There is just something special about that Mary!

Mary…the beautiful blogger…from Home is Where the Boat Is

…..She lives on this gorgeous lake.

A background that she uses many times for her magnificent tablescapes…


And have you seen her “Garden Cottage”….

…..I swear I could live in that cottage…it is so beautiful!!

Can you see the lake by the Garden Cottage…?




Love those burlap valances…


And she is a wonderful cook…and food stylist…and overall stylist for that matter!!


And love seeing her posts about Gracie and Chloe…they are so cute!!


So other than talking about Mary and her beautiful blog…

… must be wondering why I am featuring her today….

She posted about making this beautiful wreath for her Garden Cottage…

…..a wreath that was inspired by Marian, “Miss Mustard Seed”.

Mary was one of my winners of Marian’s book…


When she was creating her wreath with pages from a seed catalog…

…..she came across “Shirley’s Poppies”!!!…

And stated in the post here that she is sending me some Shirley Poppy Seeds!

You must go and visit this post as you can see the things she has done in her Garden Cottage!


What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do!!!…

The other day…a package arrived…


The outside of the package is even decorated!!…No plain brown box!!


Images of seed catalog pages grace the outside of the box…


And when I opened the box….

…..there were those beautiful images on the inside of the box too!!

There is just something special about that Mary!



I was expecting seed packets….

…..when the box arrived it was rather large for seed packets…

And to my surprise…she also included this gorgeous watering can and plant marker!!




The seed packets are so pretty!!



So thank you Mary from the bottom of my heart….

…..I am so overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and generosity…

I am truly blessed to have come to know so many bloggers who are truly kind and wonderful people!!

I was adjusting my camera the day that I took pictures of Mary’s gift…it was a gloomy day..

…..but today, the sky is the beautiful Carolina Blue…

……….dusted with the first snowfall of the year.



And also on that gloomy day…the painters were here…

… is a snippet of what they were doing…

Stay tuned!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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  1. Gorgeous color on the ceiling, Shirley. What color did you pick?

    And what a thoughtful gift from Mary. I love her cottage. That faux bois rug is gorgeous.

  2. Aw, that is so sweet. Bloggers make great friends!

    I love that ceiling color…what is it?

  3. Mary is amazing, one of the best in blog land, imo. Very talented and always time to stop by and visit others.
    Beautiful gifts!

  4. Shirley~ Thanks so much for your kinds words and high praise {blush}… I’m glad your package arrived safely! I got myself some Shirley Poppy seeds too! I’m going to start them in a little jiffy house with peat pellets around the beginning of March so they’ll be ready to put in a planter after our freeze date in April.

    We didn’t get any snowflakes, only rain, 4 inches this week so the lake is full at the moment! So nice to see the SUN today and a water in the lake instead of an exposed muddy bottom which is what we were looking at in December. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a few snowflakes through February and then I’m ready for spring!

    Beautiful paint color on your gorgeous ceiling! I’m looking forward to seeing the full reveal 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Oh my word, I so agree, that little potting shed is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love it and they way she has it decorated. Wayyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooo cute. What a thoughtful gift from her too. She really is the sweetest.

  6. Shirley, what a sweet gift from Mary! Love her blog! Her styling is always “spot on”! Love her fabulous tablescapes and that sweet little potting shed. I also love what I see in your last photo. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  7. I adore Mary’s blog, and HER too. She is so sweet, encouraging and supportive. As are so may fellow bloggers. The watering can and marker are beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I also can’t wait to see the full reveal but the color on the celing is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you reveal what the color is. Have a wonderful weekend, Shirley. XO, pinky

  8. Sweet… her cottage is delightful, too. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  9. What a sweet surprise!! Bloggers are the best!
    Looking forward to seeing more of what your up too! Have a great weekend Shirley!

  10. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. You’re right – there is just something about that Mary!

  11. What a pretty place and very thoughtful gift… Thanks for sharing…

  12. What a thoughtful gift! Oh, I love her garden cottage… it’s amazing. Have a great weekend!

  13. I think there’s something special about both Mary AND Shirley!!!! What a wonderful gesture! And you are SO right about her impeccable taste and God-given talent! Enjoy your beautiful gift!!! Oh, and I am LOVING what’s going on with your ceiling!!! I can’t tell…is that a gray in there?

  14. How nice that was for her to send that to you! I love that watering can. It looks like it’s copper. You’ll have to keep us posted as to how those flowers look as they grow. Love your snow too. We thought we might get some this week, but it passed us by.

  15. I could live in that potting shed. How adorable. My Mom had a cute one too years ago and I loved it. Can’t wait to see the paint.

  16. Oh my goodness, what a sweet gesture!! I’m off to check out her blog, looks like I could be there awhile! 🙂

  17. Karen dotson says

    Great pics. Thank u for sharing. And i love the inviting yellow walls. What color is that? Please let me know. Thank you

  18. Mary is a lovely blogger and her cottage is awesome. What a sweet surprise to receive in the mail. Are you going to plant the poppies? Can’t wait to see what you are doing with paint. Looks great so far!

  19. Wow that is so sweet. I love the watering can it is amazing. Enjoy your new goodies!

  20. There are surprises that occur in this blog world, and you are the lucky recipient of one of them. You’ll have to share photos of those poppies when they bloom.

  21. I love Mary’s blog! She has such great and unique style! And what a wonderful gift she sent you! Love the pretty watering can and stake! Hope your poppies do well! 🙂

  22. Wow how sweet of her!!! Her cottage is adorable! Oh yay I can’t wait to see what color you do on the ceiling!!!!

  23. Wow, that cottage is amazing! And your ceiling – wow! Very exciting! Take care, Laura

  24. I was also the very lucky recipient of one of Mary’s giveaways! She is incredibly talented and sweet and generous! The seeds and watering can are great too! I saw her post about the wreath too! Your yard looks so pretty with the dusting of sow! Linda

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