop the house, isn’t it? I do it all the time! I’m right there with ya though, sometimes making a trip to the store to get it just right. Ha! Oh well. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Hope you’re having a nice weekend.

  33. Love the changes! That mirror is fabulous! Happy weekend!…hugs…Debbie

  34. Hi Shirley,

    I love your changes! That sofa table and mirror are just gorgeous, and I do like the Johnson Brothers Pomona plates. Your house is lovely; I enjoy seeing everyone feathering their nests for the change of seasons. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  35. Gorgeous switch up! And I simply adore that beautiful lamp! Your home is very pretty! ~Hope you are having a great weekend!

  36. Shirley,
    I’m all too familiar with the domino effect! But isn’t that half the fun of decorating – one thing leads to another so you can always be creative.

    We painted all of our outlet and light switch covered in our other house but haven’t gotten around to it here. It really does make a world of difference – they don’t stick out like sore thumbs.

  37. Shirley,

    You are amazing! Seriously! I love the patina’s and textures and fabrics in your home. What a great eye you have.

    I would shop your house any day!


  38. The domino effect is working out quite well for you – I say keep it going!

  39. I think you got everything just right, I wouldn’t change a thing. Your home is BEAUTIFUL!


  40. Brilliant! I wish I had your decorating instincts! First of all, just to go in order, I also shopped your home while you shopped;) In the first picture, that white cake stand in the right hand side caught my eye… it’s just stunning! Can I have that;) I love how you placed the crystal jar on top of the candleholder. That is absolutely genius! And it fits so perfectly as if made for each other. If I ever get the opportunity, I will be stealing that idea! All the pieces you’ve added are beautiful… creating an elegant vignette. Love the inspiration you give us Shirley:)

  41. Smart design, smart designing

  42. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says

    I always love seeing your home and your changes are gorgeous. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  43. Your changes are lovely!

  44. I like the shutters too but much to large for my home, they look gorgeous in yours. My greatest interest is in your bird plates, their holders and the bird statue in between them. If you remember and if they were recent purchases, would you tell me where you found. Birds are an important part of my home and outside of my home too.

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