Vintage Watering Can in the Dining Room!

I am on a quest…to ward off the “winter blues”…

….to put more of a “spring in my step”

But first…I will be launching a new feature for Fridays…

…..I am so in awe of the many projects and creativity out there.

So many talented bloggers….so I am going to pick an idea, a project from a blogger..and JUST DO IT!!!

So stayed tuned for my “Ever So Clever, Ever so Pretty Fridays”

However, for today, I am going to present something that I found on Arhaus…I love that store!

Here is my inspiration:


I have a vintage watering can that is usually on the front porch…

….so I took it away from that cold, windy porch and made it happy!


I had some stems of hydrangeas and black eyed susans that I purchased at our neighborhood yard sale…

…..they still had the tags on them!


I love making floral arrangements….

…..I know, I know..faux arrangements…on the decorating..”what not to do” list.

However, I think quality silks have a purpose.


Today the sun came out…days of sun, no sun…fickle weather!




The great thing about silk florals is that you can bend them to accommodate your arrangement..





I love the tone on tone colors…happy greens…


A view from the other side….

So for blog know how that is…I added these:



Since my inspiration picture had eggs on the table…I figured why not?!!

My hubby walked by and asked “why are there eggs on the table?”….

…..”for blog effect of course”…”oh, that blog effect again”….:)

I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with joy and great weather!..

I am off to help a friend make floral arrangements for her Aunt’s birthday!

I am joining:

Eclectically Vintage for 6 Days of Spring Linky Party

The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays

The Scoop…Link Party Tuesdays

Six Days of Spring

Six Days of Spring

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  1. Pam Standley says

    Wow, I love that look! The vintage watering can with the flowers in the dining room is sensational. I feel spring in the air when I read your blog!

  2. Super cute ! Love the watering can idea .Fabulous !
    priscilla’s recent post…Spring TablerunnerMy Profile

  3. First of all, I love vintage watering cans. I need to pull mine in from my back deck and add some Spring to my step too. :). I love your new Friday feature , and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. That was a beautiful inspiration pic from Arhause. xxoo

  4. I love the look! Where did you get that watering can?

  5. Ooh fabulous! I love your arrangement- nice job! I have a watering can I’ve been staring at for some time and this gives me inspiration! I’m getting desperate for spring too but I feel like the 396th person in the line waiting for a ticket! I’ll get there eventually! Time to pull out some inspiration like you’ve done! I love my silk flowers. I can’t afford to buy a new fresh arrangement of flowers all the time, and at least with the silks they don’t croak on you!
    I look forward to your Ever So Cleve, Ever So Pretty Fridays!

  6. What a wonderful idea – and normally I don’t care for faux flowers but these look gorgeous! Love that watering can, oh my.
    Barbara (WA)’s recent post…DisheartenedMy Profile

  7. Shirley that looks so pretty!! Your photography is beautiful!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Martina’s recent post…A few changes in the KitchenMy Profile

  8. Meghan Grace says

    What a gorgeous arrangement! You have a wonderful eye!

  9. Love, love, love it!!! My watering can is green PLASTIC….NOT suitable for a table:):) However, I will be on the lookout for a nice, maybe vintage one now. Your arrangement looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!! Your new feature for Fridayts sounds like FUN! XO, Pinky

  10. So pretty! I love your idea to pick out a project and do it. SO much better than my idea to do one thing a day that I don’t want to do……..
    Marsha’s recent post…Antique Farm House–Where are You?My Profile

  11. This gorgeous Shirley! I also love the table it is on.
    Cynthia’s recent post…Some GiftsMy Profile

  12. Beautiful. You did a splendid job and I wish I kept my old can, but my son and dil grabbed it out of my hoarding room so it is gone.
    kim’s recent post…My Favorite Room….Beaux RevesMy Profile

  13. Such a great way to repurpose a pretty watering can! Yours looks to be old which makes it even nicer in my opinion. The eggs on the table look so cute. I’m sure my family would’ve said something to me about having eggs on the table as well. Too funny!
    Kelly’s recent post…More ChangesMy Profile

  14. This is so pretty Shirley!!! I love (quality) faux flowers, they last longer and no watering required, just a little dusting now and then, lol : )
    Lauren @ The Endearing Home’s recent post…If You Donโ€™t Love Itโ€ฆ.Paint It!My Profile

  15. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    The feel to sprung into spring is in the air…..clever idea of repurposing, and that feeling of arranging and rearranging is so much fun, I can hardly contain myself – Im getting the bug too, thank you for the inspiration…Love & Blessings

  16. Oh I love the watering can and the flowers arrangement is wonderful. The eggs are so cute too. My DH would say the same thing. At least they are learning. Hugs, Marty

  17. Linda Miller says

    Love the idea of project Friday. You don’t know fickle weather until you live in Colorado. It’s supposed to be close to 60 this weekend, and last weekend we had 9 inches of snow! When I get home from my fun in the sun vacation, I may steal this idea and use my vintage watering can for a centerpiece on my breakfast room table. And isn’t that the intent of blogging effect, for people to use our ideas as inspiration?

  18. What a gorgeous arrangement in that beautiful watering can.!
    Just shouts out spring…
    Sunny and cold here today with an abundance of snow…..

  19. What a great floral arrangement, Shirley! I love your watering can. I like using faux flowers myself ~ the nicest ones I can afford anyway. Real flowers are nice, but realistically I can’t be buying real flowers every week on a budget. Until I get some flowers and plants growing around our condo, faux will have to do.
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions’s recent post…Top Oโ€™ The MorningMy Profile

  20. Oh Shirley, I love this idea!!! I think your silk florals look lovely; and you’re right, there is a time and place for them. I think silk hydrangeas can be pretty accommodating actually. I like all the colors you’ve selected.

