A “12-12-12” Christmas Dining Room Tablescape

Today is 12-12-12…..a day that will not be seen for many, many years…

So on this momentous “date” I continued to do my decorating…

…..setting my table for the holidays…running to the post office..

……….so that I could mail my packages and send a postcard to my granddaughter…

……………with the date stamp of 12-12-12.

This year, the theme is relative to my Christmas dishes..

….Lenox Holiday Tartan.


The centerpiece is decorated with evergreens and fruit trees…

…..and critters of winter…


Believe it or not….

…..this is probably the simplest of tables and chandy decor that I have done in the past several years.

There is usually more decor on the table and chandelier…of branches reaching toward the chandelier..

…..and florals scaling the branches…like Jack and the Beanstalk meets Christmas!!


No…just a place where the deer and the quail (no antelope) play….


Where seldom is seen (not heard) of the deer eating the plants…(at least not on this table!)


Sorry guy…fake greens and the ground is laden with a Ralph Lauren tablecloth…




I placed my “signature pineapple” in the votives and vases…



The place setting…



I placed a “clip on” candle on each napkin…

…..hey when you get to be my age…you need all the light you can get!!!




When my hubby saw the table…he was pleased…

…..that there was no “cyclone” of florals reaching to the sky..

………..such a funny guy.

But I still managed to include lots of decor on the table…


The place cards are missing, as this year my granddaughter wants to write the names on the cards…

…..so she will be creating them on her next visit with us.


Have you noticed the tree in the background?

It is not quite finished…just need a tweak here and there…




Ya like the way my package matches the tree?…one of my very favorite papers…


And the simplest chandy decor was done this year…

…..just a garland of silver/green leaves and berries and a gold glittered open weave ribbon…


I mixed gold and green ornaments…



I am happy that I have completed one more task…of the dining room tablescape…


So I can move on to the large tree in the living room…..

…..did a little tweaking of the topper…

My hubby puts it in the workmate bench, so I can add more stuff, tweak, and jooosh…


And up it goes…


Ta dah…now..it is my turn to decorate the tree…

…..going up and down that 10 foot ladder…

……….after that type of exercise…I think I will have an extra cookie tonight!!!…


Hope you enjoyed my Christmas Tablescape of 2012!!

I am joining:

Kim at Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesdays

Yvonne at Stone Gable for a Homespun Christmas Party featuring Tablescapes and Recipes…

Pamela at From My Front Porch to Yours Treasure Hunt Thursdays

Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen for Let’s Dish

Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Your tablescape is scrumptious. Wow, you do need an extra cookie after going up and down the ladder.

  2. Love the tablescape especially the clip candles!!!

  3. Shirley, this is so beautiful! I love the fruit decor! Everything looks so amazing; and you call this simple?! I’d hate to see what you’d do if you went “all out”! LOL!!! This is just gorgeous! I am so enjoying your decor!

  4. Well, Shirley, this is just professional. You must have done this for a living, it is all just gorgeous. Your table is so pretty, and I have the same little package favors. I got mine years ago, are yours old too or are they still available? They are so fun to fill with a little truffle or something sweet.
    I can’t wait to see the rest of your decor. It is just beautiful.
    Merry Christmas

  5. Linda Miller says

    I have to agree with Tom…less is more. And I love those fruit trees with our Lenox Christmas china. It looks beautiful and you deserve another cookie!

  6. Oh goodness – you have really, really outdone yourself. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the tree!

  7. Shirley, I love your chandy decor. The ornaments are so festive and elegant. When you get time, pop on over to my blog for the first announcement.

  8. That table is beautiful and I love all of your critters. The topper is gorgeous so I know the tree will be spectacular. if this is not “going all out” I can’t wait to see what your home will look like next year for your Tour. xxoo

  9. Shirley your tables cape is just beautiful! If I were sitting at your table I would feel like royalty!:) Thanx for coming too party at my place.

  10. As usual, your tablescape and other decorations – chandy, tree, are just beautiful! Must find a time to come and see it all in person, although your photos do it so much justice! Hope to see you soon!

