The most beautiful sales office you will ever see…{The Villages}

Last week, we traveled to Florida…

… “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown, the Villages”.

My hubby had a tournament there.

I used to live about 30 minutes north of The Villages…so I know how wonderful that place is!

I could live in their sales office…it is the most awesome and beautiful sales offices you will ever see!

So the nice people of the Villages let me click away…so that I can share these beautiful rooms with you!

The houses in the Square are fashioned after coastal towns such as Appalachacola, Florida…

….a team of designers visited some coastal towns to get a feel for their next project.

And this town square of Sumter Landing depicts a coastal town feel.


You will see thousands of custom golf carts such as this one throughout the Villages..

… carts are the main mode of transportation throughout this beautiful place.



The front porches to the office are beautiful and enormous…





Love the way they embellished a simple trellis.


So many wonderful places to sit and visit…


Now let’s go inside…


The Entry Foyer…



The Library…


This is my favorite room…

…..which has my favorite poem from Ralph Waldo Emerson stenciled on the walls.


Please keep in mind..that these rooms are rooms that salespeople meet prospective buyers.

I was there early that morning…there were just a few people sitting at tables in the rooms..


You can see in the next pic a table with 4 chairs…one of many sets throughout the rooms..

… sit and meet with prospective buyers.



The ceiling treatments in each room are stunning.





My son wrote Emerson’s words in a card…for “dad”…saying that this poem says it all…

…..that he felt it represented him exactly. My hubby treasures that card to this day.




And now to “The Parlor”



You can enjoy seeing many beautiful antiques throughout the “sales office”…



The “Hunt Room”


What’s a “Hunt Room” without the “prized deer”



The other side of the room is beautiful, but there were people there meeting with a salesperson…


And now to the “Music Room”




There is a grand piano in the corner..rooms are dimly hard to see…


It is a beautiful friendly place…a city of its own…where there is not a frown in sight…

…..where people are always happy…



And where my hubby can play competitive softball 365 days a year…..someday!!!


And where there are beautiful sun rises…A view from the balcony of the hotel where we were staying…




I hope you enjoyed the “very mini” tour of Florida’s Friendliest Hometown….

…..where you can get anywhere with a golf cart..

……….even lots of major department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and the list goes on…

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  1. Wow, it is beautiful. Maybe hubby will grow tired of his car hobby and we will be able to retire there. Love the Chevy golf cart.

  2. Gorgeous Shirley! I love the coffered ceilings and wonderful furnishings! The rugs and carpets~ wow! The quote around the ceiling is one of my favorites too. How convenient to be able to scoot around everywhere on a golf cart 🙂 Beautiful view & sunrise, thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! This place is gorgeous! Look at all of the beautiful areas. Thanks for taking us on the tour.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  4. Oh how lovely!! My inlaws go south every season just so he can play ball.

  5. Gorgeous. Such a beautiful place. I could live there in a heartbeat too. Stunning decor. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, marty

  6. Linda Miller says

    Don’t know what happened to my first post, but the new sales office is beautiful. They (The Villages) always do things first class and never cease to amaze me. Nobody does it better!

  7. How gorgeous! I have never seen anything like this! I love the Hunt Room. Really, really pretty. Thanks for taking us on this tour!

  8. Shirley, what a beautiful place! Each of the spaces offer something different; but, they are all so warm and welcoming! This was a great tour!

  9. Oh my goodness, you are right. That place is amazing. That Hunt Room is just incredible. I have always wondered about that place. My hubby so wants to retire in Florida in a few years. Me, not so much. But it is very pretty.

  10. How beautiful! I love the porch, especially the flooring. Thanks for the tour!

  11. Sweet! I wanna live somewhere that only uses golf carts for transportation!!!!! Glad you had fun xox

  12. It looks wonderful! It certainly has a lot of style. Thanks for sharing the tour on your blog. I’ve never been there.

  13. What an amazing place. If it would not be so hot in the summer this would be a place I would love to retire… in many many years!

  14. Thanks for sharing such a special place. It’s unbelievable that this is a sales office. Just incredible.

  15. Thanks for the beautiful tour, Shirley. I’ve never seen such an amazing sales office! Looks like a great place for retirement!

  16. thinking of retirement this year, I loved this tour. thank you for sharing. 🙂

  17. Shirley, wow! This is a lovely place! Thank you for sharing this beautiful tour! The decor is stunning and the view is gorgeous! This sales office is amazing!

  18. I remember a tour with you and Linda several years ago. The Villages is just a beautiful, gorgeous place. Thanks so much for sharing these pics. Loved seeing them, and studying the great ideas you pointed out.

  19. Wow, I am so taken with The Villages, gorgeous pictures and looks like this could be such a relaxing trip.

  20. I always wondered what it was like there. I had no idea about the amazing sales offices. I bet they woo many a prospective buyer. The moulding and ceilings caught my eye.

  21. OMG I think hubby and I need to go on a little road trip. It’s so cute there! And I know what you mean about the golf carts….all the kids drive them around the neighborhood! I guess it’s a Florida thing! 🙂

  22. Katherines Corner says

    Wow I love it!! What a great place. xo

  23. Wow! You’ve convinced me that I could live there. Now I have to find a way to incorporate that poem in my house too.

  24. must love junk says

    Shirley, my in-laws just built a house there! Your ‘tour’ was such a great way for us to see their surroundings-thanks!

  25. Had I known about this place when Ramon tried to make me move to Florida a couple of years ago, I would have flown down there so fast…and without an airplane, if necessary!!!! My arms would be tired, but I sure would be happy! 🙂 Gosh, this is gorgeous! This is the way people are meant to live! The sales associates must absolutely LOVE their jobs!!!!!!!!

  26. My friend’s parents live there, and she loves it. Every time she goes down to visit she wants to stay. You photos are just gorgeous…makes me want to head South again…it is sooo cold here in KY.

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