Falling Back on Fall Decor?

It’s past the middle of September…

I have not taken out the first “Fall item” from the attic.

I could have this past weekend, but decided to take a trip…

…..to see my mom.


She will be 87 in a couple of months and can run circles around all of us!

My mom lives with my sister in Florida….

….in the country….on an Air Ranch…



So glad that my son and granddaughter came along too..

…..with the start of a new school year, my daughter-in-law had to stay behind.

The “grandkids/cousins” made oreo cookie dessert….

…..I think they loved crushing the cookies!



And they spent countless hours in the fun and sun of the great Florida sunshine…

Water taxi anyone?


When I said my sister lives in an air ranch…

…..that is a community of homes with airplane hangers on their properties…

……….and they all share a common runway.

My brother in law made a sign that leads to their property from an old wing of an airplane.



When you drive into their property, you will see a pond…


….and the beautiful water lilies…


Almost 5 acres of beautiful landscape….


Where you will see moss hanging everywhere from the trees…

…..and fountains and cranes.


It’s the “Old Florida”….the days gone by of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings…of Cross Creek and The Yearling.


Where “love bugs” have captured the fascination of my granddaughter….


Where you can walk your dog for miles without leaving your property….


Where Cooper the Wonder Dog loves to explore…


A life in the country…of “Old Florida”…where times stands still….

…..well sometimes.


My sister shares my love for antiques…


When you leave their property…you will see these views:



It says:


And my sister made certain that I kick off my Fall Decorating by giving me this present…

…..of 4 Plush Pumpkins!!!


A pumpkin with a leopard print, an orange one, a brown one, and a cute little green one…


I love the new leopard velvet….


The stems are so phenomenal..



So thanks Carol for my gorgeous pumpkins…and I am off to a great start for Fall Decorating!!!

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  1. your sister’s home is beautiful

  2. What a cool piece of property! So peaceful! Good luck with your decorating… I would think plush pumpkins would get me revved up, too. 🙂
    xo heidi

  3. Linda Miller says

    Carol’s property looks so peaceful and relaxing. Glad you all had a nice visit and love the velvet pumpkins. Happy fall decorating.

  4. I LOOOVE the leopard Pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what did she use for the stems, they are so neat! Loved seeing the pictures of OLD Fl. It sure never looked like that at the places I have been to in Fl. Love her 2 STORY house!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing in Fl. If you have more pics of her house maybe she would let you share them??? I won’t be around for a few days. Leaving in the morning for a few days at the BEACH! Can’t WAIT to get away from packing. 2 girlfriends came over today and helped me and I really am almost done……I think:):) Have a beautiful week my friend. XO, Pinky

  5. Looks like a nice place to live. You mom looks great for her age. She looks like she could run circles around you like you said.

  6. OPS, forgot to say; your Mom is adorable!!!!

  7. Shirley, how wonderful to be able to spend time with your family…especially your mom!! The property and the home are just beautiful!!! The velvet pumpkins are so pretty, and the perfect start to your fall decorating!

  8. I have been hearing about the beautiful home and you are so right. And I can’t believe you have some of those marvelous little plush pumpies. So cute. I adore the stems, they are the best part .

    I was just telling Merry that I know you are gearing up to start getting ready for your Christmas tour. I don’t know how you do it. 🙂 xxoo

  9. Shirley, what a lovely home! The view is so pretty! Cooper is precious! Thanks for sharing Carol’s gorgeous home!

  10. Shirley, some things are more important than decorating. I’d say visiting your mom and sister is one of them. What a gorgeous home with gorgeous views. She has good taste like her sister. Love that hanging moss. I saw it for the first time 3 years ago and I just was in awe of it. Love, love the pumpkins. I almost bought one just like it when I was gal paling in Or. The stems are what made me want to bring one home. Resisted because I have so darn much Fall decor. Love them all grouped together.

  11. Your mom is so pretty! what a beautiful home- where is that? Love those pumpkins your sis gave you.

  12. Almost as gorgeous as your home!! LOL Ok..equally gorgeous!! Striking resemblance b/w your Mother and lil Grand!!! Precious!

  13. Barbara Bussey says

    Your mom looks like a real doll! And What a great spot, there in Florida! My husband used to have a plane and this is every pilot’s dream, to have a hanger and runway, right there at home!

