The Greatest Gift Project

The remarkable Laura from Finding Home asked me if I would be interested in participating in a project that is very close to her heart…

A project that she created called “The Greatest Gift Project”.

I was so overwhelmingly honored and happily accepted!

It is an avenue for those who want to share those who inspire them…

…..those who have made a difference in their lives…

……….those who in large or small ways, brought joy, encouragement, and support in your life.

You can link up stories of “your inspiration”

Today, I wrote about my life long friend Ruth…

…..for over 25 years, she has battled a congenital kidney disease that took her mother and sister far too early.

Whenever life hands me a bit of stress from silly little nuisances…

…..I reach into my “Ruthie Perspective Box”…and those silly nuisances fly away….on Angel Wings.


Here we are…my sister in law took this picture of us 5 years ago when I traveled back to Florida for a visit after moving to N.C..

Ruth came to pick me up for a day of shopping…AFTER she came from the Dialysis unit…
…..the treatment often leaves her “wiped” but she’s a trooper…She took me shopping all day!!

This picture is always in my living room…where I am reminded of “The Greatest Gifts of Life”

So hop over to this great blog…“The Greatest Gift Project”

…..where you will read wonderful stories of inspirations from the following contributors and links of inspirational stories from others……

……….My story of my friend Ruth..I think her middle name should be “FAITH”.

Have a wonderful day of inspiration!!

The Greatest Gift Contributors…

Founder…Laura of Finding Home

Heather and Vanessa of At the Picket Fence

Jaime of Freckled Laundry

Jen of Jennifer Rizzo

Jen of Migonis Home

Kari of Thistlewood Farm

Kristi of Creative Kristi

Laura of Top This Top That

Lucy of Craftberry Bush

Shirley of Housepitality Designs

Tiffany of The House of Belonging

Trish and Bonne of Uncommon Designs

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  1. This is the friend you recently told me about! Awwwww….you guys look so great together! I am just thrilled that you have been able to share such a wonderful lifelong friendship. There’s nothing better!

  2. Those who have an obstacle often inspire us the most. You are so fortunate to have such a caring & wonderful friendship!!! Hope you and Tom had a wonderful Turkey day with your family.

  3. I remember your story about Ruth, what a wonderful idea from Laura … heading over to check it out now!!

  4. Shirley…..what a blessing! Truly! I read this story and it helped to put everything in perspective.

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  5. What a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing it Shirley! and your story about your friend is very sweet.

    Have a happy weekend xox

  6. Ruth is truly an inspiration to every human being. What a wonderful project.
    i don’t remember seeing this picture but what a special momento. Hope you are recovering from the turkey overload. 🙂

  7. I’m so glad I stopped by here today…I sometimes need one of those reality checks when I get discouraged too. Actually I think we all do. I’m heading over to read your story. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Shirley!

  8. Such a lovely friendship and the photos of you two together is touching. Such a lovely inspired story. Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous week-end.

  9. Shirley, This is such a beautiful tribute to a special friend. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Blessings, Ginger

  10. Oops! I hope you HAD a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs

  11. It’s so nice to pay tribute to a dear friend that has been a positive influence in your life. We all need to be recognized from time to time. I’m sure you have been a good influence on her too!

  12. Shirley – thank you so much for sharing here! And to see a picture of your beautiful friend is even more of a blessing! You both look so happy in the picture. Thanks so much for being part of this project – you have brought so much to it and are such a blessing for me.

    Take care, Laura

  13. Finally got around to checking my email and I only wish I could have seen this sooner…. I know how much you have treasured Ruth but I am convinced she feels the same way about you. Your friendship is rare and it is inspiring how you both never take one another for granted. You honor the time you spend together and remain spiritually in touch with one another when apart. Thanks so much for continuing to share how special Ruth is because it always makes me recommit to maintaining loving relationships with family, friends and mankind in general, to never ever give up on meaningful dedications, to value my faith, and to never sweat the small stuff…

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