Spring Forward…Fall Back

Falling back…

Well, that’s me….falling behind on the Fall decorating…

My weekend was very full of things for the more important things in life…

…..such as this:


My granddaughter caught her first fish!!!!

While my son and daughter in law had a date night on Saturday…

…..our granddaughter had a sleepover and an outing the next day with us….

We took her to our friends’ weekend getaway….


They built their “getaway” on his family property…

…..where they built a “Katrina Cottage” and dug this gorgeous pond and dock…

……….and stocked it with fish.



These houses were designed after Hurricane Katrina….

…..this is the cutest house.

I will do a post on the inside at a later date…

…..it is filled with family heirlooms…so beautiful!

As you can see, it was a gorgeous day in N.C.!!



Then the bigger bass was caught…

….and we were just a little bit intimidated!


We noticed a flock of buzzards…

…..my friend Frances saw where they landed….


When trying to get closer, they flew away…

…..would have made a great Halloween pic!

It was a beautiful momentous day….

and while we were “fishing”, Frances presented me with one of my Fall projects..

…..that she so graciously monogrammed for me…

……….always accommodating my last minute projects for me!!


Stay tuned….

Saturday was the annual neighborhood Fall yard sales….

…..approximately 40 homes participated….

I went yard saleing in my neighborhood for the first time…

…..I was always a “seller” helping my D-I-L sell my granddaughters outgrown clothes and toys….

A snippet of what I found….


And these darling plants that were sold by two little cuties:


Their grandmother who lives in the neighborhood too is a wonderful gardener..

…..and heads up the Grounds Committee and our Crafty Chicks Group.

And speaking of Crafty Chicks….I am co-hosting this event this week….stay tuned…

…..I will be a very busy lady this week…so much going on….so little time…

But…as I have on my counter to remind me…..


and…my granddaughter loves her “serpent gourd”….she drew eyes on it…


And this morning…I tend to the remnants of a wonderful weekend with my granddaughter!


She loves playing with my son’s old toys!!

Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend too!!!

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  1. Looks like a great time. I love that gourd. It looks like a bird.


  2. The pictures of “G” are so cute. It was nice of you to include our place on your blog.

    • We had such a great time yesterday…”T” was sad that he had to work yesterday and missed the fun….but “G” said “don’t worry dad, I am going back there soon to fish again”….thanks for the great fun and for always accommodating my last minute projects!!!…You are the best!

  3. What a wonderful weekend! It doesn’t get any better than that! No better way to welcome fall 🙂

  4. Looks like a great weekend, Shirley! I am sure you came home with all sorts of goodies!!! Can’t wait to see it all!!!

  5. Awww… those toys brought back memories, …my little brother had many of the same ones you have! Your grandaughter is precious, and it looks like ya’ll had a perfect fall weekend with her! 🙂

  6. Your granddaughter is just adorable, as is the cottage you stayed in. What a lovely setting!

  7. Such a fun weekend with your Granddaughter, she is precious. Funny, my grandsons like to play with some of their Mom’s old toys too. Thanks.

  8. That looks like a great weekend! So much more important than fall decorating!

  9. That house is too cute. Can’t wait to see the inside. I bet she was so excited to get her first fish. Looks like the perfect weekend.

  10. Yay for her first fish!! She looks so excited!! So nice of you to watch her so your son and DIL can have a little time to themselves. 🙂

  11. Well that just beats the stew out of any ole fall decorating!! How fun — and kudos on the first fish — those are always so special!
    xo heidi

  12. Linda Miller says

    There’s nothing more important than spending a beautiful weekend with friends and family. And certainly not decorating. It can wait, There’s always tomorrow. I know how Tom feels about fishing but l’ll bet he enjoyed every minute of the experience with Graylyn. And sharing the excitement of her catching her first fish…absolutely, priceless.

  13. Shirley, your granddaughter is a beauty. I know you must love spending time with her.♥

  14. Aww, how precious! Her first fish! She’s adorable! You cannot recapture these moments, but Fall decorating will always be there! Enjoy!

  15. What an adorable sweet granddaughter you have. She looks elated to have caught her first fish. This is a photo for a frame!!! Sounds like you had just a perfect time on your little getaway!

  16. What a wonderful weekend… yes, far more important than decorating! Isn’t your granddaughter just adorable!

  17. Sounds like a wonderfully fun weekend in a gorgeous place. Looking forward to seeing the interior of the house.

    Your granddaughter is so cute, Shirley.

  18. Shirley,

    Catching a fish is way more important than fall decorating any day! I love the Katrina cottage and what a blessing to spend a weekend with friends.

    Have a great day rock star!

  19. What a beautiful lake home! I’m in awe of how majestic the property is and how charming the home is right on the water. I’ll be sure to show this to my husband. He would love it! Congrats to your granddaughter on catching her first fish. She’s so cute! Looks like you had a very nice day.

  20. Sounds like your weekend was just fabulous! Your granddaughter will never forget her first fish! Is this the couple that has the monogram business? Their property is just gorgeous with that pond and cute cottage.

  21. What a wonderful cottage Shirley and such a picturesque setting! I can’t wait to peek inside 🙂 I love the fish photos~ your granddaughter is adorable!

  22. Your granddaughter is a cutie – and the look on her face with her first fish is priceless! Is that a paint by numbers I spy in your yard sale booty?!

  23. Pam @ Simple Details says

    Priceless my friend, she is absolutely adorable beaming with her catch!

  24. YAY!!! Happy for the fishing success!! And that spot looks like such a retreat. 🙂

    And I remember loving to play with my mom’s old dolls and toys at my grandparent’s house. Great memories.

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