A New Macro Lens

I got a new macro lens for Christmas..

Typical me….it stayed in the box until recently..

Always busy doing something (like trying to finish taking down the Christmas decor)..

…..and travels and community functions.

But I did take some time this morning to take a few pics….

…..I am sure I am not using it to the best of it’s ability.

I need to take some time soon and read the manual (hate reading manuals!)

So here are a few that I took this morning…


I came home from being away for a couple of days…

…..having fun with Kim and Laura…(and Bailey too!)..

……….and seeing Rhoda’s gorgeous home!

There was a dead leaf on the table…


and this sprig of an evergreen…


I think I may need to do something with the aperture…Right Pat?

Now this is a shot of an arrangement that I use for Christmas…


It came from this arrangement..


And then I took a close up of a topiary….


My hubby asked me why in the heck am I taking a picture of “sticks”??


For texture!!!


and a bird’s eye view!

And I took this one from a bit farther way…,,

…..you can see that I am breaking down the winter mantel…stuff all over the hearth…


and this was taken from a farther distance too…


And believe it or not, this is the bottom of a small votive candle…


I am slowly re-arranging and adding accessories as the Christmas decs “go away”…

…..like this beautiful watercolor that I received for Christmas…

……….from my friend Martha…I was just “blown away”…

……………see how it beautifully matches my canisters.


and practicing macro shots of signatures…:)


Then back to the regular lens…

…..a pic of some items I am adding to the living room…

……….adding more blues.


Bought this faux large topiary boxwood ball on super clearance after Christmas.


One of the projects is adding furniture to my craft area…

…..stay tuned!


It’s a mess in there now!

And after being away for a couple of days…

…..having fun with the girls..

This is what I came home to….


…..say ahhhhh…

Who knew that the guy who sat behind me in the second grade….

…..who was always pulling at my hair….

……….would be my true soul mate and do things like this! 🙂

So I took my macro and took these too…



I told him that he needed to keep buying me flowers…..

…..so that I would have lots of “practice material” !!!

I wish you all a most wonderful week!!!

I am joining:

Sherry at The Charm of Home for Home Sweet Home

Yvonne at Stone Gable for Tutorials, Tips and Tidbits

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  1. Very sweet and such wonderful images Shirley,
    PS Do you have a tutorial on Watermarking? I cannot believe I have waited so long to do this!

    2013 Artists Series

  2. Oh, I think you’ve got it! Your snaps are so pretty! Wish I had one of those lenses! 🙂
    I won’t be jealous. I won’t! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. Love your new toy. I didn’t realize you and Tommy knew each other in Second Grade! Great pics.

  4. Beautiful Shirley…those shots look amazing! I bought a macro lens months ago and after failing miserably the first time using it, I haven’t got it back out to play with it! Yes, I’m horrible…it just seems like there is always something I have to get done that is more important. My camera doesn’t auto-focus with it so I know that’s the trouble…
    How sweet of your hubby! I just love that you’ve known each other since children! And that craft room…can’t wait to see it. You deserve it!

  5. Aw, too sweet! Great photos, Shirley — have fun with it!
    xo Heidi

  6. I think you did a fabulous job with those photos. I didn’t know y’all go all the way back to second grade. Or maybe I did and my alzheimers has kicked in again.

  7. Linda Miller says

    I can’t give a critique of your macro lens photos as I am not knowledgeable but I think your first effort looks pretty good from my untrained eye. How sweet of Tom to welcome you home with flowers. He’s definitely a keeper!

  8. Great pics Shirley !! I think you need to keep that guy, he’s a keeper.

  9. Great pictures! Can you tell us what camera you are using? We have a pretty nice camera but I’ve just never been very successful with it. I think the key would be lenses. Your macro lens took beautiful pictures.

  10. Hi Shirley,
    I think it’s so wonderful that you know how lucky you are that your man leaves you flowers and a card. it blows my mind when i see women overlook those sorts of things and focus on the negatives. It doesn’t take long for the niceities to end and negativity to rule. Good for you! That’s why you have a happy home!

  11. Wow, your pictures are all stunning. I love them. The card and flowers are perfect, what a sweet thing to do. Hugs, Marty

  12. Lucky you a new lens Shirley, what fun! Love your photos of the leaf and evergreen! Your hubby is a keeper, but I think you already know that 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…Winter MinestroneMy Profile

  13. You lucky girl….a macro lens, a great husband who welcomes you home with flowers, and new furniture for your craft room. Can’t wait to see the craft area!

  14. Nicholle Olores says

    I am impressed by those shots. They’re simply stunning.
    Wow! I love how you capture the yellow flower.
    Nicholle Olores’s recent post…What is a Prestige Joinery?My Profile

  15. You are working wonders with that new lens girl!! Great photos!

    Welcome to wp too!

  16. What incredible close-ups… and you are only a beginner! You captured some beautiful tiny features!
    I was looking to see what kind of camera you have and what lens you got? Would love to know!
    We will all be the beneficiaries of your lovely images!

    • Yvonne…my camera is a Nikon D7000 and the macro is a Nikon (Nikkor) 105mm f/2.8G
      Still in the learning process of both camera and lenses!

  17. Thanks for the email, Shirley. I’ve been busy with doing a couple of post drafts today and haven’t done much visiting.
    Your “practice” is beautiful! I love the subjects you chose and the photography is wonderful!

    Thanks for the shout out.:-)
    Pat@Back Porch Musings’s recent post…~A Dark and Stormy Day~My Profile

  18. Amazing pics, Shirley! The detail is incredible … I know you’re having fun with the new lens! And, how sweet of your hubby to have flowers waiting for you … yup, he’s a keeper, for sure! Look forward to seeing more fantastic shots! I’m still trying to figure my new camera out!

  19. South Shore Decorating Blog says

    Absolutely gorgeous Shirley!!!

  20. Your new lens is capturing some beautiful images!
    Mary@athomeonthebay’s recent post…Dark Chocolate Bark with Cashews, Pistachios, and CranberriesMy Profile

  21. Amazing pictures!!!

  22. HOLY MOLY!!! Shirley your pictures are amazing!! You don’t need that manual; you got it down pat!

    Awww your hubby is so sweet! That’s true love right there. 😉
    Whitney @ drab to fab’s recent post…I’m All About the Goldie Locks!My Profile

  23. Wow, I need to get a macro lens. You’ve done a great job 😉

  24. HOLY COW those are some good shots. I don’t have a macro yet so when I get one I’m going to need to take some lessons from you … which reminds of the fun we had just trying to get a decent pic of you and Layla!!! Oh how far we’ve come. 🙂
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog’s recent post…i’m big thriftin’ {thrift shop challenge}My Profile

  25. Your new lens on your camera takes great pics!!! I bet you are having fun practicing with it. That was so sweet of your husband to surprise you with flowers for your homecoming. I think he’s a keeper!
    Kelly’s recent post…White DishesMy Profile

  26. Hi Shirley, it looks like you are enjoying your new lens. Those are the best gifts, aren’t they? How cute is your story about you & your husband. Your blog is just beautiful!!! Have a great weekend, Jen
    Jen O’Brien’s recent post…French Linen "LOVE" Chalkboard Sign & V-Day VignetteMy Profile

  27. What a wonderful lens. You will be able to take some amazing shots. Thanks for sharing some lovely pics.
    Truly a lovely story of you and your hubby.

  28. Oh my gosh Shirley your pics are incredible! I have only one lens for my camera and need to invest in at least one more. I think this one would be great…do you have a Canon? Just curious what exactly to look for. How nice that you got it for Christmas too!
    Ann’s recent post…Jane Austen Quote PrintableMy Profile

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