    This is a nice, cheerful look to help usher in spring. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor’s recent post…Thursday’s Inspiration: ArchitectureMy Profile

  21. I couldn’t care less about “decorating rules”!!!! I do what I like and like what I do! Fresh flowers aren’t always practical or affordable. As long as the fauxs are quality ones that really take on a natural look, I use them liberally! I WISH I could afford to have a florist bring 5 or 6 fresh floral arrangements in every week! But until some miracle/reverse of fortune occurs that would provide me with a $400 a week floral budget, I’m going to keep doing fauxs….and I don’t care WHO thinks it’s a “don’t”!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Those people who would put their nose in the air over it are welcome to fork over the cash for me to have fresh florals every week!!!) Besides….if it was really “what not to do”, they wouldn’t be used and/or sold in every single decorating store you go into!!! Your arrangement in the cool watering can looks fresh and fantastic! I hope you have fun making arrangements with your friend!
    Alycia Nichols’s recent post…Cottages & Bungalows Magazine – Published!!!My Profile

  22. Love your vintage watering can, Shirley, and the arrangement is beautiful! Great idea for the new series. I’ll look forward to it!
    Suzy @ Worthing Court’s recent post…House Snooping at Bargain Hunting and Chatting with LaurieMy Profile

  23. Simply beautiful! The “what not to do” list can be tossed. I will always use silk flowers.

  24. I love this! My dad has one of these watering cans that was my grandmother’s. I’ve hinted and hinted about how much I love it but so far he hasn’t parted with it! I may just have to come right out and ask him for it…your Friday idea is wonderful. Looking forward to what you come up with!
    Ann’s recent post…Glazed Orange Bread {Recipe}My Profile

  25. Your faux blooms are just the right thing while we wait for the real blooms to arrive in a month or two. Lovely!

  26. Your floral arrangement is so pretty! I have a copper watering can that leaks, so silk blooms would be the only thing I could use in it. Now if only I was any good at flower arranging!
    SheilaG @ Plum Doodles’s recent post…Rooster Lamp Makeover with Basket Lamp ShadeMy Profile

  27. I can’t wait until Spring. I love garden accents in the home like your watering can. Look forward to your Ever so clever, Ever so pretty Fridays. Yes, there are lots of great ideas in blogland.
    Kim Hites’s recent post…Love Me Some Farm Tables: My Dining RoomMy Profile

  28. A breath of spring! Hallelujah! Love the watering can and I would not have known those were silks if you had not said so. Very pretty! I am thinking of buying a faux narcissus bulb arrangement at Fresh Market since I have such a talent for killing indoor plants. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kelly – Talk of the House’s recent post…A Trip to South Carolina: Palmetto Bluff Part 2 โ€“ The CottagesMy Profile

  29. Oh, I LOVE this!! I’m all about ‘faux’ flowers (my cat eats real and I have a brown thumb are my excuses ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yours look great!

  30. You did an amazing job Shirley of adding some Spring sunshine to your day. That looks so pretty. I just love it.

  31. Those who say faux flowers are a decorating no-no, have never seen your lovely arrangements! You are so talented! Love the airy, springy arrangement in the watering can! …and I look forward to your weekly Friday feature! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rhonda @ Ramblings of a Southern Girl’s recent post…Savvy Silverplate Tray Updo & A Springy VignetteMy Profile

  32. Such a beautiful setting…wow….love the way the photos have been taken…colour combo is stunning…:):)

  33. I have a watering can just like this and I incorporate it now through autumn and I just love it. Your florals are beautiful! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven.
    lisa’s recent post…Leprechaun cookiesMy Profile

  34. Well, your for Blogs sake really works for me!! Such a cute vignette!! There is a big difference between faux flowers and fake plastic flowers, and your faux flowers are beautiful. Your photos are just as beautiful as the Arhaus ad.

  35. How cute and so Springy! I can’t wait to get my patio area ready for Spring!

  36. Love your flower-filled galvanized watering can Shirley! So pretty with a touch of spring from your Black-Eyed Susans, faux or not!
    Mary’s recent post…Boating with DogsMy Profile

  37. I have that watering can – what a fun idea to bring it inside! Here’s to spring coming right away!
    Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage’s recent post…5 Creative Spring Projects, a Link Party & $250 Pottery Barn Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  38. I love your vintage watering can! It looks like spring has come to your house… even if it is still cold outside! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Keeping It Cozy’s recent post…My Random Thoughts on BloggingMy Profile

  39. Beautiful!! I love watering cans! And I love the look of your dining room!
    Pattie’s recent post…Bunting/Banner And CrochetMy Profile

  40. You are so talented with your arrangements! Lovely centerpiece, it’s inspiring me to get my watering can out of the garage!

  41. This is so gorgeous, I just love the arrangement and that watering can!! Thanks for linking up at the 6 days of spring party ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kelly @ thelilypadcottage’s recent post…Stuffed Baby Bella MushroomsMy Profile

  42. Barb Regan says

    I like the flowers in the watering can very much. Inspires me to do something similar with my spring silk flowers.
    But….what I Really, Really like…is the way you “anchored” the watering can with the moss plant. It really pulls the eye
    to it and keeps the watering can from “floating” ….the eggs and basket add a whimsical note…simple and well done Shirley

  43. Love it! My mama is a gardener and my daddy was a farmer, so watering cans evoke a lot of happy memories for me.

  44. I absolutely love this! I think it is way better than your inspiration picture too. It looks great!
    Cecilia’s recent post…Projects waitingMy Profile

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