  11. Sandra White says

    Just beautiful. Would you believe that I have that same tablecloth on my table? I also have that same china and will probably use it this year.. You have done a beautiful job in decorating the table. I have not yet done mine, as I wasn”t quite sure what I wanted to do. Yours is very inspiring…………

  12. creativehomeexpressions says

    Love your tablescape, Shirley, and your tree topper is fabulous! I love all the sprays you’ve added in. I really want to try that look. Maybe on one of my little trees next year.

  13. Shirley, You are unreal! Xo

    Sent from my iPhone

  14. Lovely! What a great idea for the pineapples!!! You’re so creative!

  15. Your tablescape is amazing and your home is lovely!!


  16. Stunninng…I love everything about this table, the pineapple, topiaries and the dishes. You nailed it again.


  17. I LOVE everything about your beautiful tablescape Shirley!! Can’t wait to see the tree, you deserved two cookies for all that work!!

  18. How extremely gorgeous!! So beautiful Shirley!!

  19. Beautiful! Love the gilded fruit and all the special details. Thanks for sharing it!

  20. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    Absolutely gorgeous, your decorating always takes it to a higher level and beautiful at that, (thnx for sharing); Christmas time is so magical, I wish for human kind to carry that giving spirit to one another throughout the whole year long….blessings to you and yours…FELIZ NAVIDAD

  21. I’m totally into trees this year so this table is a winner. I’m glad to see your pineapples again. The other day I saw some pineapples that made me think of you and it occurred to me you haven’t used them lately.

  22. Beautiful table Shirley, love this pattern! This is perfect!

  23. Oh Shirley, your table is beautiful! I LOVE those plates and placed on the paisley tablecloth is perfect!!! The centerpiece trees are gorgeous and I LOVE the dining room tree with all the fruit!!! I know your BIG tree will be fabulous as well. I used the same pineapples in my tablescape today!!!! Great minds……:):) XO, pinky

  24. Your table is so extraordinary. I remember the last with these dishes, which I myself got this year. So delighted to use them this year. I love the trees, they pick up the fruit in the dishes.. just stunning. xo marlis

  25. I can tell already that is going to be SOME tree in your living room!!!!!! Meanwhile, your table and other trees are looking fabulous. And that chandelier treatment….NICE!!! It’s OK that you have “simplified” the table look this year. Simplified…ha! We never simplify! We won’t back down!!! That’s just not in our blood, Shirley. We will fight until our very last breath is taken at the end of the very last clearance sale of the season. We will defend our honor as marathon decorators who know no boundaries. We will battle tooth and nail until the last flower is in place, the final fork on the table, the last guest seated. Are you with me? Are you with me, Shirley?!??!?!?!?! 🙂

  26. Absolutely beautiful, Christine…I love that you say this is the simplest you have decorated…this would be elaborate at my house! Your centerpiece is is one of my favorites…then I noticed you matched your tree to it…wow! I sure wish you were my neighbor, I’d hire you to do my decorating every holiday…

  27. So Pretty! I love your china and all of your decor!

  28. U hav amazing taste and everything is just glorious on your tablescape. What a great hubby! (:

  29. Wow!! So beautiful! You did an amazing job! The color combinations are really fabulous! Merry Christmas!

  30. Very beautiful. I absolutely LOVE your fruit topiary trees. Are they ceramic? resin? they actually look like they could be glass. Your Christmas tree all covered in fruit is awesome. I am so inspired now with ideas for next year. Happy Holidays!

  31. Shirley, Your “simple” tablescape is stunning! LOVE the RL table cloth, and the clip on candles and the Lenox Holiday Tartan is one of my all time favorites…..pineapples….oh..I just love EVERYTHING!
    Wishing you and your family an awesome Christmas

  32. Over the top Shirley! Your tablescape is absolutely gorgeous!

  33. Hi Shirley~ I’m basking in the beauty of your table this morning before all the Christmas chaos & mayhem ensues 🙂 Lenox Holiday Tartan is such a beautiful pattern and I love the pineapples added to your dining room tree! Wishing you and your family all the Joy of the Season~ Merry Christmas!

  34. Shirley, I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to ask where you got the fruit trees in the centerpiece? They are SO beautiful!! Thanks!!!

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