Domino Effect Part 3…

One more item to re-locate….the mirror that was hanging over the chest..

….that was here…

Entry into Kitchen

and the chest ended up here…less the mirror.


And now the mirror landed here…

Guest Room Foyer

I placed the mirror in the foyer leading to the large guest room.

The plant stand made of granite and iron seemed to coordinate with the mirror very well.

Guest room foyer

I know, I know….

My hubby said it too….

Why do you place something in front of a mirror?

Guest room foyer mirror

Because it reflects whatever is in front of the mirror so beautifully….

…..and I am sure my guests appreciate not seeing themselves walk toward the room!


I bought this plant stand at a showcase home charity auction….

I fell in love with the granite and iron combination..



And the pretty medallions…


I believe the mirror is happy there…



So this closes the chapter to the past week’s “Domino Effect”….all’s well that ends well!!!

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  1. Everything you do ends well!

  2. I love the mirror in this spot and I see why you bought that stand, it is beautiful. I also love the vase the flowewrs are in.


  3. A happy mirror = a happy home!

  4. Looks like the mirror was made for that spot. I love it. XO

  5. I have NO problem with placing something in front of a mirror for the very same reason you gave! The other reason in my house is because I don’t want to see myself every time I walk past! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job!

  6. Never surprised at what you do as you do everything beautifully. Seems like that spot was made for that plant stand and mirror. Love how mirror reflects the greenery. Your plant stand and mirror look as tho they were meant to be together and purchased together. Good job Shirley. Can hardly wait to see what’s next. Have feeling I’d be in awe if I was able to tour your home in person, very dignified and welcoming.

  7. Linda Miller says

    As I’ve said in previous comments, you never have a problem finding a place for something. It looks very nice there….a perfect fit.

  8. Perfect all around. Now does this complete the domino effect or do you think the ball has finally stopped rolling. ๐Ÿ™‚ (for now, at least, huh?) xxoo

  9. It all ended very, very well! Looks great … and, yes, I had the same question as your husband. But you answered it perfectly. Because who wants to walk down a long hallway looking at themselves …



  10. I love your “domino effect” – you did great again!!

  11. I love the scale of the mirror and plant stand. They blend so very well and the arrangement ties it all together. Beautiful!!

  12. Shirley, It all looks beautiful! You create the most gorgeous vignettes! I think it’s kind of fun to move things around the house every now and then…keeps it fresh and new. BTW, I just love your large stained glass window! I found one in the exact same shape (but worse condition) and sold it at Luckett’s in May…there are many times I wish I would have kept it ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. Love that mirror and it looks fabulous with the plant stand. Gorgeous. Great place to put it. Hugs, Marty

  14. I can’t believe you were able to find a spot for each thing. I always have something end up in storage. That looks nice there.

  15. Ok, that’s really good. I love that plant stand and the flower arrangement is gorgeous! Looks perfect with the mirror.

  16. You sound like me! I am moving things around now! One item does create a domino effect! It all looks great! I love the mirror and the flower arrangement is gorgeous!

  17. Looks to me like everything turned out to be perfect! I tried to answer a comment you left on my blog but I couldn’t get the email to go through. You had asked about the size of my cookie scoop. It’s a small melon baller…maybe 1 in.? I have used a bigger one too and the sugar cookies come out just as good!

  18. hahaha, that was my first question … but your answer is just perfect … the detail of the mirror is perfect, but the addition of the arrangement is genius! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Shirley I LOVE the look!!

  20. Well, Shirley, the dominoes fell beautifully!! The mirror looks perfect in that location, as if it was meant to be! Love the arrangement, as well! You’re so good!

  21. Shirley~ Everything fits in its new home beautifully…until you find something else to bring home! Don’t you love a challenge? ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I agree that your mirror looks great there. The end of a hallway is boring without something pretty to look at as you’re entering it. You’ve made it just right now!

  23. Well, I must say, I’m in awe of your awesome decorating skills! And you have accumulated some great pieces, too! Everything is beautiful!

  24. Aren’t you the busy one?? Love that you keep it interesting… what would we do if we just left everything the same? ๐Ÿ™‚
    xo Heidi

  25. Whew!! This is beautiful but my head is spinning. OOPs better not say that, it’s too close to Halloween!
    Seriously, I love your home and everything you do.
    Blessings, Ginger

  26. ah, yes that is the perfect spot for the mirror…and of course, you put things in front of it so it’s reflected! lol, my husband doesn’t get it either! Absolutely beautiful!

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