  14. What a wonderful trip, it looks wonderful! Your mother looks like a lot of fun! I’m glad I’m not the only one moving slowly into fall – that’s a great gift from your sister.

  15. Love the velvet pumpkins. Spend time with your family when you gert back your stuff will be there.


  16. Your mom must have loved being surrounded by all of you for a few days. Those are times to treasure. I know you will find something wonderful to do with the pumpkins.

  17. Your sister’s property looks like the stuff dreams are made of. I love spending time with family….and I know you treasure it too. I’m so glad you got to spend time with your mom..who does NOT look 87. That’s incredible. Where did your sister get those pumpkins? I love them, especially the leopard print. Thanks for sharing “old Florida!”

  18. Wow! What a pretty and spacious house!!!!!! I love it! I also love that the sign for an “air ranch” is made of an airplane wing. Very creative! Your sister was very sweet to gift you with those fun, plush pumpkins. Now it’s time for you to get in the fall spirit and do something with ’em!!! 🙂 Your Mom looks fantastic and has a really great smile! It’s so nice that you got to spend some quality time with her, your sister, and the rest of the family. Very sweet!

  19. I’m sure you treasure spending time with your sweet mama, she’s adorable! What a beautiful property, and how wonderful they’re so gracious about having everyone!

  20. Shirley,

    I LOVE those pumpkins! Did she make them? I absolutely am in love with those stems! Thanks so much for inspiring me today!


  21. How gorgeous!!! Where are they at in Florida?…I don’t think anyone has more than a couple acres in Jax, so I’m jealous!! I’m glad you got to spend some time with your beautiful Mom and family!

  22. Your mother is so cute! It’s nice to get to see her. I’m very impressed with your sister’s gorgeous property! I can’t imagine living somewhere with that much privacy and access to your own runway. Do they have a plane? I love your new velvet pumpkins that you received. That was such a thoughtful gift. I hope she liked the flower arrangement you made for her too.

  23. Your sister’s ranch is to die for!! And I had to laugh because what you call love bugs we call banana bugs. Why you ask? Because when you squish them they small like bananas. I kid you not!

  24. “Smell”

  25. How much fun is that?! Gorgeous home! My mom is 87, too!!! 🙂

    Love those pumpkins and the stems are fabulous. Lucky girl! xox

  26. Where I’d he find the velvet pumpkins?

  27. Shirley what a great trip to see your Mom and Sister. The property is amazing. I have heard of these “air” neighborhoods, have not known anyone who has been to one!

    I adore your velvet pumpkins! The stems ARE unreal !

    Art by Karena

  28. Your sisters place is heavenly! She must be flying high living there!

    I think I’d love your sis – after all, anyone who loves a little leopard is a friend of mine!

  29. Now that is livin my friend! How beautiful. Your Mom is amazing, and I do indeed believe she is running circles around us every day. That is awesome Shirley. Thanks for sharing with us.

  30. You must have had a wonderful visit with your family. Your sister’s home is greatI, too, am a Florida girl, but I don’t love lovebugs. What a mess they make on cars.

  31. So good to visit with family. I know you enjoyed your trip. Their place is awesome. Love to you, Ginger

  32. Such a lovely, peaceful place. I loved getting a glimpse of where you were visiting. There’s nothing like visiting with family and playing with your cousins! Beautiful pumpkins from your sister. My fall stuff has been sitting in my dining room since Labor Day and I haven’t touched it!

  33. Hi Shirley~ Looks like you had a great visit! Your mom looks fantastic for 87, I would have never guessed! Love your set of pumpkins~ what wonderful accents to kick off your fall decorating 🙂

  34. I just loved wandering around Carol and Mark’s house and yard with you, and watching the kids having fun together. That was a great trip, and I loved seeing Mom again. She looks great! Those pumpkins are a great addition to your beautiful collection. I know Carol enjoyed your visit.

  35. How fabulous, Shirley!! I miss fields of land to roam and just the beautiful look of the acres outside your sisters place. Love to see more pictures of your family. What a fun experience you had, so happy your son was able to go, too!! And love the pumpkins … the perfect kick start to fall!

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