A Small Step Toward Fall…

I seem to be very behind on Fall decorating this year….

…..committing to too many things in a short amount of time has caught up with me.

But today, I made the leap….

I went to my favorite local nursery/greenhouse/gift shop to pick up a few things…

…..and came home with this:


They had gorgeous huge mums for $5.79….so I bought 14 of them…

…..I felt like I was in the “mum-mobile”.


I bought some silks from the nursery, but picked up more fall decor on my way home for a real bargain…

…..story in the next post..


I placed most of them in the front planter as I did last year…

…..the hedges need trimming..don’t tell hubby I took a picture of them…

……….for if you know my hubby, he would be horrified.

He has been very busy at work and travel…actually, he is on his way home from D.C. today 🙂 yay!

I bought both yellow and rusty orange mums…

…..as many of the mums that have been planted in the yard from last year

………. are blooming yellow and orange.



So here is some of my “loot” for today…some items purchased from the nursery, and…..

…..some items I received for a real bargain on my way home….(again, story in next post) 🙂



Love the “straw like” flowers…

and more beautiful bargain loot….



Here is a peek of some of the things I will be doing:



So all in all, it was a good day…huge gorgeous mums for a great price, and beautiful bargain loot!!…

…..and what could be better on this beautiful Carolina blue sky day?….

……….me leaving to pick up hubby from the airport!!!…

Hope you had a wonderful day too!!!

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  1. OH my!! I bet they will give an spectacular show. Love all other bits and pieces. Can’t wait to see it all.

  2. Shirley! Beautiful! That looks beautiful along the sidewalk. Wasn’t today a beautiful day?!

  3. I love all your mums. I need to get a couple of large ones for the porch, but boy they cost more here. Not fair.

  4. What a great score! Loving the planters filled with mums … and all your loot. Can’t wait to see what you do with it all!



  5. creativehomeexpressions says

    Those mums are gorgeous, Shirley! You are ahead of me ~ I haven’t bought any yet. I’d like to put some around the condo in the bed we have and I need about 13 myself. I’m hoping to get to my outdoor Fallifying this weekend!

  6. Shirley, those mums are gorgeous – and what a great price. Where did you get them?

  7. Shirley, what an amazing deal on Mums! Your sidewalk is beautiful! What wonderful silks! I can’t wait to see the reveal! I know you have something gorgeous in mind!

  8. Shelley Behm says

    Your mums are beautiful! There is no way that I could get a deal like that where I live. I can’t wait to find out what you will do with your other treasures.

  9. I would say that is a huge step. I love mums.


  10. That looks fabulous – I love mums in the fall. OK – I think I am officially the last one to get on the fall wagon! Your mums along the walkway are wonderful, the perfect touch for fall!

  11. Wow, Shirley, you really brought home the loot! Those mums are gorgeous!! I wish I could put some out…but, it’s still so warm here. You will have quite a show!

  12. Shirley the yellow mums look beautiful along your walk! Boy you came home with a car full! Can’t wait to see what else your up too.

  13. Are you KIDDING me?!?!?!?!! Just $5,79 for those huge things?!?!?!?!! You guys must be the mum capital of the world to get them at that price! I was just looking at some at the wholesale place tonight that weren’t THAT inexpensive! Wow!!!!!! And yours carry over from year to year? They are an annual here, although with last year’s very mild winter I suppose they would have easily survived. We only got below zero once or twice. I’m just shocked and amazed and, quite frankly, JEALOUS! 🙂 Lookin’ good!

  14. 14 mums?? Wow!! Would love to see them when all those buds pop open! Working on some more fall decor myself this weekend — hubs AND kids gone so I will be in decorating/furniture painting/catching up heaven. Along with some peace and quiet. 🙂 TGIF!
    xo Heidi

  15. How beautiful and I like the hedge looking like that!! You have such a gorgeous place Shirley!

  16. Sandra White says

    Just gorgeous. Love the yellow mums and how you have them arranged in front of your hedges. I cannot wait to see what you do with all the other wonderful loot that you came home with. I know it will be gorgeous. Those silks are wonderful and very real looking. Love the berries as well.

  17. Omg they are going to look so gorgeous when they are blooming!!! Have a great weekend with your hubby!

  18. WOW!!!!!!!!! What a BARGAIN for those huge mums! Love the straw like flowers and that wooden pumpkin! XO

  19. Wow Shirley!! I love the way those mums line the front of the planting beds. And mums the word on the photos of the hedges (hahaha, bad pun intended). And were those dried sunflowers I saw … so intrigued to hear about your other bargain finds

  20. Love them lined up in by your brick edging! My hubs is a trimmer too – he loves getting out there and doing yard work! Glad you got your hubby back – just in time to trim those bushes!

    My supermarket sells fabulous mums for 3/$10! I should have picked up as many as you did!

  21. Your mums look gorgeous all lined up by your walkway like that. That was a fabulous deal on those! Can’t wait to see what you’re doing inside next.

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