An Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside down…what?? are kidding me right?…

…..That is what my hubby said when I told him I wanted to buy an “upside down tree”…

I was spying this tree for a while….then it went on sale.

After I purchased this one, we were hooked and purchased another one….

… now there is two.

Today I present the smaller one to you…

… actually hangs on the wall, in a corner.



The top of the tree is decorated with lengths of ribbon and copper color glittered leaves…


I purchased the ornaments of brown and gold for their “length”…

…..I thought that the slim, longer ornaments would go nicely with the tree.


I added the gold birds and bird nests at the base of the tree…




The following photos were taken at night…


The “evening” gives the tree such a warm glow…






So the next time when I come home and tell my hubby….

…..that I found a great “sideways” tree…

………………maybe he will trust my judgement and won’t look at me as if I had two heads!

Well maybe!!!..

Hope you enjoyed my very different Christmas Upside Down Corner Wall Tree!!!

I am joining:

Courtney at French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday

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  1. Okay, I LOVE this! My cousin has a tree like this in his home, and I just get such a kick out of it. It’s such a great idea. And I love the way you decorated it — with the ornaments hanging off of it, much like icicles. So beautiful!

  2. Shirley, your upside down tree is gorgeous! I see these all the time in the boutiques, You did a wonderful job decorating it. You know I love the colors! This is wonderful!

  3. I have never seen an upside down tree. How do you secure it to the wall?

    • Great Job Shirley!!! Love the colors. We use to have a nice shop here that would bring in a professional designer, and he had done one of these upside down trees as well. Oh how I really miss that shop. So much of beautiful seasonal stuff to choose from. Unfourtunately they retired and closed shop. All we have here now is Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. Where do you find all of your decoration at? I need some new places to shop!!!…lol. Tell your hubby you don’t have two heads, just keeping up with the new styles. Tell him to relax and enjoy your many decorating ideas, and providing the cash!

  4. Lol — I’ve seen these, too, but how fun to see one in someone’s home! Thanks for sharing — it’s lovely. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  5. I think that upside down trees are so cool and always make me stop for a second a third look. I think that I would have trouble decorating one, but you did a great job on yours! Love the color scheme that you used.

  6. This tree is awesome Shirley! I think upside down trees are so cool and I just love how you decorated yours…perfection! I have some of those sparkly bird nests on my tree too (only in silver)…they are so cute. I can’t wait to see everything you come up with this year 🙂

  7. Shirley, this is so pretty and festive! I haven’t had a chance to decorate yet and you have certainly inspired me!

  8. Donna White says

    Snazzy! Really gorgeous..and matches the rest of your house!

  9. Oh, gosh, Shirley…the ornaments are spectacular! I love them! The warm glow you speak of is really profound. It’s just a glorious look! I’m glad you bought this fun tree. Your husband will enjoy it for years to come now that he’s a little more hip to the whole upside down thing!

  10. Okay, this is a new one to me! How clever and it looks lovely Shirley!

    🙂 Linda

  11. I absolutely love this. I have a one year old granddaughter living with me this year and am getting ready to put up my tree. I’ve been trying to think of some sort of barrier but this would work even better. Where did you buy it? Got to have it.

  12. Hail the Queen!!! You are so genius. I love this upside down tree, the ornaments are great they are so elegant.


  13. Oh, I love your upside down tree! What a fun way to display Christmas decorations. I love the colors you’ve accented with as well. Very elegant.

  14. I love the copper! It really gives this unique tree the WOW factor! I noticed TJ’s cherished Timber in the pic. He was such a good dog. I love the birds and nests at the bottom. Very clever.

  15. I love it Shirley! Beautiful ornaments!

  16. Hi Shirley,

    This is really lovely! I especially like the little gold birds and the birds’ nests. Have you read my “Replacements, Ltd., Part 1” post? I did one about this time last year. Hubby and I were there and took some pictures of their gorgeous Christmas decorations and tablescapes. If I remember correctly, there were two upside down trees in the showroom that day — I loved them. They also had a teacup tree that was my very favorite; I’d still love to do one of those in our home.

    Have a wonderful day!


  17. Well, I never! 🙂 That’s really cool. It’s beautiful, Shirley.

  18. Those ornaments are gorgeous!!! I love the colors you used on this tree, and glad your hubby went along with it:) BTW, what is Fish Foam window and glass cleaner???? Saw your comment on another blog….. XO, Pinky

  19. Ba ha ha … a *sideways* tree … love it! And, I LOVE your upside down tree. You’ve dressed it to perfection with your beautiful ornaments dripping off of it. Such a conversation piece and gorgeous addition to your fabulous holiday decor!

  20. HOw could a tree look prettier…and it’s just so unique!!! You really chose the perfect ornaments and decorated it artfully! I love this creative Christmas tree… I don’t know about a “sideways tree”… but I’m sure you would work magic on it too!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  21. Oh, my you have two upside down trees? Of course you do. You have 13 trees. Two could at least be upside down! I love the copper colored ornaments.

  22. I love this! I have never seen anything like it. The ornaments hang so beautifully. Very cool!

  23. Me too…this is my first time to see an inverted Christmas tree. I just wonder how you stuck that Christmas tree on the wall.

  24. Beautiful Shirley, I always love upside down trees and yours is perfect. I like them on big staircases too. Can’t wait to see your second one now. Great color for the ornaments.

  25. Your upside down tree is beautiful and what a perfect spot for it…I’ve seen a few of these and they always make me smile!

  26. Delores LeBoeuf says

    Congratulations on the BOLD and BEAUTIFUL – an upside down Christmas tree, who wuld o thunk…that was very brave of you and thanks to your hubby for his help…and most of all thank you for sharing…I truly enjoyed seeing something taken from ‘outside of the box’…Love & Blessings

  27. I have never seen this before. It looks really cool. How did you hang that on the wall. Is it a whole tree? Thanks for sharing

  28. Arlene Wanat says

    I I have over 80 different themed trees in all different sizes but none are as beautiful as you upside down tree. Can you please tll me where you got your tree and ornaments? I would love to add them to my collection.

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